The Creative Plane

The Law Of Attraction tells you that your thoughts influence your daily life experiences. Can you change your thoughts?

The Law of Attraction says that you attract into your life what you focus on the most. The frequency of your thoughts create an electromagnetic field that attracts specific emotional and physical outcomes.

Learning about the Law of Attraction is one thing, but applying it in your life continuously day after day is often a different story.

The tricky part for me was that my life experience had trained me to think the opposite of what the Law Of Attraction is actually telling us.

Even if I was excited and happy because I finally understood how it worked, when I tried to apply it, I found myself not able to fully achieve my desires because my mind had been accustomed to thinking in ways that defy the Law Of Attraction.

For example, I realized that we all create with thought not with action, just like Mr. Wattles tells us in The Science Of Getting Rich, but for me it was hard to accept that thought came before action and that only action inspired in the creative plane is the one that leads to abundance and life growth.

It also took me a while to figure out that if doing something was leading to unwanted results, I had to change my thoughts and then my actions in order to produce a change in my life.

If you think that doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a chance, will bring you different results, you are not understanding the Law of Attraction.

I know many people who do that every day: they go to work complaining about their lousy job and think that everything will change without doing anything about it.

The Law Of Attraction brings you more of what you focus your attention to. Actions are a way in which we give something attention. If you do nothing, you get nothing! If you complain, you get more things to complain about!

I also see how people cut themselves out of much opportunity in their lives as a result of their own limited beliefs, fears, doubts and scepticism.

You should also understand that in order to achieve a life of abundance you have to focus on the wanted and not on the unwanted, but that is not easy, isn't?

If you say: "I hope it is not going to rain!" You have to think about the rain before you can negate it! The problem is that in doing so, you just activated The Law Of Attraction in bringing you rain because that's what you focussed on.

So, let me ask you again: Can you change your thought?

Yes, you can! So next time, think about a sunny day not a day without rain!

That's how your thinking process works. You should only concentrate on the things that you desire and pay little or no attention to the rest.

That's why fear, doubt and negativity go against us all the time. Most people need help to get this right.

What it is important to understand is that we can shift our awareness and exist here right now but on a parallel plane, the plane that Mr. Wattles calls the creative plane.

This can be done in so many different ways. Mindful meditation and guided visualization are wonderful techniques to use to help you shift into the creative plane.

For me it's a very spiritual experience that connects me to my Higher Self, which is the part of me that resides in the creative plane all the time. Your Higher Self is fully connected to source energy and it can be accessed through deep meditation and relaxation.

Connecting To The Creative Plane

An aspect of your life is in the creative plane all the time. This is how you create 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The creative process never stops. As long as you are alive you are creating yourself into something consciously or unconsciously.

Connecting to this higher part of yourself is key in understand how to manifest abundance, health, and peace in your life.

This is an easy guide visualization meditation anyone can use:

Creative Meditation

Try the following meditation:

1. Gently close your eyes and take 3 deep slow breaths in and out.

2. Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding you and merging with you.

3. This light represents your Higher Self, that part of you that in is connection with your essence, with your creator.

4. Visualize the energy of your Higher Self entering the top of your head and from there see this white light moving down your body slowly and gently.

5. As the powerful white light of your Higher Self moves through your body, feel the healing it brings to every cell, every organ, every system of your body. Most people feel tingling on their hands and feet. They also feel the need to take deeper breaths.

6. In your mind's eye see and feel this white light healing every aspect of your life.

7. Know that this light has the power to bring balance in your body, you career, your relationships. Whatever area of your life needs healing, know that this light is working on it right now.

8. Begin communicating with this light by asking any question that feels important to you in this moment. Take a few minutes to listen for the answer. This can come in the form of image, feeling, sound or word.

9. Wait a few seconds and then begin to pay attention at the way you feel. Ask this white light to show you and help you make the changes in your life you need to in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

10. Connect to this white light every day for the next 30 days and see your life change in a positive direction.

Many Blessings!

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