Spirit Guides!

by Maurice Aubin
(Sudbury, Ontario Canada)

How do I know if my spirit guide knows what I'm telling him?

Thanks and God bless.


My dear beloved child of love and light your Spirit Guide knows you better than you know yourself. Your Spirit guide knows you at soul level. He has a very closed relationship with you as a spiritual being. The job of your Spirit Guide is to help you express you soul’s path according to your divine plan.

That part of you that makes you doubt that your Spirit Guide may not be listening is your Ego. The Ego has no knowledge of your soul. The job of the Ego is to keep you safe in any way possible and keep you connected to your material needs.

The job of your Spirit Guide is to help you stay connected to the Spirit world from which you came from and to which you will go back after this life experience is over.
There are three key principles that will help you connect with your Spirit Guide:

1. Frequency: work with your Spirit Guide often, ideally every day.

2. Consistency: do this for a long period of time, ideally the rest of your life.

3. Trust: trust that the information and guidance you receive is in alignment with your highest path and life purpose.

To know if the information you receive is in alignment with your soul ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does this information tell me something knew about who I am?

2. Does this information require me to grow spiritually?

3. Does this information stimulate a larger view of my life?

4. Does this information require me to do something that will ultimately create a positive outcome for my life?

5. Does this information add value to my life?

6. Does this information help me improve not only my life but that of others as well?

7. Does this information allow me to make more of myself?

8. Does this information give me the tools I need to create abundance in my life?

9. Does this information help me see my truth, even if it is hard for me to do so?

10. Does this information require change?

The difference between your Ego messages and those of your Sprit Guides is that your Ego never requires you be more, do more and believe that you are more than what you are now. Your Ego resists change. You Spirit Guides promote spiritual growth by showing you your own value.

Your Ego can be critical or tells you what you want to hear. Your Spirit Guide is always firm, truthful and reliable.

Your Spirit Guide always knows what you are telling him. There is no doubt about this! The question is: are you listening to your Spirit Guide? Practice raising your energy through meditation in order to connect deeper with your Spirit Guide.

Ask your spirit guide to give you an image or a phrase that helps you directly connect to him in the fastest, easiest most loving way possible.

We sense that your questioning about your ability to connect with your Spirit Guide comes from interference we sense is present in your environment.

Your aura is sensitive to external influences coming from things from your environment like wifi, computers, electrical lines, noise, etc.

In order to establish a reliable connection with your Spirit Guide, we advise you to work on rebalancing your electromagnetic field using chakra and aura clearing meditations. Salt baths and flower essences sprays are also great. Also working with crystal and gemstone will help you establish a good connection.

The main chakras to be balanced are the heart and the 7th chakra. Make decisions that are in tune with your heart. When you take actions centered on what you love, you create loving outcomes for yourself. This is the message we have for you, today!

Many Blessings!

The Beings of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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