My Prayer of Eternal Gratitude

by GraceF
(Manila, Philippines)

I am grateful for my present life of bliss. Thank you for a loving partner Pao, and a beautiful and loving daughter Gaby, and our warm and loving environment.

I am grateful for the house we live in, the comforts of our home.

I am grateful for the food we have, the options what to eat and the joy we experience each meal time.

I am grateful for my family who cooperates now as we resolve issues regarding our properties.

I am grateful for my support which will increase very soon in order to get my affairs in order.

I am grateful for my brother Bert, who is always supportive and his plans to increase his practice which will be very soon.

I am grateful I met people like Bien and Elena who are helping me sell our properties and soon it will be sold.

I am grateful for the job interviews Pao has been going to and one of these will manifest to a GREAT job!

I am grateful my daughter Gaby has been led to a path of order and discipline and motivation to do GREAT in school!

I am grateful that I have been led to the way of peace, manifesting prosperity and love.

I am grateful I am led to a path of forgiveness and remove anger and hate. Thank you to Abner who has helped me through this path.

I am grateful for friends who are loving and concerned and continue to help me and be with me in my journey called LIFE!

I am grateful I am able to help others, those I know and those I encounter and need help.

For every iota second of my life, I am very grateful I have God, creator of the Universe, who is guiding me in all aspects!

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Thank You For Sharing
by: Maria

Thank you so much for sharing your prayer of gratitude!

Your graditude feeling explands and creates more things to be grateful for and your life will be rich of wonderful expereinces.

Many Blessings!

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