Sensing Earth Changes

by KC

Sensing Earth Changes

Sensing Earth Changes

I have been sensing a drastic change within Earth formulating, is there anything I can collaborate to?


Dear beloved child of love and light,

Your "sensing" is already your response to the energies of the Earth changes. Your "sensing" is a key word for your in regards to this participation, because it tells you that you are awaken.

What shall you do to support and participate in this process? Sensing is the answer to this question. Continue to sense. It is through this sensing of yours that you connect to these energies.

You are part of the process, not separate from it. You indeed my dear beloved child are the process!

In order to find out more about what you can specifically do more in order to participate, let's go into this easy meditation:

Now, take a deep breathe in and slowly let it out...(repeat two more times)

Close your eyes...

Go deeper and deeper into relaxation and allow your inner guidance to surface and help you find a sense of complete calmness where you are now.

Remember you are one with your planet.

On a soul level you are already one with your planet, you are finally sensing that, which is great!

Now, in this state of peace, feel inside of you your desire to participate and support the process of transformation that all humanity is going through either consciously or unconsciously.

Formulate a statement in your mind that tells the planet that you have a desire to participate.

Ask: "What can I do to participate?"

Now, take a few short moments to listen to the answer...

Let the answer come to you. Remember, the first thing that comes to mind, that is the answer!

You may get something today or not. It does not matter what the specific action is right now. Try again tomorrow and tomorrow you will get the answer or if you got something today, tomorrow you will get a different answer.

Perfect! That is what you need to do, sense what needs to be done now in each moment.

Remember, each moment is special, each moment has its own full divinity within it! Your job in this life existence is to discover and experience that!

You are on the right path, keep on sensing...

To support the Earth changes, simply work on yourself. As you do this, you not only transform your life, but the life of those around you. And from there you will bring a positive effect on the entire planet and humanity.

May your life and path be blessed in magical ways!

The Beings of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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