Are Your Sabotaging Your Life Purpose?

Are you ready to experience more in life and live in alignment with your soul's highest path and purpose? If so, what's holding you back? Do you know that making choices based on obligation and responsibility keeps you away from living your life purpose?

Limiting beliefs, negative trapped emotions and self-sabotage put your life purpose on hold. The time is now for you to take back your life and live your dreams.

Discovering the secrets of your Soul through your Akashic record can open the doors to a new YOU and a new life experience.

Your inability to fully manifest the life you want can be caused by energy blocks, not only from this life, but also from past lives? Past life blocks can affect your ability to:

  • Live your life purpose
  • Make more money
  • Heal mind and body
  • Have meaningful relationships

Without your conscious knowledge, your past choices affect how you think, feel and act. Negative choices manifest in your current life as limitations that are out of your conscious control. They are negative because prevent you from accessing your divine gifts to manifest a healthy, happy and abundant life experience.

Are You Sabotaging Your Life Purpose?

You are probably an amazing parent, coworker, spouse, and friend. You naturally make everyone in your life feel great about who they are. You are very supportive and giving to everyone around you. Yet, you are not giving to yourself what you truly need. Your dreams and goals stay unfulfilled and postponed to a later time in your life when conditions will be more favorable. As a result your mental, emotional or physical well-being is suffering.

You probably feel as if a straight jacked has been placed upon your life. You love to attend to everybody's needs, but don't know how to attending to yours. You may be suffering from low energy and feel burned out.

The part of you that is seeking to become fully self-expressed is unable to emerge. You might entertain the thought of following your life purpose, but feel limited in your choices. You may even talk about it, but never take action in the direction of what you really love to do in life. You are hiding yourself behind spiritual books, healing meditations and self-help material, but never really show up in life as the person you want to be.

If this sounds like you, you may be unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to achieve perfect well-being .

"It doesn't matter what you dream to do in life. What matters is that you do it! If you allow the life force within you to be fully expressed you can heal every aspect of your life while manifesting your purpose. There is a great power hidden within your thoughts and emotions. Listen to the inspiring voice of your True Self. Amidst the chatter of your mental activity, messages from your Spirit Guides are present and always supporting, guiding and helping you to find your way to greatness"

You Can Overcome Self-Sabotage!

Discovering, embracing and living your life purpose is always associated with a shift in your energy system that brings forth tremendous healing energy. Expressing who you truly are is always a profound healing experience. So, what's holding you back from manifesting your passion?

  • Discover how self-sabotage is blocking you from accessing your true potential.
  • Learn how to move forward with confident and purpose to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Take practical action steps to immediately heal yourself and turn your life around.

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