Meeting Your Spirit Guide

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Your Spirit Guides are always so happy and excited to work with you in creating a life experience that is the most expression of who you are at soul level. They want you to know that you are never alone, that you are always supported and guided, even when the circumstances seem desperate.

They are always there for you. They love the opportunity to let you know that they love you, and they want more and more people to connect with them on a regular base.

Some have been with you all your life since your birth, and others were assigned to you and come in special times of you life when you needed additional support and help.

It is possible for some  people to have temporary Spirit Guides that are with them on an assignment to help them complete a particular task.

If you feel the inner desire to connect with your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel, this guided visualization and meditation will assist you:

Meet Your Spirit Guide Visualization

Music by Thaddeus. Visit: OrinDaben's Wesite.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide, Now!

Find a conformable position and make sure you will have 10 minutes during which you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes and relax.

Take a big breath in and slowly let it out.

Take another slow breath in and out.

And now as you continue to breathe normally, let go of all your worries.

Simply, let them go. As you relax, you go deeper and deeper into relaxation with every breath.

And now I would like for you to imagine a beautiful mountain...

Look at this mountain and notice a narrow path that goes all the way up to the top of this mountain. At the top of the mountain, you notice a beautiful temple.

You know deep inside of you that in this temple you can find healing, guidance and love.

As you stand right in from of this tall mountain, you get a sense that you have been here before, and the landscape seems somewhat familiar to you. You like what you see, and you feel a deep sense of relaxation as you stand there.

Now, I would like for you to walk up this path and as you walk up this path, pay attention to the landscape that surrounds you. Look at trees as you go around them.

And as you continue on your path see the vegetation becoming alive. You can smell the aromas of this beautiful place; you can see beautiful colors all around you: flowers and butterflies are all around you.

You can also hear birds singing in this beautiful location. Take a little bit of time to become familiar with this place and feel completely at ease.

And as the path twists and turns going up to the top of the mountain, you continue to follow this path until you reach the very top.

Now, you are finally standing at the top of the mountain. And as you are standing there, admiring the beautiful view of the valley below, right in front of you see the Temple.

I want you to walk up to that temple and enter.

Inside the temple, you notice a big huge white ball of light, coming from the sky and landing right in front of you.

As you watch this beautiful ball of white light, you notice your Spirit Guide slowly appearing right there in front of you.

And as your Spirit Guide comes closer and closer, you can become familiar with his presence.

Take a little time to feel the love and the light you guide emanates. What does your Guide look like? How does your guide appear to you? Look and notice the details.

Take a little bit of time to allow these details to become clearer and clearer.
Does your guide feel male or female to you?

What does your guide want you to call him or her? If it is a difficult name, ask your guide to spell it for you. Pay attention and listen to the very first thing that come to mind.

Now your Guide is walking toward you, and you notice that your Guide has a scroll. This manuscript contains a special message for you.

Your Guide is now giving you the scroll. Take the scroll gently and gracefully. Smile at your Guide with a deep feeling of gratitude for this gift. You know that something special and something meaningful is contained within this scroll.

Now, slowly open the scroll. As you look, you will notice an image, a short vision or movie, or a word, or even you will hear a piece of music. Take a few moments and pay attention to the first impressions that come to mind.

And now, your guide has a message for you. Something your Guide wants to tell you. You can hear now what your Guide has to say to you. This is your unique opportunity to listen to your Guide. So, listen to what your Guide has to say.

And now your guide is turning around and walking back into the beautiful ball of white light. Thank your Guide for the message, knowing that you can always connect with your Guide for more assistance anytime you want.

Now, you turn around, and you go back down the mountain the same way that you came up, but this time it will be faster.

And now slowly open your eyes and come back to your present awareness. Move you fingers and toes and feel fully present.

Take your time.

When you feel ready, please feel free to share your experience in the form below.

Disclaimer: Do not play this meditation while driving or operating a piece of equipment.


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