What is My Life Purpose? 

If you are asking yourself: “What is my life purpose?” Consider connecting with your inner guidance to get help in finding the answer. When you go deeper, you find the support you really need.  The very act of asking this question is telling you that you are aware of something more in your life that is within your reach.

If you are uncertain about your life purpose, ask your Spirit Guides!

Spirit Guides are here to support you in your life and their role is to help you live your life purpose based on your soul’s path. They know why you are here in this life and what purpose your incarnation is supposed to offer to your soul’s journey.

The number of Spirit Guides that can help you is infinite and it is only limited by the level of assistance you are looking for. Nevertheless, you have your own assigned team of Spirit Guides that have been assigned to your during your life. You may be not aware of this, but they interact with you on a daily basis.

Asking Your Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides assist you in your spiritual development and inspire your creativity and inner abilities. They believe in you and they see you as a very powerful spiritual being and will always respect your free will. So, as far as they are concerned, what you say goes.

Your intent is important to them.

Because of this, your Spirit Guides are not going to tell you what to do! And if they do, they are not your Spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guides might bring forth ideas or suggest places where you can begin looking. However, it’s not written in stone, you are in control of your life; you are the only authority in your life. You are in charge of your life experience through choice and your Spirit Guides are here to assist you. 

Getting Clear Answers

Often time people say to me: “I try to meditate and ask my Spirit Guides, but I don’t get a clear answer”.

The reason why your Spirit Guides often do not give a very clear answer is because you are not clear in your asking, in the first place. Your Spirit Guides are guides, they are not fortune-tellers. They guide you, assist you and help you by putting at your disposal the resources you need in order to achieve your goals in such a way that you are in alignment with your life purpose.

If you don’t have clear goals, don’t ask your Spirit Guides what your goals are because that’s not their job. Having clear goals is your job!

Their job is to help you find out more about yourself. Yous guides are very valuable personal spiritual assistants. They can really help you because they know you at soul level.

So, they know your strengths and your weaknesses. They know what learning your have planned in this life and what past life blocks you have. Because of their knowledge, they can help you create opportunities that best suit your life purpose.

When you are not clear about your goals and dreams, you are in a state of disempowerment. You are sending out the following statement: “I have no power of decision about my life.” When you align with this vibrational statement, you are going to attract more information that creates more disempowerment and more confusion. Without goals, dream and a clear vision, you are not going to move forward.

Some people saying: “I have no clue about myself and my life and I would love for an outside superior source to come in and tell me what to do, so I can do that”.

When you are in alignment with this vibration, you are not allowing the power and potential within you to come through.

Discovering Your Potential

The job of your Spirit Guides is to help you bring forth your potential! They know your power, they know your potential and they believe in you. They also know the limitations that you are here to overcome.

So, the best question to ask first would be: “Please, Spirit Guides help me connect deeper with my own Soul to receive guidance about my life purpose. Help me see and use my strengths. Help me overcome my limitations.”

When you say this, you are saying that you are ready to receive information directly from your Soul. This is a very powerful statement that puts you in alignment with your inner power and potential. Now, the doors can be opened and you can clearly access your life purpose. 

When I say that your Spirit Guides will never tell you what you do, I am saying that it’s not necessary for them to tell you what to do because their job is to help you find the answers on your own. And when you do that, you stand in your power and have all the vibrational alignment needed to attract into your life what you need to make it happen.

Do you feel the difference?

Your Spirit Guides are not here to manipulate your life, they are here to guide you based on your intentions. You have to understand that intentionality is everything !
Everything is driven by intent. This is how we are able to connect with God and get the information we need to improve our lives.

Without intent, you have chaos!

Look at your life and see how many times you take action based on your conscious intent. I bet that they are not as many as the actions you take because you are reacting to external situations. You are probably not even thinking about the actions you take. You just go out and do it.

So, what’s driving your life? Are you allowing external factors to determine your actions? Are you merely reacting and have not time to stop and think and make a conscious choice?

If this is so, your question about what’s my life purpose, is actually saying: “How can I escape this craziness that is suffocating my soul?”
Does that sound familiar? 

Finding Your Life Purpose

Most people think that if they could only know what their life purpose was, they would be happy. Think about what makes you happy, that’s your life purpose!

If you cannot receive the answer to what makes you happy, you need to understand what blocks are present in you, energetically at the mental or emotional level that are preventing from accessing your soul’s most important information.

You need to be ready to work for it and understand yourself better and grow in the process. Understanding why your behaviour is sending out vibrational messages to the universe that make you attract situations of obstruction. Once you understand it consciously, you can clear it.

Once it’s cleared, you can move forward in your life.

The following questionnaire will help you get started in discovering your life purpose.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths and ask your Spirit Guides to help you and assist you by saying the following prayer request:

My Dearest Spirit Guides,

Lift me up to the connect to the wisdom of my Higher Self so that I can fully become aware of my life purpose and I can listen to my inner promptings as I proceed in the direction of my dreams and desires.

Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You!

Now, take a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  1. What gives me life?
  2. What am I really passionate about?
  3. What do I love doing without getting tired?
  4. What type of people do I like to be surrounded with?
  5. What makes me laugh?
  6. What creates harmony within me?
  7. What creates emotional balance within me?
  8. What legacy do I want to leave behind when I am gone?
  9. What am I good at?
  10. What do I see in others that I like?
  11. Who inspires me?
  12. What books do I like reading?
  13. What courses would I love to take?
  14. What was my childhood passion?
  15. What kind of life do I envision?
  16. What is my secret dream in life?
  17. What step would I take if I could not fail?
  18. What step would I take I money was not an issue?
  19. What step would I take if time was not en issue?
  20. What do I really love?

Self-Sabotage & Life Purpose?

It is not uncommon for people to know their life purpose but still be unable to make it a reality. Sabotage is very common when negative thinking patterns and blocks are still present.

Knowing your life purpose and still keeping the blocks and restrictions will not do you any good. You will stay even more stuck and frustrated.

If you are spinning your wheels about the direction of your life is taking you, working in releasing trapped emotions can really help you get unstuck and understand the energy blocks you are carrying within you.

Many Blessings!


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