Self-Sabotage Quiz

Are You Sabotaging Your Life Purpose?

Do you know that your way of thinking, feeling and acting can sabotage your ability to live your life purpose?

The following is a list of possible self-sabotaging behaviours in which you may engage without even noticing. Only when you became fully aware of your mental patterns you can reprogram your subconscious mind and initiate change in your life.

Read through the list and select the statements that apply to you. Please, do not judge yourself. It’s important for you to admit to your behaviours so you can change them. Your intent in doing this quiz should be to understand your thinking and behavioural patterns, not to notice what's wrong with you.

Defining Your Life Purpose

You may not even be sure of your life purpose right now. You can only discover your life purpose by listening to your inner guiding system and doing what you love. If you are not doing what you love, you are not living your purpose.

Your life purpose is not a job title! Your life purpose is doing what gives you life and makes you happy. You find your life purpose through action, by engaging with the world around you, doing what you are passionate about. Please, notice that your life purpose may change over time and that's all right. As you grow spiritually, so does your life path.

Most people think that they have to have everything figured out before they take action. This is a misconception! You find out what you are passionate about by doing it! So, why are you not doing what you love? What's holding you back?

Listening To Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the part of you that is fully connected to your life source energy and knows your spiritual talents and your life path.

You receive guidance from your higher self either consciously or unconsciously. The more you are able to obtain the information consciously by developing your intuition, the more aware you are of your life and the choices that you need to take in order to manifest your life purpose.

If you receive your guidance through intuitive channels like a gut feeling, your conscious mind may dismiss that information. This is where self-sabotage comes in and prevents you from moving forward.

Is This True In Your Case?

1. You avoid looking at your mistakes and are unable to learn from them.
2. You don’t listen to your inner guidance and end up making mistakes.
3. You often don’t consider the possible consequences of your actions.
4. You prefer to abdicate responsibility to others.
5. You say yes to others when you want to say no.
6. You say yes to others, so you have a good excuse to say no to yourself.
7. You don’t plan ahead and as a consequence you are unprepared.
8. You plan too much ahead and cannot cope when things don’t go the way you planned them.
9. You lack the courage of sticking to your principles.
10. You cannot complete what you started.
11. You allow others to tell you how to do things, even when you know a better way.
12. You do what others tell you to do, even when you don’t like it.
13. You often take action before thinking.
14. You react to situations instead of responding to situations.
15. Your critical thinking is calibrated too high, and you never move forward.
16. Your critical thinking is calibrated too low, and you never think before acting.
17. You buy into the illusion that the world is hostile to your goal.
18. You worry a lot, all the time, about little things.
19. Your expectations are unrealistic, you want too much, too soon, with little effort.
20. You have difficulty seeing the practicality of things and tend to underestimate them.
21. You hop from project to project without completing anything.
22. You underestimate your capabilities and never start a project.
23. You overestimate your abilities and never finish a project.
24. You want to do everything on your own and refuse to ask for help.
25. You underestimate yourself and think that everybody else knows more than you do.
26. You cannot adapt quickly to change when problems arise and quit too soon.
27. Your inner self-critic is running your life.
28. You use judging yourself as an escape mechanism.
29. You judge others as an excuse for not doing something.
30. You compare yourself to others and always fall short.
31. You compare yourself to others, and they always fall short.
32. You buy into the idea of bad luck by giving your power to external circumstances.
33. You frequently complain about people and life in general.
34. You are a master at finding excuses for not moving forward and for not taking new action.
35. Procrastination is your middle name.
36. You get stuck in the practice of perfectionism.
37. You never question people’s advice and take it as the truth.
38. You never consult with those who can actually help you get unstuck.
39. You practice jealousy towards those who have what you desire, instead of feeling inspired to take action.
40. You buy into limiting beliefs fabricated by external sources without questioning.
41. You believe that doing the same thing over and over will bring you different results.
42. You adopt the practice of preventing getting hurt not matter what, even when no taking action is hurting you already.
43. Your attitude is not in tune with your dream and desires.
44. You often act against your dream by adopting an unconscious negative behavior.
45. You consciously or unconsciously do the opposite of what you know is right for you.
46. You spend a lot of time in meditation to shift your energy but never take new action.
47. You are stuck in your  ways.
48. You regularly say affirmations but never follow them.
49. You constantly look for emotional quick fixes in excessively indulging in food, shopping, alcohol, exercise, TV, social events, etc.
50. You get distracted easily and don't stick to your task at hand.
51. Your thoughts are constantly set on lack and limitation.
52. You focus too much on what’s not working.
53. You use spirituality as a way to escape reality.
54. You ridiculously keep yourself busy when something important is coming up.
55. You never say your honest truth or opinion for fear of hurting others.
56. You hide in books and self-help material.
57. You never feel ready to take your next step.
58. You buy into the idea that you are not good enough.
59. You don’t share your ideas or desires and expect others to anticipate your needs.
60. You feel judged by others all the time.
61. You don’t share your great ideas unless you are asked.
62. You allow your fears to tell you what to do.
63. You never do things unless it feels great and never push yourself.
64. You constantly ask help from psychics and tend to depend on them.
65. You don't trust your inner guidance.
66. You are never persistent or consistent in your actions.

Calculate Your Results:

Count how many of the above statements are true for you. Please, note that everybody normally engages  in a degree of self-sabotage now and then, and that’s  all right. You are trying to identify the extent in which self-sabotage is affecting your ability to move forward in life and live your life purpose.

Read the following results with an open mind. These are general guidelines to help you become more aware of your mental processes.

Score 1-10:

You have a low degree of self-sabotage that initially hinders your ability to take a decision based on your true desires. You often try to adapt to situations around you rather than listening to your inner guidance. You are most likely to listen to your intuition when you feel confident and only fall victim of self-sabotage when others are pressuring you. You need more time to think on your own and go deeper inside of you to find the real answers. When you do this, you always know what the next step is.

Score 11-20:

You engage in self-sabotage most of the time and are unable to make choices based on what you actually want. You fall prey of self-criticism and worry. This is especially true when you decide to do something new. You are rarely in touch with your inner guiding system, but when you do you feel empowered and shift to a higher vibrational state. This positive feeling is not energetically supported by your thoughts long enough for you to take guided action and make a real commitment to change. That’s why you feel jaded and unable to go in the direction of your dreams and goals. You are not sure of your life purpose and may hop from project to project searching and expecting for a better tomorrow. You don't make decisions based on your future goals, but only on what feels good right now. Your future feels more like a dream than a possible reality.

Score over 30:

Your thoughts are based on fear, unwariness and self-reproach. When an opportunity for change presents to you in life, you allow negative thinking and worry overwhelm you and fog your thinking. You cannot make up your mind and are always looking for answers outside of you. You are not in touch with your inner guiding system and doubt often the intuitive information you receive.


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