Spiritual Prayers for Prosperity

The following prayers for prosperity will help you if you feel the need to connect deeper to the love and the wisdom of God to assist and guide you in your need to increase abundance and prosperity in your life. I'd like to share with you my spiritual prayers for prosperty that will help you become more prosperous in every way.

The universe is very abundant, the lack is only in your eyes and in your mind. You can chose to focus on lack and poverty or you can chose to focus on prosperity and abundance.  It is up to you!

Your desire to pray and ask for a more abundant and fulfilling life experience comes from your spirit within who is telling you that there is more out there for you and that you need to go and get it. If you feel the lack in your life it is because there is something out of balance. Your desire to ask for divine help is the first step in the right direction.

The following spiritual prayers for prosperity will bring healing in your life so that you can truly manifest your divine gifts. God wants you to be prosperous, rich and abundant in every way possible.

Prayers Of Prosperity To God

Dear God,
Your infinite Spirit of Love
Is my source of abundance.
I put my faith in You, as I know that
You guide me in receiving blessings in my life
According to my inner desires.
My life is rich and abundant in every way.
Thank You!

Please Dear God,
Send your Spirit
To bring me inspiration and ideas
In how I can heal my financial situation
Send Your Divine Energies
To help me now and always

I know God,
That You are my endless source
Of material and spiritual power.
In Your love all is possible.
My every desire
Is an expression of Your love for me.
In your Love I know that
I can realize my dreams.

Dear God,
I am grateful for your overflowing love
That blesses me in every moment of my life.

Thank You Lord,
For sending me scarcity
Because scarcity forces me to turn to You
Who are abundant and prosperous

Thank You God,
For Your loving support
And guidance every day
Your love within me prospers
And blesses my life in so many ways

Thank You God,
For Your wisdom
That fills me with prosperous ideas
Thank You for my talents
That I use to create more abundance and prosperity
For myself and others

My life is enriched in every way, when God is beside me.

God is my source, in His presence all my needs always met.

Thank you God,
For filling my heart full of love, joy, and peace
Your Goodness within me attracts more Goodness
That I share with my brothers and sisters

Dear God,

Thank you for healing my life
Thank you for healing my body
Thank you for healing my mind
I surrender my concerns about scarcity in my life to you
I surrender my worries about my finances to you
I surrender my debt to you
I surrender my fear of lack of money to you
Please, remove my worries about money from my heart
Please, remove my anxieties about money from my mind
Please, remove all my fears about poverty from my soul
Please, give me faith
Please, give me gratitude
Please give me love
Please, give me courage
Show me the way to an abundant life in your name
Show me how to be at service to your Kingdom
Show me how to prosper according to your word
Thank you God for my gifts
Thank you God for my talents
Thank you God for my abilities
Thank you for hearing my prayer
Thank you, God!

Prayers For Prosperity To Mother Mary

These prayers for prosperity are invoked to Mother Mary. She represents the divine female entity of the universe. She is life-giving, has incredible healing powers and radiates the highest level of abundant love to all. Praying to Mother Mary will heal you heart from past hurt, releasing your blocks of poverty and scarcity.

After saying these prayers for prosperity, you will feel her love:

Dear Heavily Mother:

You are pure Love
Please, send me Your Love
Your love heals my mind
Your love heals my body
Your love heals my soul
Your love heals my life
Please, bring prosperity into my life
Please, bring joy and abundance into my life
Please, bring love and laughter into my life
I follow your guidance through the love I receive
I follow your guidance through the love I give
Thank you Heavily Mother for hearing my prayer


Mother of Earth and Heaven,
Your Spirit in infused in ever creature of this universe through Love
You are life-giving, live-healing and live-preserving
Bring us closer to the infinite power of this universe and to God
Helps us manifest our dreams according to our soul highest good
Show us the way to living an abundant life for the betterment of all people


Dear Mother Mary,
The creative powers of God manifest through You and in You all is possible
I humbling ask You to heal my financial situation and renew my spirit to a life of abundance and prosperity
I feel your love and support in everything I do
I love You! I adore You! I follow You!


Prayers For Prosperity To The Angels

Invoking Angels is also a powerful way to increase prosperity and change your life situation. Angels are God's messengers. Their job is to bring you God's love, support and wisdom. You can also call Angels to send your messages to God.

They intercede on your behalf in God' s presence. Angels are also specialists in assist you in finding your life path for the purpose of increasing prosperity for all.
They help you put your life in order if you are in debt or are looking to start a new business or a new career.

Say the following prayers for properity to call upon them for help:

Please Dear God,
Send the Angel of prosperity
To help me put my life
In divine order

Please Dear God,
Send your divine messengers
To help me find my way in my career
To become more prosperous

Please Dear God,
Send your Angels to heal my financial situation
To assist me in finding my real path in life

Please Dear Guardian Angel
Clear negative energy from my path
Clear any blocks that prevent me from achieving prosperity

Ending Your Prayers For Prosperity

It is very important that you always end your prayers for prosperity or any other prayer by saying the following:

"Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer"

As you say these words visualize your problem or situation been resolved for the highest good of all. If you are asking to have more money or more material things, make sure to give a positive spiritual feeling to your purpose of increase your wealth.

If you are asking to have more also make sure that you do not do it for selfish reasons, but for the pure expressing God's love on earth.
Only this way your prayer will be truly addressed and answered in divine fashion.

Expect incredible changes to come to you.

Consider also the fact that there is no reason to say your prayers for prosperity over and over. Trust that your prayer has been answered, keep sanding gratitude to God, Mother Mary and the Angels every opportunity you have. This strengthens your faith in increases your ability to manifest more prosperity in your life.

Always visualize white light surrounding and protecting you at all time.

Many Blessings!

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