Your Unique Money Code – Are You A Nurturer?

What stops many people from achieving the abundance, success and happiness they deserve isn’t motivation, spirit or drive - it’s how they relate to money.  

Why is your relationship with money so important?  Money is not a thing, but energy that shares a direct connection with your personal energy and with the Creative Energy of the Universe.  As such, it’s at the heart of every decision you make in your career and your personal life, and even affects your health and well-being.

Within you is a unique “money code” called your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Knowing this code helps you align yourself with the energy of money and attract opportunities for prosperity. Your personal profile represents a combination of 8 major archetypes, one of which is the Nurturer.  This is the #1 archetype for many women - see how many characteristics you recognize in yourself.

The Nurturer archetype illuminates the noble qualities of caring and compassion.  

As a Nurturer, you’re naturally motivated to give generously to help others, even at the sacrifice of your own interests.  Your self-worth comes from compassion, caring and “being there” for everyone in your world. 

Your innate generosity includes wanting to help, shelter and nurture others when it comes to money.  You are quite responsible with your personal finances but often attract people who need your help, financially and otherwise. 

You give amazing value personally and professionally, and typically feel the need to over give for every penny you bring in.  Although you have good money habits, you either don’t have much saved or may carry debt because of helping others. 

Your desire to be of service often inspires you to share your financial resources without hesitation. But what you see as selfless generosity can easily create emotionally entangled, dependent financial relationships that unconsciously disable the very people you want to help.  You find it painful to set money boundaries with those you care about.  As a result, you can be taken advantage of financially. This may cause you to harbor secret feelings of martyrdom and resentment, when you sense that what you give is not being reciprocated.

You can allow your gifts of generosity, loyalty and compassion to really shine if you recognize that giving can take many forms beyond financial support.  In particular, setting clear money boundaries is an excellent way to demonstrate your caring.  When you see others as powerful in their hour of need, you create the possibility of helping in ways that are priceless. 

Dr. Margery Manuli is CEO of Clear Simple SOULutions Life Coaching. She helps people in personal or career transition to move quickly beyond a life they think they have to settle for, into a life they really love.  To learn more about individual or group coaching programs, contact Margery through her website,


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