Clear Past Life Karma, Unleash Your Potential

Past life Karma is the Karma that you are working on right now but was created in a past life. Often times, your past life Karma was carried over many lives and this is not the first time that you are here to balance this karma. This means that you are used to making the same mistakes over and over. This is manifests itself as self-sabotage. 

Past life Karma is experienced in your current life based on the memories of your soul. You may not know this but your life experiences so far have been pre-determined mostly by your past lives. If fact, what you don’t complete is carried over to the next life experience until it is balanced and released.

If you made a negative choice in a past life, it will tirelessly present itself again and again in your current life. A negative choice is a choice that "negates" your divine self and is associated with making a decision based on lack, fear, doubt, shame, etc. Any unpleasant situation you are dealing with right now, could be the consequence of lingering karma from a past life. Karma is also created in the present life and it can accumulate. 

Past Life And Present Life Karma

Karma is created by taking negative actions, decisions and choices. You do not create karma by thinking or feeling negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and feeling can be cleared by thinking and feeling positive.

Negative actions once taken can be undone only through positive actions.

We are constantly creating karma! Every action you take that negates your own divinity and disconnects you from your soul’s divine path has the potential to leave a negative imprint on your soul’s record creating a karmic debt. So, do not think that Karma is only a past life thing because it’s not so.

The beauty of working on your karma with the help of your Akashic Record is that you can let go of past karma and prevent present karma as well.

How Past Life Karma Operates In Your Life

To know if past life karma is operating in your life and to see how it creates blockages that are holding you back, you need to look at the following factors.

1. Once karma has been created, it does not go away after you die; it carries over to the next life. This tells you that if you have been carrying a karmic debt for a few life times, you are used to making the same mistake over and over. This will also be true in your life. You can identify past life karma by looking at recurring negative patterns in your life.

2. Karma is cumulative and you can carry it from lifetime to lifetime. Not only you can carry the same karmic debt, but you can also add more karma to it. When this happen, your life is really difficult right from the start. An example could be:  lack of love, neglect and abuse as a child in a disempowered family. You often experience having very little choices.

3. The people and circumstances in your life are a copy of your karmic debt. The people in your life are a vibrational match of your karmic debt and they show up similarly to a past life, even if the story is different. For example, if your karmic pattern carries the energy of blame, you will find situations in which you blame yourself, or have blamed others for what happened to you or people in your life are constantly blaming you for their mistakes.

4. Things that happen in your life are not by fate or coincidence; they have a deep spiritual karmic meaning. When you experience positive karma, you might think that you are lucky and when you experience negative karma, you might think that you are unlucky. But luck has nothing to do with this. It's all about the law of karma, also known as the law of cause and effect.

5. The only way to overcome karma is through free-will, by making choices in alignment with your divine self. Once you realize that your circumstances are the result of a karmic consequence, you can reverse it through conscious work and awareness.

6. Karma is not “what goes around comes around”. Karma always comes back camouflaged into something else. In fact, it might even manifest into another area of your life.

7. Karma is not always negative; focus on creating positive karma, doing onto others what you would like to be done onto you. A great way to learn more about karma is to work on creating positive consequences by putting out into the world positive actions of love and compassion.

8. Your past choices, either in this life or in a past life, became your current circumstances. You always reap what you sow. The universal law of karma can never be broken. If you saw wheat in your field, you will not harvest potatoes.

9. You may reincarnate with the same group of souls, each playing different roles. This is a classic! You possibly have been the child and your child the parent in a past life. This allows the souls to experience all point of views of a particular learning experience.

10. Karma is there not to teach you a lesson, but to offer an opportunity for self-expression beyond your limitations. When you have resolved a karmic debt you have reconnected to your divine source of creation. You have experience a greater version of yourself that will serve humanity on a higher level of consciousness.

How To Discover Your Past Life Karma

Your past life karma acknowledges the role that each person plays in your life. They are here to teach you something important that will help you understand and overcome your karma. Also, don’t forget that you may be playing an important role in their life helping them better understand who they are at soul level and realign to their own divine source. Ask yourself: “What karmic lesson, am I experiencing with this person?” The sooner you untangle the truth of the karma, the sooner you can find peace and move on in your life.

Also, notice similar patterns in your life experience, regarding your relationship with money, people, and your body. It’s hard to go deeper and look inside and admit to it. We all need help from someone that can guide us through an honest introspection to evaluate our weaknesses and faults.

I encourage not being afraid to go deeper.

When you heal your soul, you help your life. You can give freedom to yourself right now in your life.

There is no need to carry past life burdens any further. As you understand where you blocks come from, choose to modify your behaviour, you unleash your soul’s potential. The result of opening and clearing the karmic files of your soul is the opportunity to change your destiny for lifetimes to come.

Many Blessings!


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