The Law Of karma:
Repaying a Karmic Debt

The law of Karma is also called The Law of Choice of Consequence, or The Law of Cause and Effect, or The Law of Balance. It has many names, but the concept is this: you take an action in a three dimensional reality while incarnated into a physical body that is not in alignment with your soul’s path and life purpose and as a result you create a negative consequence that needs to be rebalanced.

Working within your Akashic record reveals a lot of information about your Karmic choices coming from past lives. Past life karma is not necessarily something that can be cleared with a prayer or with a meditation or even shamanic healing. True Karma is cleared in life through conscious understanding and action by making choices that are in alignment with your divinity.

There are different forms of karma:

  • Justified Karma
  • Unjustified Karma
  • Latent Karma
  • Activated Karma.

Justified Karma is true Karma, the kind that you have no choice but come back into physical form to work out.

The unjustified Karma is not real Karma, but it is a form of Karma in which your soul believes that it has cause physical or emotional harm to somebody in a past life or even in your present life and wants to create balance.

Latent Karma is the Karma that has not yet been manifested into your life. This Karma was created or accumulated in past lives but you have not yet had the opportunity to work out and balance.

Activated Karma is the Karma you are experiencing right now in your life. It's here in this life where you have the opportunity to clear it once and for all.

Accumulating Karmic Debt

There are many ways of looking at the Law of Karma; I like to look at it as the opportunity to create balance at the level of your soul in a way that affirms your true divine nature. I do not see karma as the punishment for causing harm to another person. The harm is primarily caused toward your soul and your ability to experience your true essence.

When you cause harm to another person, you are causing harm to yourself first because we are all connected. The other person represents the external experience of your inner world. Most people who have created negative Karma have created a wrong doing towards their own soul by acting negatively over another person.

Karma And Your Soul's Path

It is always about your soul. This is all you are responsible for. When you commit a offense that affects another person, your also create an offense against yourself. The other person is simply the outside reflection of your inner reality. He mirrors what you think and feel about who you are.

If you feel hate toward another person and commit acts of hatred, in reality you hate yourself. By so doing you are committing hatred towards your own soul because you are depriving your soul from experiencing love. Living in negativity is a choice that has negative consequences in your life now and possibly, even in the next one, unless you learn the lesson.

When we make negative choices we activate the “Negative” aspect of the Law of Karma. When we make “Positive” choices we always activate the positive aspect of the law. As they say, you reap what you sow. If you want to reap a good harvest, plant the right crop at the right time in accordance with the law that governs growth.

Negative Karma

If someone commits a serious crime like murdering someone, there is a karmic consequence. Taking a life is always an infringement of someone else’s free will. From a spiritual point of view, when a soul has misused his free will by infringing that of another, the soul has to repair the damage not only to the other, but also to his own soul.

In this free will universe we can make choices based on the Positive or Negative aspect of The Law of Karma. The Law of Karma is always in place and we cannot escape it. So, every action we take passes through the filter of this law. This is the only way that allows us to exercise our free will, making sure everybody has equality in choice and consequence. If you had free will but not the law of Karma, you could kill someone and literally get away with it. Not in this universe!

If you don’t have free will, there is no sense of having The Law of Karma. If you don’t have choice, you cannot activate the Law of Karma. So karma and free will are somewhat connected.

Creating & Repaying Karmic Debt

Creating Karma Happens When You Don't Consider The Results Of Your Choices.

It's my belief that only very advanced soul’s get to play in this playground we call universe because the rules are unbreakable. You can put yourself in a karmic trap by not knowing the rules.

For example, someone who commits murder and doesn’t learn from it and chooses to stay in negativity until the end of this current life will carry a karmic debt to the next life. What would happen to this person in the next life?

First of all, I believe that the soul has no choice but to come back into a life experience carrying a very heavy burden, which we call a negative energy block. This energy block will cause this person to attract situations still in vibrational alignment with the negativity of the previous life’s choice.

When the free will of another person was taken away in a past life, the energy block based on the Law of Karma makes this person attract life experience centered on lack of freedom, lack of love, lack of choice. This person will have a life experience based on lack and disempowerment. This can take on many possible scenarios.

It can mean that in the next life, this person will have to experience how it feels to have his freedom taken away. It does not necessary mean that he has to experience being murdered himself. That would be too easy! How the soul choses to repay a karmic debt might surprise you. We cannot really say how it will manifest, but the soul will attract similar situations as those in the past life in which the crime was committed. The ultimate goal is for the parson to make a different choice this time around, one based on love and freedom not only for himself, but also for others.

Karmic Consequences

The karmic consequence of taking someone’s life involves giving freedom back in order to feel free yourself. Only in this way the Law of Karma is really fair.

Of course the above is just an example on how The Law of karma is activated. In reality this universe is a lot more complicated and convoluted than this.

For example, the soul whose life was taken away is also part of this karmic equation. How did that soul happen to experience that situation? Why innocent people get murdered? What is the significance of that? By now, you know that nothing happens by chance and the Laws of The universe are always fair, even if our limited mind cannot necessarily see it. We don’t see the fairness because it expands across more than one lifetime.

For example, in a past life situation, an innocent person may choose to be murdered to fulfill a contract of sacrifice that allows the other soul to choose the light after committing the crime. By sacrificing himself this soul gave the other soul the opportunity to realign himself to his soul’s path. Often time advanced soul choose to be victims in order to raise awareness about situations the collective consciousness needs to see in order to grow.


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