Prayer for Happiness

by Patrick Cruz
(United States)

I'm thankful for the love the universe gave me, Don G. Is a wonderful guy, I wish our love can be reborn again and manifest for greater and happier life together.

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Gratitude for Love
by: Admin

Love is the force that keeps this universal construct together. When we express gratitude for love in our life we are sending more love to all the people in this world that need more love in their life as well.

Love works like a multiplicator.

When we learn how to do things with more love, more love comes to us.

Also, love never ends it really goes beyond the limits of our conscious mind and we can continue to love life after life after life, if our soul so desires...

Many Blessings!

Thank You God
by: Anonymous

Thank you God for always taking care of me Thank You fir all your blessings Thank you God for my new apartment Thank you God for financial miracle Thank you God for paying my rent and paying all my bills Thank you God for leading me towards excellence Thank you God for my health and my family Thank you God for loving me I love you too Thank you God Thank Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord
Thank you

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