Healing With The Angels

By rising your vibration you can directly connect to higher realms and draw the healing energy you need in your daily life. It is important for us to understand that an aspect of ourselves resides within these higher realms and we can draw information from them to help your own life purpose grow and evolve in the direction that serves us better.  

Please, know that you are LOVED and that you are LOVE. Your love, the one that you manifest, the one that you give out, not just to yourself, but also to others, comes from the deepest part of your core essence, which is that part of you that connects to All That Is, that connects to angels and teachers. They are here, but they are also within their own plane of existence.

Our plane and their plane intercept at one point, witch is the point of your consciousness. Your desire to connect to them creates that point of consciousness, that point of unity, that point of connection.

The angels can bring in more light, not just light that illuminates your hearts and your minds, but also physical light, vibrational light, like the light of the sun. You often see light flashes representing the presence of an angel.

The light that is electromagnetic in nature and brings in information. And this is something important for you to understand ... that all forms of light have information within it and there are many types.

One is the light that comes from the stars at night. That light brings in information from those locations from where the stars are located.

The light that comes from your sun brings in a lot of information that is life-giving and it is important for your livelihood and for your sustainment.

Also there is light trapped within your fruits and your vegetables that are grown in the sun. That is why it is so important to eat more live foods that have been ripened and grown outside in the sun because these carry information.

The water within these fruits and vegetables is what you would call it structured water and it's full of electromagnetic knowledge coming from the sun that is also very nourishing because it brings this knowledge and information to the cells of your body, which are also in need of light and energy.

Also, staying outside in the sun, eating fruits and vegetables grown in the sun and ripened in the sun is very beneficial.

Working with frequency remedies like flower essences or essences made from gemstones ... those also carry the vibration of the sun because  they are made by putting water out in the sun with the petals of the flowers or the gemstone inside of the water and the imprinting and the energy frequencies are transferred from the sun-light frequency into the water.

It is a process ... an electromagnetic process, that takes place when these essences are produced and again the light force of the sun is very important for this transfer of information to occur, from the gemstone to the water and from the petals of the flowers into the water.

Other forms of light energy come from using crystals as energy therapies, especially when the crystals are charged out in the sun.

Also, making gemstones that are made, instead of the sun, by using the moonlight, which is again a reflection of the sun light and the star light at night. It is a different frequency and brings in different information.

But all this information that is light-bound in the light-form can come directly to enliven the body, balance the chakra system, heal the etheric body and connect you to all the rest of the layers of your body system. Layers that connect you all the way to the central sun in this galaxy but also all the way to universe in which you are existing.

These connective layers of information are very important to be activated at this time in your life because they will bring you more awareness, more knowledge and a bigger larger view of who you truly are.

Also, it will allow for more of your gifts to come to you. These are the gifts that you have brought forth from other incarnations and these are the gifts that you need to be able to use at this time.

The gifts that you have and that you do not use are gifts that you have never been taught how to use and this is the job of the angels and teachers to teach you how to use them. Working with subtle energy frequency is a human ability for many years.

These subtle energies come from things that belong to the earth but with which you can work, like crystals, gemstones... like making these beautiful gemstone essences or elixirs.

Also use flower essences: you can make your own or you can acquire them from others who know how to make them. Learning about them is very important because they carry this very little subtle energies that are communicative to your soul and help you, not just in your own life to create balance at the mental and emotional level, but also  to communicate with other being of love and light that are all around you and are made of this subtle energies.

They may not be as dense as you are but never the less they are real and present in your space and you can communicate with them on a soul-to-soul level, and more importantly on a heart-to-heart level.

You don't need to be able to see something to communicate with something. You can feel and sense them by working and becoming more and more acquainted with working with subtle energies and these subtle energies are healing to your body, they are healing to your mind.

When you create a clear vision about what you want in your life, you speed up your manifestation into physical form. When you know who and what you want to be and feel in your life and work with this subtle frequencies  in a meditative state, more information comes to you that teaches you exactly what you need to do in that moment for yourself.

Nobody can tell you what to do you have to figure that out for yourself.

This is why you are here in existence! It is your time to shine and manifest your soul potential.

The angels are your helpers but you have chosen to come here to figure this out all on your own. This is your choice. And that's why they are not telling you what to do, but can help you find out the answers for yourself.

And when the answer comes from within yourself, so deeply within yourself and finally comes forward then you know for sure, you can feel it that that is what you need to do and that is what you need to achieve and that is what you need to achieve and that is what you need to experience in this life and you know it.

