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5 Spiritual Gifts Empaths Have And Don’t Even Know

Am I an empath? If you are sensitive to other people's emotions and pick up on their mood and thoughts, you are an empath. Discover the positive side of being an empath.

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Absorbed Trapped Emotions

If you are en empath you may have many absorbed negative trapped emotions, which you picked you by other people and the environment.

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10 Energy Clearing Techniques For Empaths And Sensitive People

10 easy-to-you energy clearing techniques that will help you eliminate negative energy from other people.

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Angel Message: Your Light Path

Angel message: Your Light Path

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Abundance And Money Set Point

Abundance and money manifesting set point. Do you have a limit on how much abundance and money you can create and manifest in your life?

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The Power Of Self Love

The power of self-love is so strong that can heal anything in life. No matter how much pain you have inside of your heart, the healing angels are here to help you.

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Do You Have Abundance Blocks?

Abundance blocks can be cause by negative emotions and negative beliefs that cause you to sabotage your abundance.

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Why Forgiveness Makes You More Abundant

Forgiveness makes you more abundant. When you are finally able to let go of your inner blocks of resentment, your ability to attract more abundance will increase.

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Visit Your Akashic Record Meditation

Visit your Akashic Record through this simple, easy to follow guided visualization that will take you the Akashic Library and meet the keepers of the Akashic Records and into your Book of Life.

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