Today and everyday I am deeply grateful for:

by Adra
(Boston, MA )

Happy family life

Happy family life

Having multiple businesses that provides deep soul satisfaction and residual income giving me and my family a lifestyle people dream about, thank you!

My amazing soulmate, partner in crime to death do us part, husband, he is the most handsome, generous, kind, loving, gentle, fun and funny man I have ever known and we love each other deeply. For us, there is no one else. We share everything and do everything together. We have a blast no matter what we're doing

Having our beautiful home on the water

Being able to travel whenever and where ever we want

My amazing health, energy, vitality and positive outlook each and every day

My beautiful, healthy, happy and hugely successful children who are both married to wonderful people and spouses and their healthy and happy beautiful children. I'm so deeply proud of them and the good choices they have made for their lives

My dream car, my gorgeous and luxurious white lexus

Having an amazing wardrobe

Having so much money that I am able to be incredibly generous to causes I care about and help and give back in ways I once never thought I could

My intelligence, humility, kindness and generosity

My ability to be happy every day, to have peace, joy and radiance

The love I have around me from my family and friends. I am so grateful and deeply fortunate to be so cared for!

My ability to give love and care for the people who mean the most to me

The ability to provide and take care of myself and my family

My ability to manifest whatever it is I desire

The availability to have access to healthy food that nourishes my body, clean water to drink and fresh air to breath

My chef

My yacht

My strong healthy fit body

My beauty

My ability to appreciate God's most precious universe and the blessings, bounty and beauty it beholds

My ability to understand that we are one

Having my own plane and taking jaunts to nearby places when I feel like a change of scenery

My consistency with my yoga practice and healthy habits

For dreams to have come true

For God, Gods angels and being connected to Gods love and light in a deeply profound way

For the good people who I meet when I need them

My wonderful parents, sister, nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends

Giving me a long and healthy life

Thank you for my many many blessings and giving me a life that I never thought I would have

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Thank You!
by: Veronica

I am thankful for the money that flows into my life allowing me to live with ease!

Abundance of Money
by: Esther, Maryland

My Prayer of Gratitude and love and appreciation to the Universe. I expand my consciousness to all possibilities to manifest $10,000 dollars or more to pay my son's tuition by 12/17/2016 so he can register for classes for Spring 2017 semester. My prayer for expressing gratitude, love and appreciation for my life for a full-time job, manifestation of a repair and upgrade starter home to have dream home, cars for me,my 2 sons and a truck and car for my husband. A message or prayer to the Universe in activating the Law Of Attraction to bring me more things to be grateful for like winning a life long attraction of winning the lottery many times. A prayer of Gratitude, love and appreciation for my deepest hearts desires of attraction come true. Prayer of gratitude of positive in my life my home and my family. I am thankful.

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