"I feel so free. The negative emotions I inherited from my parents resonated with how I was raised and the negative feelings I still harbor inside. I would recommend this experience to anyone who had a difficult childhood." - Denise, IL, USA

"I feel lighter and happier since my session. I am not feeling the burden of past hurts and disappointments in my present experience. My way of seeing myself and the world is more expansive and full of joy, allowing me to be more in alignment with my inner self. Looking forward to the next time and the possibilities that it will open up!" - Marisa, Pisgah Forest, USA

"My session went really well. I experienced dizzy spells and I still got dizzy on and off until they subsided. My body feels lighter and I feel more optimistic and happier and peace of mind. I am taking more fluids." - Mwende, Nairobi, Kenya

"I am experiencing more calm than I have felt in months. It feels like I have more options in my life and that choosing is not overwhelming. I also feel lighter emotionally and physically. Today I got so much done that had felt overwhelming before. My feeling of being depressed and weighted down by life has lifted. The process we went through was so accurate and loving, that  I am now a believer in the power of this work. Thank you so much!" - Nancy, Pisgah Forest, USA

"Very interesting, don't feel any benefit as yet although last night did not feel as worked up but going through a bad period with worry over an elderly relative." - Angela, United Kingdom

"Awsome. Amaizing. I had been to a local kinesiologist only 2 weeks before and I was amazed at how alike the readings were in terms of the issues that are blocking me. Uncanny." - Desley, Queensland, Australia

"I loved my session. It was great! Keep up the good work. The intensity after my session went down to 1/10." - Tyson, Asbury Park, NJ

"Releasing trapped emotions from my Heart Wall was for me avery profound experience. I know now how much trapped emotions can affect my body." - Angela K., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"My emotion code experience was very helpful. I felt better right away. A big weight was lifted from my shoulders. The next day or two I felt lighter and lighter. I was signing and laughing all day long. My happier disposition has helped me feel more relaxed and less worried about little things. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is feeling emotionally down." - Joanne, MN, USA

"I was amazed on how my skin condition improved in 24 hours after my emotion code session. But what I was more amazed about was how this condition was related to so many other aspects of my life that contained emotional baggage. Thanks for this experience." - S.A. London, ON, Canada

"The session helped me reflect on how I allow negative emotions to be stored in my body. I am finally able to talk about my past without feeling resentment and hurt. Thank you Maria for your help!" - Valery, Toronto, Canada

"Maria, thank you so much for my session. I am amazed at the accuracy of the issues found, how they related to myself or my family, and the feelings around them. I highly recommend this to anyone feeling out of touch, unbalanced, sad, stuck, etc. Is it common to have so many blocks found in one session? I felt wiped out after. At first, I felt warmth rushing up my spine- not the typical menopausal hot flash. I also felt muscle pain in my upper arms. Then suddenly a migraine came on and my ears clogged up quite a bit. And none of the normal triggers were going on. I am 100% sure the energy clearing brought these feelings on. Thank you again for this experience, I look forward to seeing how this affects my progress. Bless you!" - Anne, FL, USA


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