Thank You God For The Riches Of This Universe

by Kunal Lad

Thank You God For The Riches Of This Universe

Thank You God For The Riches Of This Universe

Dearest God,

I thank you from my heart and soul for what you have given me to this day, I experience the riches of this universe and I also see it increase every day.

God You have been so kind and helpful to have manifested all that I have wanted at all times and at all places where I needed it.

I am filled by your graciousness and your ever loving Nature for assisting me at all times.

I Thank you god for my Health Wealth And Happiness. Let it be everlasting and Increasing every day . I know and experience your abundance increase into lavish expressions into my life.

I have Plenty of Wealth and I know that my Money is only multiplying every day And I thank you God for this wonderful world you have made for me , I love to live and See and enjoy its every moment.God through you I have Traveled and seen the far corners of this world and its Riches and Abundance and in days to come will see more and more, Thank you God.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you .

Thank You Again for all that you have done to me.

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That's so beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful Prayer of Gratitude.

The Universe always works with us in manifesting about our inner desires.

A thankful heart is a plentiful heart, always!

May you be blessed in wonderful ways.

Thank You Universe
by: Blanka

Thank you for my beautiful loving children universe.
I am so thankful to have these wonderful beings that give me joy and laughter. I love them to infinity. So much love and light towards them. Thank you God and universe for creating such a lovely planet to spend time with my children.

To all the souls I come across may they have peace and harmony through out their earthly life. All the beautiful animal companions, thank you for loving me. So grateful! My existence is a miracle by the power of God and the universe.

Light and love to ALL.

Blanks, Orlando, FL

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