Negative Emotions From Your Parents

Negative emotions from your parents can be passed on down to you at the time of conception, or during pregnancy while you are still in your mother's womb. Emotions are the language of the body, even before you start thinking. We learn from our environment how to feel and how to think. Before birth and while growing up, your parents create most of your emotional environment. 

If I asked you to remember a time when you felt sad, angry, frustrated, heart broken, or grief stricken, I can assume that a specific memory will quickly come to mind. As you recall the event and the circumstances of your past experience, you might still feel an emotional charge, just by thinking about it. This is telling you that, the negative emotions is still inside of you.

But what if the emotions your are carrying inside where not yours to begin with? What if they come from those around you? 

It's possible to inherit or absorb negative emotions from your parents. During the time of conception, energetic emotional frequencies carried by the parents are passed on to the children. Other times, the emotions that the mother experiences during pregnancy can be also absorbed by the developing baby.

While still in the womb you are bathed by your mother's emotions. If Mom feels happy, the baby feels happy. But if Mom feels fearful and stressed, the baby is imprinted with emotion of fear. This is when fear based survival instincts are passed to the baby while still in the womb. Unfortunately many women are in a state of constant stress and anxiety, especially during pregnancy. If the pregnant woman does not feel supported during the pregnancy, she can experience a negative feeling as a result, which is often passed to the baby.

In every session I conduct with my clients, i always find at least one adsorbed trapped emotions that was created by Mom during pregnancy and then absorbed by the baby. Sometimes, people can tell me that something happened to their pother while pregnant with them, other times there is no memory.

In order to release the emotions, you do not need to remember all the details, especially if they are inherited or absorbed while in the womb. What we can discover though is where they are located in the body, before releasing them. Many people find a correspondence between the location of the trapped emotion and their pain or issues with their body. 

I was working on my son one day when I noticed he had a trapped emotion that originated in my mother. My mother suffered a devastating loss at the age of 5 when her father tragically died. She passed the trapped emotion of “grief” down to me and I passed it to my son.

When we released that trapped emotion on my son, I also released it on myself. I have always felt a deep sense of grief all my life and I didn’t know where that was coming from. Once the emotion was released, I no longer have that foreboding feeling that something tragic is about to happen.

Only now, that the negative emotion is gone, I know what the difference is like. Since this inherited emotion of grief was inherited I was born with it and I didn’t know the difference, until it was gone.

If you have any children or grandchildren, working on yourself will also help them. 

Many Blessings!


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