The Power of “I Am” in Manifesting Through Affirmations

The work “I AM” is a sacred word that holds infinite manifesting power. Learning how to use it is vital if you want to heal your life and move in the direction of your life purpose.

I am assuming that you have already figured out what you want to do, be and have in your life. 

Creating Your Life By Design

Knowing what you want in life is key to your manifesting abilities. You have two choices: one that allows you to create your life by default and the other by design.

You manifest by default when you allow the external social environment tell you what it’s best for you to do, be and have in life. When you follow this belief you abdicate responsibility of most of your choices to an external authority, which you perceive to be more powerful than you are.

If you choose to create by design, you acknowledge that you are the only authority in your life and you are solely responsible of the creation if your life. You do this by shifting your way of looking at reality and manifestation that is not based on competition and achievement, but that is based on understanding that you are already a creative being.

This concept is very hard to convey and even harder to apply because we do not have a good frame of reference on how to operate in this way.

The Creative Plane

The three most important steps in manifestation through the creative plane are:

1. Create the design though thought.
2. Activate the design though emotion.
3. Experience the design through action.

Number one and two are easy and can be accomplished through visualization and meditation, but number three is the hardest because it involves you to take action. It involves you to have faith and put yourself out there so that you can receive your creation in your life experience.

I know many people that get stuck at number three because they allow fear and self-sabotage have the better of them. The “invisible” blocks you carry with you become really “apparent” when you try to change your life and you need to go outside of what’s your comfort zone.

Connecting To The Creative Plane

The universe is made of a primordial substance. Mr. Wattles, in his famous book, The Science Of Getting Rich talks about this. This life giving substance is capable of shaping your dreams into your reality.

When creating your design, you will connect to this creative substance and ask the universe to give you what you seek. Imagine that there is a Cosmic Store of Life where you can go and ask what you want.

Before you can receive what you want you have to exchange the currency or energy vibration of what you are seeking. In our reality, you use money to pay for things. At the cosmic level the currency is the vibrational alignment of what you are asking.

The Cosmic Store will say: “Ok, I will give you what you are asking, but first put yourself into vibrational alignment with it. You have to be a vibrational match with what you want to create in order to claim it as yours.” This is how the doors of creation open up for you.

This requires you putting yourself out there and you don’t want to do it. This happens when you listen to your inner critic. This critical voice might say: “I don’t want to put myself out there, what if it doesn’t work out? I want to make sure it’s going to work for me before it I put myself out there. I want to know how this is going to happen. First I want to see it and then, I will put myself out there.”

If you have a dream to be, do or have anything that is important to you, follow this dream. This is your design. The choice of words is not casual: we say “follow the dream, see where it takes you.” This implies that you have to start a journey and that you will find the tools to fulfill your dream along the way.

Using The Sacred Name of “I am”

You have been given the sacred name of “I am”. This is the most powerful manifesting tool you have at your disposal right now.

Let’s see how this works. When you use the “I am” with anything attached to it, you are opening the doors to your creative powers, you are connecting with the Cosmic Store and aligning to the vibration of what you want.

Be careful though not to use is in limitation and scarcity, because if you do, that’s what you will get.

I encourage you to take 5 minutes, right now, and write down your “I am” the ones you use every day, the ones you tell yourself constantly in your inner dialogue.

Here are some examples of limiting “I AMs”:

  1. I am lack
  2. I am craving
  3. I am angry
  4. I am sad
  5. I am doubtful
  6. I am failure
  7. I am loss
  8. I am alone
  9. I am poor
  10. I am misunderstood
  11. I am turmoil
  12. I am obedient
  13. I am limited
  14. I am helpless
  15. I am ignorant
  16. I am shameful
  17. I am suffering
  18. I am guilty
  19. I am dull
  20. I am fragile
  21. I am grieving

Here are some examples of creative “I AMs”:

  1. I am powerful
  2. I am free
  3. I am Joy
  4. I am happy
  5. I am peaceful
  6. I am successful
  7. I am relaxed
  8. I am healthy
  9. I am all right
  10. I am well
  11. I am good
  12. I am nice
  13. I am love
  14. I am fit
  15. I am strong
  16. I am capable
  17. I am prosperous
  18. I am talented
  19. I am worthy
  20. I am accomplished
  21. I am resourceful

So, how are you using your “I am”?

You are now realizing that you live within Divine Presence all the time. The divine nature that you carry is not outside or separate from you, you are it! To harvest the power you have already within you, you need to open the door and re-connect to it.

Your “I AMs” Shape Your Reality

You can now clearly appreciate how you “I AMs” create your reality. If you don’t life what you are experiencing, the thinking substance that shapes itself through your thinking is asking you to get into harmony with your desired life. When you do this, you are in alignment and sending a very strong, clear signal to the Cosmic Store of life. When this is accomplished, expect opportunities to be created as you move in this journey you call life.

As you follow your dream, pause to make very strong intentions by knowing what you want and why you want it.

You only have to answer to these two simple questions:

What you want your dream to be?
Why you want your dream?

1. The “What” is the when you create the design of your dream.
2. The “Why” is how you activate the design of your dream.
3. The “How” is how you allow the dream into your life experience.

You don’t need to know the “How”. How the dream will come to you, is none of your concern. This is where the Cosmic Sore comes in and delivers it to you. All you have to do is allow it to come to you.

If you concentrate on the “How” you will shift your energy back to the default program of designing based on the standards of your social conditioning. This will keep you stuck. This is the main reason why most people are unable to manifest. They do the “What” and the “Why”, and they also want to manage the “How”.

Your mind doesn’t have the power or the capacity to determine the “How” at the same level as your soul does. Your soul is so much more powerful than your mind!

When you know the “What” and the “Why”, the “How” simply follows, or better you follow the “How” as opportunities and situations open up for you as the result of you aligning with your “What” and “Why”. All you really have to do is take guided action.

Remember, “How” and “When” these opportunities with happen depends on your intent and your ability to sustain your alignment by keeping up the frequency of your creative “I AMs”.

Many Blessings!


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