Spiritual Meaning Of World Events

by Petri

Spiritual Meaning Of World Events

Spiritual Meaning Of World Events

Who and for what spiritual reason was behind the destruction of WTC 7 on 9/11?

Who and for what spiritual reason was behind murder of JFK?

Who and for what spiritual reason is orchestrating the migration to Europe?
How accurate would you see your channel in percent?

This is not about skepticism or about trolling. Instead this a very serious attempt about seeing if a channeller actually would take upon a chance to channel something practically meaningful that would benefit humanity. As the sources are claimed to be of higher origin, more knowledge and facts should be available.


Dear Petri,

There is of course a spiritual reason for the events that you have brought forth and that belong to the history of your planet in the timeline you are now living. However, there is not a common spiritual reason that will be a fit for all humanity. Each human being that looks at these events will draw their own special “spiritual reasons”, based on their experience in life and level of spiritual development.

Many truths have been brought forth on the reason why these events were created. Each person will ultimately see and feel their own truth. You and them are indeed the one living in your physical dimensional reality, incarnated into physical form. These events and lessons are for them and for you to grow and learn.

What feels truthful to you will not feel truthful to another. We can sense and feel all these truths because we are above the human experience.

We see what you call reality and history simply as a very small point in the space-time continuum of your planet, within the timeline version you are now experiencing. You see, there are other timelines in which these events had a different outcome or did not happen at all. They are all part of your multidimensional experience as a human being. You are probably not aware of those other timelines, but they are also plying a very important role on your current reality.

You have asked us to help you understand the practical aspect of what has happened. What you are asking us is to make spiritual sense of terror, pain, suffering and death. How can that have a spiritual sense? The truth of the matter is that you are asking an illogical question. These events have nothing to do with spirituality!

They have everything thing to do with the choice to manipulate the masses by a small group of individuals and entities. You want to know who is behind all this. Why do you believe that having that knowledge will have a practical answer? The learning for humanity on a spiritual level (if you really want to find it) is to wake UP! Are they waking up?

The display of what has happened and is happening speaks for itself. No spiritual interpretation is needed. There is nothing spiritual about that. It is what it is. Forces within your planet are at war and fighting for hegemony and the choices of the common people are manipulated at will.
The question we have for humanity is: why are you allowing this to happen?

The question we ask you is: What does this mean to you? What is this teaching you? What are you getting out of it? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

You are as part of the Who as the Who itself because you are allowing it. You are not separate, you are all co-creating it. What you see on TV is not separate from you, you are it! At some level you are part of it. On an energetic level, you are both the victim and the perpetrator. If you don't take a side and choose to be the observer, you are both.

The forces at play on your planet are real and powerful. These forces are of the light and of the darkness; there is no doubt about that. These forces reside on many levels and dimensions, not only physical and you are aware of that. The events you have mentioned as well as others are also connected with each other. They are seen as separate, but ultimately they have a very common denominator, which you also are aware of.

Humanity has already been asked to make choices and take sides, but most people are ignoring all these events, the very same people that are now manipulated to stay asleep. They are abdicating responsibility for their wellbeing and future to others. This is the real practical problem that needs to be addressed! This is your choice not ours, why are you asking us, you should be asking the people of Earth why they are so asleep?

We are located in a dimensional plane of existence that transcends space and time. We do not see problems the way you do because we are outside not inside of the circumstances you are mentioning.

You make an interesting point when you say: “As the sources are claimed to be of higher origin, more knowledge and facts should be available.”

Because of this statement, we know that you are asking for validation on a practical matter. But you are erroneously assuming that we want to take part of what is happening to humanity in such a way that we have all the answers and explanations. We are not part of humanity, you are. This is your job to know, sense and feel the answers. The answers are right in front of you; they don’t need to come from higher places. As they say, follow the power trail and you’ll have all your answers.

The channeler has her opinions and she has been asking similar questions as yours and to her and to you we say: Sorry, we are not paying this game, because it is not our game to play, it is yours! It’s your freewill to see what you see and to make choices in your life in accordance.

About the accuracy of the channel in %, we cannot answer this question unless you give us the comparative measure. So, we apologise, but we are unable to formulate an answer to this particular question. We would advise you to practice channeling yourself. You have the ability, you know.

If it is accuracy you are asking about, we cannot guarantee how the channeler translates the information. Unless you are the one doing the channelling, then you will receive the information downloaded directly onto your mind and sensory system. This will be a more real experience for you and the doubts will be diminished.

Please, understand that all channeled information is filtered through the channeler experience and level of understanding on the topic at hand. Each channel will also have the ability to connect and tune into the vibrational frequencies of the beings that are most suited for her/his channeling experience.

Many Blessings!

The Beings of Light

Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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