The Power Of Manifesting

The power of manifesting comes from a place of pure unconditional love. Without love you cannot have the power to manifest what you want in your life. Love is everything you need, love is your source from where to draw your manifesting power. This power is a primordial one, every human has the innate ability to experience love. Think about how this world would be without love.

Also, manifestation is connected to your ability to work with thoughts and emotions on an energetic and spiritual level. Thoughts and emotions that create love have the power to put you in a position that helps you uphold positive energies. These positive energies initially exist only on the non-physical level (pure mental energy).

Having positive loving thoughts leads to the creation of more like vibrational thoughts based on love.

Learning to Love Yourself

Imagine of all the damage that can be done to a human being when love is negated. A child that grows up without feeling loved will end up having self esteem issues as an adult. An adult that is not capable of giving and receiving love will not have a balance flow of abundance in his or her life. It will feel as if something is missing no matter how much this person will be able to achieve in life.

Learning to Receive Love

The inability to freely give and receive love can impair the ability to freely manifest abundance in one's live.

This void cannot be filled with material or spiritual achievements, it can only be filled by experiencing unconditional love.

Do You Love Yourself?

The first place to start is to ask yourself: Do I love myself unconditionally? Many of us grow up with the misconception that love is something you have to earn. We spend most of our childhood years trying to obtain love from our parents by pleasing them.

Because of this, many of us develop a concept of love that is based on one's worth. We develop the concept that we need to behave in a certain way in order to deserve love. We also develop the concept that we need to deserve things and often those who deserve love, also deserve nice things in life.

So you can see how, since early on in our life we begin to make associations that tell us that love and abundance go together. If you feel undeserving of love, you will also subconsciously feel undeserving of abundance, money, success, happy relationships, etc.

All Goes Back to Your Initial Concepts of Love

When you feel loved and supported you feel like you can manifest anything, because love is your power. Yes, LOVE is The Manifesting Power you need.

Think about how much damage has been done to children that grow up without love. If you do not know what real love is, you will be struggling with the process of manifesting, until you realize what you are missing.

Love as Manifesting Power

Only when you learn how to love yourself unconditionally, you will find your power and this is the power of manifesting everything your heart desires in your life.

If you are missing the ability to love yourself, you cannot fully experience gratitude. You can only be grateful when you truly appreciate who you are at every level of your being. When you learn how to love and appreciate yourself manifesting miracles becomes possible.

Why Many Fail Manifesting What They Want

Many struggle with the manifesting process because fail to acknowledge that the power of manifesting is pure, unconditional love to themselves and the world. Having a manifesting technique can help in the beginning as long as you do not become attached to it. In the end you need to trust the manifesting process and become ready to receive what you really need and not what you really want.

Other struggle because they fail to accept and receive what they are trying to manifest. They do this unconsciously but deep inside of them they feel that there are unworthy of things because they feel undeserving of love.

This has happened to me many times. I could not fully accept what I manifested preventing me from being truly grateful, thus leading to a negative state that delayed receiving my wish.

Only when I finally realized that all I needed to do was to tell myself that I was deserving of love, things begin to magically appear as if they had been held up in a limbo state until I released it.

Find Your Manifesting Power

You are a great manifestor, you just don't know!

Manifesting money or manifesting wealth is not something that comes from outside sources, it comes from within you. In order to discover the power of manifesting within you, you need to take the first step toward self love to find your manifesting power. 

Give yourself permission to love yourself without judgement. Allow the infinite power of love within your core to truly manifest itself. Released it now! 

For a very long time in my life I thought that others were suppose to love me for the reason that I was a nice to them. Then I finally realized that people were going to love me because I was nice to myself. When you begin to love and appreciate yourself unconditionally, the rest of the world will begin to love you as well. 

Also, begin to give out free love to friends and family. Tell them you love them, tell them that they are loved. 

Once you do this a greater power is released, this power is within everyone. Those who harness the power of love find the amazing power of manifesting and can change their lives.

Apreaciate Yourself

I Know that it takes time to shift your mind-set and be able to give love to yourself. The following are great self-love affirmations that can help you: 

  1. I choose to feel good about myself.
  2. I accept my own power.
  3. I am worthy of my own love.
  4.  I am loved.
  5. I love and accept of myself as I am right now.
  6. I willingly release the power of love.
  7. I now fully acquire the power of manifesting what I want.
  8. I accept the beauty and the love of the world.
  9. I let go of the past because I love myself.
  10. I love myself, therefore I am loved.

Take Action

After you say these affirmations, make sure to do something to show yourself your love. You need to take action! I have a passion for making jewellery, so I made myself a self-love bracelet. Every time I wear it I know I am loved and supported at all times. Be creative and do something that shows love to yourself as often as possible!

If you struggling with the issue of self-love use manifesting tools that can help you reach inner balance. I recommend The DreamManifesting Wizard to help you set your intentions on areas of your life you want to improve. This software program helps you achieve your goals by creating the exact blueprint in your subconscious of all of the things you want to manifest.

The Power Of Your Mind

Another tool that I find very useful is biofeedback technology from Wild Divine. This stuff works like magic and helps transform your consciousness to one of peace and harmony through a very practical program that allows you to get in intimate touch with the innermost core of their being. 

If you are struggling in your manifesting process it is because at a deeper level you have not been able to resolve the "Self-Love" issue. This is for many the block that prevents them from manifesting. 

By using this type of technology you realize that you have more powerful than you have ever realized. 

You can influence what is happening in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, as well as in the world that they create every day. 

This is the most powerful manifesting tools I know. Using biofeedback technology allows you to truly learn how your feeling and your emotions are affecting your body. For the first time I felt in control. I was no longer chasing after my negative emotions and thoughts. I felt loved and in charge! It is an incredible feeling, one that everyone should experience. 

Using this training program helps you bring the power of manifesting into motion. You learn to harness the power of your intention, and create a conscious life where manifesting is easy.

Many Blessings!


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