What You Feel You Become

Harness The Power Of Emotions In Your Life

Your feelings create your reality. What you feel you become. Emotions are the interface between your inner world and your outer reality. You feel certain emotions in reaction of what is happening to you in your life.

In this article I will teach you an easy technique that will help you harness the power of your emotions. You will learn how to work with them instead of suppressing them.

Most of your emotions should be of happiness serenity, joy, accomplishment and calm. When these emotions resonate within your energy field and attract into your life more of the same type of positive energy.

If your dominant emotions are made of anger, resentment and fear, your life experience will be driven by these lower negative emotions, which cause you to attract more of the same.

If you feel that you are not able to gain control over your emotional state, be more calm and see life under a different prospective, you probably have emotional blocks that are controlling you on a deeper level. These emotional blocks are called: trapped emotions.

When The Emotions Get Stuck In Your Body

Trapped emotions are made of the energy of a negative feeling that you experience as a result of a traumatic of difficult situation that never were released from the body. 

Negative feeling should never be ignored because they are telling you about what is happening inside.

If you feel angry, anger is a response to what's going on in your life. Also, pay attention to your language. Do you say: “I am angry” or “I feel anger”?

Often time you end up identifying with the emotion you are feeling in such a way that you become the emotion instead of separating yourself from it. 

Understand that you are not defined by your emotions. Your feelings are mostly messages and are simply giving you information. The information carried by feelings is vibrational in nature, like an energy wave. It is meant to be simple, immediate and transient. 

In that moment you are supposed to take note and pay attention to your feeling and react accordingly. If you don’t, you automatically suppress it and the energy of the emotion can get stuck in your body.

When the emotions get stuck in your body you are more prone to feeling this emotions all the time. This is why what you feel, you become.

Trapped emotions are intimately related to the way you think about yourself.

Limiting beliefs and negative programs are always kept in place by negative trapped emotions.

That’s why saying affirmations without removing a limiting belief doesn’t work and why releasing negative programs without releasing trapped emotions doesn’t work also.

If at age 3 you experience abandonment in such a strong way that you trapped the emotion of abandonment inside, you grow up believing that people may leave you.

This limiting belief can trigger other limiting beliefs around abandonment, lowliness, feeling unsupported, etc.

Because the negative emotion of abandonment is stuck in your body, your energy field resonates with this negative emotion causing you to be more sensitive to the feeling of being abandonment.

This can make you behave in a certain way and create a certain type of life experience.

Imagine how your life would have been if you never experienced abandonment in the first place. You would probably behave with more confidence around people, feeling less lonely, not been afraid of rejection and feeling overall happier. 

Knowing that the average person may store a high number of negative trapped emotions, can you see how your thinking, your reaction to situations, your behavior and ultimately your life is dictated by the presence of these trapped emotions.

When people are told that they need to take control of their life and feel responsible of their action, when they need is to release trapped emotions. 

As long as these negative feeling a buried inside of you, they will never go away; they will continue to make you vibrate according to their energetic frequency of anger, insecurity, betrayal, fear, depression, anxiety, dread, humiliation, shame, overwhelm, etc.

How To Fuel Your Life With Positive Emotions

You job is to learn how to understand that you are not your emotions, but that your emotions are controlling your life.

Here is a simple method that will help you stay in touch with your inner truth, that real you that is not burdened by negative feelings.

Know that you real state of mind and body is of balance and harmony. Anything that does not support your inner balance is a negative emotion. Mindfully knowledge what’s going on inside of you without judgment. 

The following is a simple process you can use to get more in touch with your inner emotions. You can also use it to release emotional charges that are overwhelming you in the present moment.

I have found that this method really works well when you do it before the emotions gets trapped or suppressed. The sooner you apply this technique, the easier it is to release your negative emotions.

The Welcome & Release Technique 

I use this method to work with both positive emotions and negative emotions.

Ask yourself: 

1. How do I feel now?” The answer can be either a negative or a positive emotion. 

2. Can I welcome this feeling? Yes or No. It’s okay to say no.

3. Can I let go of this feeling? Yes or No. It’s okay to say no.

(take a deep breath in and out, imagining welcoming the feeling and then releasing the feeling). It also helps to see the energy of the feeling being transmuted into pure white light. 

When you have a negative emotion that you want to release, you want to be able to say yes, but you will be partially releasing even if you say no.

Often time the conscious mind needs time to get used to the fact that you are actually acknowledge a feeling that has been suppressed for a long time. Your conscious mind or ego needs a bit of time to feel comfortable with the idea of letting something go.

The ego is all about survival. So, it needs to know that if you let go or simply acknowledge your emotions you will be all right. Give yourself some time to do this process.

You would want to do the above process for both positive and negative emotions. People may be inclined to want to retain positive emotions and release negative ones. The truth is you do not want to hold on to anything. 

Welcome & Release: Do Not Hold On!

When you hold on to something, you are actually resisting it. So, if you are holding onto the positive emotion of joy, for example, you are actually expressing the emotions of “not wanting to lose something”, you immediately shift into “lack” and “fear of lack”.

The technique teaches you to welcome the emotion and to release the emotion. This is very important. The emotion gore easily in and out. There has to be a flow of energy going through your body as you do this.

You need to feel it in order to make it work.

Most people do this exercise as a sort of a mental process without feeling it. This will not work for them. If this is hard for you, you probably have deeper energetic blocks that need to be released.

Once you realize that what you feel, you become you are ready to start to live in the moment welcoming any emotions you experience without the need to resist or suppress the negative emotions or the need to hold on to the positive ones.

If you do this process daily, life will give you a plenty supply to positive emotions to be grateful for and plenty of negative one to learn from. This is how it works. 

Many Blessings!


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