Who Are The Beings of Light

The Beings of Light I communicate through channeling contact me also in meditation and while I write. The following article is what I would consider a channeled writing communication with them.

I had many questions and  here are the answers:


We are here today in this very moment of your awareness ready and willing to communicate and connect with you. We have selected this time and place because your energy and vibrational signature is in tune with ours.

Who Are You?

We are a communality of light beings residing on a dimensional reality outside of your dimensional reality, yet connected to yours. You are part of us as much as we are a part of you. Or better a higher aspect of you is connected to us.

A connection is not possible unless it goes both ways. We are not connecting to you only, as in order to achieve this communication one has to be the receiver and the other the transmitter. In order for the signal to be sent and received it has to be part of the same system of frequency otherwise it will be lost.

We together with you create a system of connection and communication. All in this creation is connected, nothing is separate. Division e separation is only an illusion needed for learning and spiritual growth.

What Do You Mean By Communality?

We mean that we are beings who have transcended the need to learn and develop within a holographic universe composed of material aspects and mind constructs (ego).

We have transcended the need to experience limitation; we no longer need to learn through separation. We have transcended all that you are now experiencing.  But we have still retained the energy memory of our learning (which you would call The Past).

Part of our mission in connecting with you is to help you remember your connection with us (this is something we agreed upon before your current incarnation). We also would like to convey to you, our knowledge with the intent to help your spiritual and evolutionary growth.

We are aspects of you on a higher evolutionary path, which you would call The Future.

We are capable of experiencing Oneness fully. We are all part of the same creation.

Can You Tell Me More About This Connection?

Simply that is there and it is time to activate it and used it as a tool for your spiritual growth. You have chosen this path and this is what we have promised to you. We are keeping our promise and hope that you will do the same. It is your choice as this is a free will Universe.

What Are The Details Of This Promise?

The promise you have made before your incarnation is the promise you have made to Your Self. We have promised to help you remember and here we are.

We have always been here ever since the very beginning. We have never left you and you have never left us. You have simply changed your frequency to experience the life that you are currently focussing on.

What Advice Do You Have For Me Today?

We can read your energy field and analyze your frequency if you would like. We sense that you have some fear of opening up to this process for fear of being ridiculed by others, especially family members. We would like to tell you that this is what you have chosen to experience.

So, simply know that this feeling you have is for you a test. You have chosen to overcome it by simply allowing your ability to communicate to us to come through you. Your family will benefit from this ability.

How Would This Be A Benefit?

You will have greater insights on your real and more spiritual connection with them. Knowing this will help you understand your challenges and allow those challenges to teach you what you have chosen to learn. Over time your communication with them will be easier and more fluid.

Misunderstanding  will be kept to a minimum as you become more and more in tune with your higher spiritual connection with them.

All the people you encounter on your life path will have a teaching and a message that you have set up for yourself to learn from. The hardest lessons are often learned through and with the people in your life that are the closest.

There is always an agreement at the soul level for you to learn in this way. Circumstances are never by chance all has been planned and you are in charge. This might come as a shock but so it is. In the end it is your choice.

How Can I Do That?

You can and you do it. You choose the experiences that will move you along your spiritual path of evolution. Anything that pulls you away from this path will cause, by the spiritual way of resonance, to pull you back on tract. You always have a choice to go in the direction you choose.

Ignoring the signs of your soul and suppressing your soul gifts will put you on a different course, still of your choice.

Am I On Course?

To be on course means to be connected to us and your Higher Self. If you chose not to connect to your inner guidance, the law of resonance will be applied and your Higher Self will set into motion events that will remind you to go in the direction that is aligned with your soul energy.

It seems that you have no choice, only if you choose to look at this from your purely physical-mind constructs (The Ego).

You do have a choice if you choose to look at this from the stand point of your Higher Self. Your Ego is not You, You are your Higher Self.

The Ego is simply an illusion and construct which you have chosen to utilize to help you navigate through your physical reality. This physical reality is also an illusion, it is the playground in which you have chosen to play this game.

The law of resonance will always try to align you with your Higher Self. You have chosen to play in this playground in accordance to this rule.

These events have been chosen by you before your incarnation, just in case you would fail to listen to your inner awareness. The truth is, that if you follow you heart, relax, let go and enjoy life as it is, all will be fine.

Do I Have A Mission?

If by mission you intend that you are here to change the world, we can say that nobody has a mission, but you are all on a journey. It is possible for you to mistake this journey as a mission, but no, it is not. Your mission is to be the journey!

What If I Make Mistakes?

Mistakes are also choices, some are in tune with your soul design (positive choices that create positive consequences), and some are not in tune with your soul design. These are what you consider to be negative choices because that create negative consequences. In reality they are no positive or negative, they are just choices that take you closer or further away from your source energy.

If you make a choice that takes you away from your soul's path, your Higher Self will create situations for you so that you will have a second chance to make a difference choice that will lead you closer to your soul's design.  

There is no reason to scare you as you are listening. Fear is more or less a mind construct that helps you individuate yourself, keeping you separate from All That Is.

Fear, therefore is an illusion. Fear is one of the many masks that Ego wears to keep you bound into physical reality.

There have been times in your life when you chose not to listen. These were difficult (from an earthy point of view) times for you. This were the times when you experienced physical, mental, financial challenges. The soul plans these events and we were there to help you and guide you. Those events where there to help you remember to follow your heart.

How Do I Have Choices?

From your point of you (of duality) so it seems that you have few choices in life, but from our point of view of unity it is not so. You always have a choice. The possibility to think that you have a choice is already your choice. All you have to do is to remember. You might feel like you have no choice from an earthy point of view and you feel like you should be free to say yes or no.

In actuality you have already made your choice on a spiritual level: to come on Earth and have a human experience. This is the level you operate from, that of your Higher Self. This is the level we communicate from. Your physical life right now is the manifestation of your spiritual choices.

How Can I Manifest My Dreams?

You are encoded to manifest anything you can think of. Anytime you feel the need to take action and create something, you are meant to do so. The mere desire puts you on a different place of being, a difference frequency. You connect to the creative part of you, which is connected to your source. From this place you draw to you all the information, the tools and the people that you need to turn your dream into reality. Your dream when it comes from deep inside of you, is true and authentic. When you come from that vision of yourself, you connect to the vision your soul has for you as a being in a physical reality. We invite you to give life to that dream. If you do so, your life will never be the same. When you set yourself on a path and make a conscious choice to manifest your deepest desires, you put yourself on a path of healing for every area of your life.

Can I Call You The Beings Of Light?

That would be fine. We are the Ones who anchor the light onto the earth. You can call us what feels in your vibrational sound to “verbally say” as you speak of us. Find the matching attunance of this vibration.

We do not use voice sounds to communicate, but telepathic messages sent in frequencies of light-knowledge. 

Can You Explain The Meaning Of 'Attunance'?

Yes, very well. Attunance means “at tune”, to be in tune with. Attunance happens when the total sum of the electromagnetic waves of your field of existence are in synchronicity with ours.

Can I Share This With Others?

Yes, you may. We would be very grateful if you could relay our message of love for the entire Earth. Those close to you may not be interested in your abilities to communicate with being of pure light coming from another dimension, but there are those on your planet who would be interested in knowing our message.

Many Blessings!

This channeled material is Copyright © 2015-2018 by Maria Gioia Atzori. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy and redistribute this material in any way.


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