Three-Step Method To Stop Hesitation

How To Be Super-Confident!

I want to share with you my secret clearing statement to shake off hesitation:

"What would it take for me to be super-confident? I clear now any adverse energy, across time, space and dimensions."

Say this affirmation as often as possible when you feel like life is not moving in the right direction for you. Of course you may need to clear a couple of trapped emotions regarding hesitation and confidence, but this will get you through in the moment.

Hesitation is the most and highest level of self-sabotage you may be utilizing without noticing. This happens when you say yes to more abundance, more healing, better relationships, but then you do nothing or worse, you hesitate.

Doing nothing isn’t so bad because doing nothing is the choice of saying: “I am fine as I am and what I have is enough for me”.

Usually doing nothing requires aligning with the frequency of your current abundance, or level of well-being. When you do nothing you decide that your current state is all you want to have and you are all right staying where you are.

But if you hesitate you fall right into scarcity. This is so because you choose to fall back. When your thoughts and emotions vibrate in alignment with the frequency of hesitation you are saying: "I don’t have enough. I don’t know how to get more abundance, how to heal myself, how to attract lovely people."

You are also saying: “I am afraid of going and getting it, and I am unsure about my future.” You are also saying: “I don’t live fully in my present. I am in limbo between where I am now and where I want to be”.

The Ego Blocks

When you say to yourself that you want more abundance, more love, more health, but then you hesitate, your Ego is doing the thinking on your behalf.  These are probably the objections your Ego brings forth that make you hesitate:

  • I don’t deserve what I want
  • I am no good enough
  • Others will laugh at me
  • I will make a full of myself
  • Nobody will care about me
  • It’s too hard for me
  • I don’t know how it will turn out

Your ego is voicing the mental patterns that are encoded in your mind. These mental patterns clearly create limitation.
At this point you have to understand that over 80% of your inner talk is based on you unconscious programming. The imprinting you received as a child is especially strong and you don’t know how these inner programs are playing out in your behavior and decisions making skills because you don’t see yourself from the outside. You only see yourself from the inside. But believe me, if you could, you would understand how your unconscious programming is affecting you, in your conversations with people, in the way you behave in certain circumstances and in the way you act in regards to your body.

So, when you are about to make a new decision that is more in tune with your desired outcome, you need to pay close attention to your inner dialogue.

Ask yourself the following: “What does this desire really mean to me?” or “What do I have to give up in order to receive this desire?” or “How can I have more joy in my life?” or “What new things will come into my life, if I let go of hesitation?” or “What things require change in me so that I can achieve my dream?” or “How would my life look like?

Allowing Limitation To Take Over

If you are not able to manage a broader level of experience because you are not willing to move forward and hesitate, you are allowing limitation to take over your decision making.
Increasing your level of abundance and wellbeing requires making more of yourself. You cannot have more without being more.

Making more of yourself requires change. Without change you cannot create improve your abilities and skills. You need to go out of yourself and show the world what you are made of.

So, how do you do that, knowing that hesitation leads to scarcity?
You clear hesitation away and let your true feeling of desire for more surface and take hold in your belief system.

How do you do that?
You pour clean water in a muddy bucket!

Muddy Bucket Method

This simple method works upon the principle that if you have negativity represented by a bucket with muddy water, where the mud represents the negative frequencies of your thoughts, all you have to do is to add pure clean water. You don’t have to get rid of the mud, which represents your hesitation and limitation, you simply dilute it!

Pour in more clear water, and eventually every thought of hesitation and limitation will be gone.

By doing so, you harvest the positive end result of positive thinking, positive feeling and positive actions. The more you act with kindness, compassion and love towards yourself and others, the more you dilute the muddy bucket.

Stop Hesitation

Step One: Thing and feel in your mind what you what to achieve in life by creating your life vision.

Step Two: Allow the hesitation and limitation to come into your mind, do not resist it, just allow it to enter your mind without judgement. Notice what it is saying to you.

Step Three: Shift your thinking by turning your attention to positive, inspiring, empowering thoughts.

By using this simple method you have the tool to bring your life to the next level of your personal potential. The more you heal yourself, the more you let go of patterns of limitation.

Overcoming Limitation And Hesitation To Create Abundance

You activate the process of building your richness by aligning to the beliefs and feelings of abundance:
The more you allow your divine self to surface, the more you let behind the limited ego thinking patterns. This is how you move forward in life: you welcome your strengths and divine qualities.

I encourage you to work at aligning to the following frequencies:

I Have a Balanced Life
I Have a Plentiful Life
I Have a Secure Life
I Have an Overflowing Life
I Have a Joyful Life
I Have a Well-adjusted Life
I Have a Cheerful Life
I Have a Successful Life
I Have a Healthy Life
I Have a High-Energy Life

Choose the frequencies you want to experience in your life and align to it, through your thoughts, emotions and actions and you will become the embodiment of that in your life.

Clearing Hesitation 

The best way to let go of hesitation in your life is clear it through affirmation, specific prayer and conscious actions. This is how you add clear water to your muddy bucket the fastest way.

Hesitation is an energy block that you may be carrying over from a past life experience or that you have inherited through your ancestors DNA vibrational frequency. When this is the case, you have a harder time understand why you experience the level of limitation that you do.

This is so because you have it since birth and it is encoded into your very being and you are literally the physical manifestation of the energy block you are carrying. This block that creates hesitation in your is the reason why you were born into your family, or you attracted your relationships, or your job and career choices. They are all in vibrational alignment with the energy of hesitation in one way or another.

If this is a past life energy block it means that you chose hesitation in a past life and now you are choosing it again. There are always present life mirrors for past life choices. The difference is that now you have the opportunity to release this energy frequency from your energy field and align to a new more uplifting energy frequency in its place.

If you feel that indecision is your middle name, you can rest assure that you are carrying this limitation. How it plays out in your life can change overtime, but unless you remove it consciously, you will keep popping up here and there, when you least expect it.

So, how can you let it go?

You need to flood the muddy bucket of your mind with vibrational frequencies that annul its electromagnetic effect on your energy field by choosing positive vibrational frequencies that align with free will, confidence, and self-determination.

Once you have cleared the frequency of hesitation and indecision within you, you will free yourself from limitation and blockages that have been with you for many lifetimes. The positive impact on your life will be incredible and overtime you will be able to create things you never dreamed possible.

Many Blessings!


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