Setting Intentions

Intention is when you know what you really want to achieve in life and see yourself doing it already. Every action you take in life needs to be powered by strong intentions. If not, your ability to manifest anything decreases. Without intention you allow your internal programming based on negative emotions to affect your life choices. 

Your intentions affect the choices you make every minute of your life. Making positive choices always creates positive outcomes. Negative choices always creates difficulties. 

Stating your intentions clearly and in a positive way is vital in making choices that are in alignment with your highest good. 

My advice is to write down what you intend to achieve every day. Simply write down what you choose to created and achieve. You can do this moment by moment by paying attention to how you feel.

If you feel any negative emotions or limiting beliefs coming to the surface, intend to release them and let them go. It’s your body simply showing or reminding you of what’s familiar. 

Intention is the starting point of every goal. It’s this creative power that fulfills all your needs, whether for money, relationships, or love. Your destiny is ultimately shaped by your deepest intentions and desires. 

An intention is a direct impulse of consciousness that contains the seed to form what you want to create. Like real seeds, intentions will sprout if you plant them in fertile soil and will grow if you nourish them by giving them positive energy. 

Once you free yourself from your emotional baggage, these seeds of intention will grow and flourish. That’s when more opportunities to manifest your goals become available to you as you make positive choices. Over time, your life shifts to a higher level of happiness.

How To Set Your Intentions

This is a simple list of intentions you can set for yourself. 

• I intend for my life to be filled with fun, creativity, excitement, abundance, prosperity, and joy.

• I intend to create a supportive, healthy and nurturing environment in my mind.

• I intend to find meaning in my life in every action I take.

• I intend to send positive energy blessings to everyone I encounter.

• I intend to be grateful for my blessings.

• I intend to serve others and care myself as well.

• I intend to be nice to myself and take care of my body through diet, meditation and exercise.

• I intend to connect to planet earth and be responsible for the environment.

• I intend to create a beautiful home environment filled with peace, joy, happiness and safety.

• I intend to spend my time doing meaning full tasks and avoid self-sabotage and procrastination.

• I intend to create a level of financial abundance where all my needs are met and more.

• I intend to feel totally safe and secure.

• I intend to deepen the loving, joyful and fulfilling relationship I have with my loved ones.

• I intend to enjoy my relationship with my partner, allowing it to unfold and deepen each day.

• I intend to process negative emotions and limiting beliefs as soon as they arise.

Many Blessings!


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