What Is My Life Purpose

by Aparna
(Bangalore India)

What is My Life Purpose

What is My Life Purpose

Hello. Thank you so much for this opportunity. My question is regarding my purpose in life. I believe that I am not doing what I was born for. Can't really explain it, but am getting more and more restless by the day. What is my soul path and how do I get on to it quickly?


Thank you for your beautiful question! This is a very important question, the question of life purpose. Many have this similar question:

What Is My Life Purpose?

And it is normal to be in a state of search and having an experience in which you do no feel at ease, because this restlessness that you talk about is telling you...it is your inner guidance telling you that there is more to yourself than what you are experiencing right now.

It's that part of you that is telling you that you are growing and it is pushing you to create a bigger larger better version of yourself.

This is your inner guidance!

And our question to you is: "Are you listening?"

Nobody can tell you what your life purpose is; you can only do this for yourself. Your journey in life is to experience yourself in a physical reality. And in doing so, you are doing your life purpose.

In experiencing yourself you are experiencing who you are in every way. This is your life purpose.

You life purpose is to be happy and this is not just yours ... it's the life purpose of all humans on this planet right now.

We want to make this very clear:

The Purpose of Life is To Live it! To Be Alive!

To enjoy every little thing that you have, that you do, that you feel, that you think. This is your purpose.

If there is a part within yourself that is restless, it is because you are not doing this.

You are not "enjoying", you are not "being", you are not "doing" who you truly are, at your deepest level, the level of your Soul.

This is who you are:

You Are A Soul, A Beautiful Soul!

That has decided (by choice) to come here and to live and experience life as life is. What you want to do in life it is your own decision. It is your own choice.

Nobody can tell you what you want to do. It is your job to discover it and do it.

And so we ask you this very important question:

Why are you not doing it?

And we are not asking for all the excuses that the conscious mind will bring forth.

We are asking this to the deepest level of your being:

Why are you not doing it?

Think about this! Go deeper and deeper and ask yourself: why am I not doing this? And whatever answer you get today, that's fine. You don't need to have a complete answer.

You don't need to have all the answers. But you have one tiny little answer, one tiny little feeling and we bet that this answer is:

"... because I am afraid..."

We are very sure that many, many people on this planet will bring forth the same answer and we want to tell you:

You are afraid because you feel that you are alone that you have no support.

That ... whatever it is that deep inside of you, you want to do is not able to come forth because you feel unsupported, unloved, undeserving and we want to tell you that all that comes from a state of fear, simple fear.

Let's meditate a little bit on the feeling of human fear...just for a moment, let's pause. Just for a moment let's consider the possibility that fear is not here.

And now we ask you:
If all were possible in your life, if money was not and issue, if time was not and issue, if people around you were supportive, if everything was in alignment, would you do it?

Would you do that desire within you that is making you restless. That desire within you to do more, to give more to yourself and others, would you put yourself on that path?

And if your answer is: Yest, I would!

Then, there is no other way but to go ahead and do it. Because in the moment you will find the support, the love, the care, the information, the tools that you need to create that which you desire.

And you are not alone, because your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, your team from the spirit realm is there, is here with you right now, Supporting you, encouraging you and telling you that all the doors that will need to be opened will be opened, all you have to do is:

Say Yes to Your Dream, to Your Purpose to the vision within your heart and allow that purpose to some forth, to become a reality.

All you have to do each and every day is to take one step, one little step in the direction of your purpose and dream.

We cannot tell you what it is but we bet that deep inside of you, you have it! Your dream is in there because the moment in which you feel restless, the moment in which you know there is more to yourself, that vision will start to take hold. It may not be clear right now, probably it's not. But give it time... meditate, envision it!

Allow this seed that you have inside of you that have this desire to sprout and grow into a beautiful tree.

...Allow this seed to grow... Nurture your seed with love, with purpose, intention, direction and action. You are not alone and fear is only a factor, only one tiny little factor, but there are so many other factors that are in your favor.

Fear should never be an obstacle to anybody and anything.

It should only be present to warn you. It is just a simple warning to tell you: "Is this what you really want?"

So, meditate on that! The answer will come to you, the more you think about it. You see, the more you think, the more energy you put in what you desire and what you are asking, the more information will come.

The simple act of asking to Spirit draws Spirit to answer back to you in so many different ways. Sometimes, the answer comes in ways you may not expect, but the answer will come.

This is a promise we make to you because this is how this Universe works and you are a member of this Universe...a full member of this Universe...and you are entitled to your answers and you are entitled to the energy to build and construct the reality and vision that you want.

And this is granted to all those who put themselves on a path.

And so for you, we say today: May you be blessed for asking this question. May you be blessed for listening to the restlessness within your heart, because this is the beginning of your journey in life in which you create by design, in which you will manifest the dream that is growing within you.

Allow this vision to manifest in your mind and then: take guided action! Guided action is the action that comes from listening to your intuition.

And you are already doing this because you are listening to that restlessness within you.

That is your intuition pushing you forward to become larger, bigger version of yourself and you can do it! The more you listen, the more will come to you in ways in which you may not even expect. So, be open!

Be open to receive the answers to your questions and be ready and willing to take one fist little step in the direction of manifesting your purpose. We are very sure that your purpose will come to you very soon. The more you think about it, the more you will know.

Many Blessings!

The Beings Of Light

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