And when you know it, everything will come more easily because this knowledge is within you and you feel it. It is not just a piece of information, it's also a feeling of information, you are feeling the knowledge, you are knowing the knowing.

You have it within you and when you have it and you tap and connect to it and follow the advice, then everything for you becomes easier in your existence and in your life and you know exactly who to trust, where to go, and what to do.

Things will come and present to you in ways that you will be able to recognize them, to feel them and knowing them and then acting upon them.

So, working with things like remedies made from flower essences or gemstone essences, crystal essences, working with crystals in crystal therapy or meditate using crystals is very useful to you.

Also, vibrational sounds are very soothing to your soul and capable of aligning you to higher and deeper knowledge within you. Tuning in to all those type of frequencies that use sound, frequencies that use light (images-like color), and different colors. Then there are also ways to combine all of these: vibrational sound, vibrational light and color and vibrational knowledge coming from crystals.

When you combine that all together you have a multidimensional experience that allows you to connect to higher vibrational realms, where the Angels are.

They are higher than ours because they are not within the spectrum of our visual spectrum.  Electromagnetically they are still present in our dimension and we connect to them by finding these vibrational attunements. And when we do, that knowledge, healing and love and light comes to us.

Your cells have on they surface light, sound, subtle frequencies receptors. They do! They do have these receptors on the surface of your cells. 

These receptors have the ability to use the subtle frequencies and use them to draw information that helps heal the cell or stimulate or activate the cell to work on a higher more wave of love and light frequency pattern.

Together all the cells in your body can work in unison to create a finer (more refined) body for you, that is capable of holding more light, that is capably of attracting and holding more light information.  And vibrationally, your body is more attuned to higher vibration in refined ways for you to connect to them and work with them.

Don't be afraid to connect to realms of the unseen as long as they are filled with love and light.

These are the realms that have so much to give you and so much to teach you from which you can evolve faster and grow consciously faster and become more refined within your body, within your mind, so that your soul has a journey of love and light ahead, in such a way that your daily activities are in tune with your soul purpose.

When that happens you are enlightened, you are on your path of ascension. Your path of ascension is simply ascending your knowledge, your awareness, your spirit to higher realms of consciousness.

Even if you are physical, even if you are three dimensional, you are still capable of connecting to higher more refined realms of existence.

In every second in every moment of your life, you don't have to wait for things to happen before you can do that: you can do it right now, right away, there is no time.

In fact, these realms of existence exist really outside of the time-space continuum, they are outside of time, outside of what you call space, but never the less they exist.

And some of them is what you call pure consciousness, but they exist and they are ready and willing to connect with you to give you the knowledge that you need right now.

In your meditative state you can be guided to reach these altered states of reality. They are altered in a sense that they are not like yours but still present within you.

You can alter your state of consciousness and by using the tools of your imagination and visualization. You can connect to those realms which are present by you altering your state of reality temporarily during meditation.

Simply change the focus within your mind, within your heart and the images come to you and show you the information that comes from those realms and you can do this in meditation because in a meditative state you are in an altered state.

It is an altered state that allows you to be more refined in your alignment with subtle frequencies and these subtle worlds (that all connect to you within you). They are all connecting to you, there are many different realities that connect to you. As you become open to them, you become open and aware of their existence, they come to you and they teach you.

They have been willing to work with you for a very long time, they have been waiting for you to lift yourself up and connect to them and that's what we are here right now to tell you that you have this ability already within you and we are here to ask you to use this ability and not be afraid.

They seem to know what you are vibrationally needing, what you are looking for and you would attract, what you are focussing on. 

Every day is your life. You life in the now. Every day you can connect, every day you can be present.

Most of you are not present in the moment!

You are living in the "What if" and "What Could" but you are not living in the moment, you are living in the past, you are living in the expectation of the future. That is not living! There is no reality in that! The reality is in the now!

By closing your eyes and asking your guardian angel to lift you to these realms of knowledge and protect you in doing so, you will feel the love and the light that comes from them and they will bring you the knowledge, they will answer the questions that you might have within your heart.

Ask those questions, ask for help! Do not be afraid! When the knowledge and information comes back to you in a telepathic way, allow it, receive it with grace and love.

If it lifts you up, if it gives you love and joy and makes you feel positive and good, then take that advice.  

Many Blessings!


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