Spirit Guide Message via eMail

Regular Price 11.11 US$

I have created a Collection of Channelled Spirit Guide Messages from which I will choose your message.

I will select a message for you whilst I tune into your energies. I will then email you the PDF message. PLEASE NOTE: **This is NOT a personal reading**

These channelled messages go into a lot of detail and can really provide profound insights for you to help your emotional balance.

Each channelled message consists of the following:

  • Part 1: Your Spirit Guide Vision
  • Part 2: The explanation of its Symbolism.
  • Part 3: The Channelled written message explaining what you need to release.
  • Part 4: Your Inner Work Visualization
  • Part 5: Your Affirmation

**Please select the date and time when you want to receive the message**

Regular Price $ 11.11 US

What Other People Have To Say...

"Lovely message! I really enjoyed receiving it. It felt really suited to my situation" - Lydia

" This message resonated with my current situation. I've got a lot of insights from reading it. Thank you!" - Judith D.

" I have found my message really accurate for me at this time that I am going through a rough time. I really appreciate your work. Thanks a lot and God Bless!" - Carol

" I would recommend getting one of this reading because that can really help, and they are affordable. I loved mine." - Colette J.

" After receiving my reading, I feel different and I am not sure why, but I feel more relaxed. Thank you for this work."  - Mary Jane


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