Past Life Reading

A past life reading is based on your Akashic Record and allows you to discover your trauma and blocks that come from a past life. Once you uncover the source of your blocks you are able to release the trapped energy in your subconscious mind, which is often the cause of self-sabotage and inner insecurities.

Past life restrictions are the lives in which a choice was made or an event occurred that put your soul on a path of pain and misery. This situation creates an energy pattern of restriction of your life force energy and may create misalignment with your Higher Self.

This reading allows you to discover the past life block in order for you to re-align with your highest good.

Your past life reading is based on the Akashic Records of your soul, where we go to understand the choice that was made in that lifetime and what karmic block or restriction was created as a result.

The reading will show you what learning pattern is blocked in your life right now as a result of past lives.

Without knowing, you may be carrying in your energy field past life traumas that subconsciously affect your behavior and contribute to the situations that you attract. You often attract situations very similar to the energy of a past life block because it still vibrates within you.

This is an intuitive reading.

During this reading, I intuitively review your incarnation patterns and provide information about them.

What comes up in a session is relevant to your current life and helps make sense of your present time experiences.

Past life readings are used as opportunities to restore inner balance and transform your inner negative patterns into awareness and a positive outlook.

During this reading session, you will discover 1-2 past lives where you have created an inner block that may be the root cause of your current situation.

This reading includes the following:

Part 1: Past life that is affecting your energy pattern right now.

Part 2: What past life choice or event created a past life block

Part 3: Message from your Guides

Part 4: Your personal Clearing Akashic Prayers you can do for 21 days to release the energy blocks from your subconscious patterns. 

This is a distant reading with results sent via eMail afterword. Once your session is complete, you will receive a written report (pdf).

Regular Price: $44.44 US


44 44 444


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