Special Offer

Mind-Body Stress And Anxiety Energy Assessment

$150 Only $60

Are you ready to release stress and anxiety?

Restore balance in your life

Imagine what your life would be like without the burden on negative trapped emotions, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, physical pain and negative thinking.

Release the deep imbalances stored in your subconscious mind that cause you unnecessary suffering from stress.

Mind-Body Stress and Anxiety Energy Assessment Report

This is a complete evaluation of your body's energetic Mind-Body Connection. This process determines how well your immune system is functioning and how well your brain is communicating with your organs and glands. This report includes distance energy testing for the presence of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and the Heart-Wall. I will also release 1-5 trapped emotions as part of this session. Report send via eMail.

$150 Only $60

Limited to one per customer.

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