Mothering Spiritual Children

by Nancy Bryans
(Toronto, Canada)

Mothering Spiritual Children

Mothering Spiritual Children

As a soul and spiritual being who truly loves to connect with divine energy, how might I inspire my three children who are in their mid to late teens to be open to trusting in spirit, and welcoming positive healing light and love? Although I do daily Reiki and they know I enjoy developing my spiritual side, my kids don't seem interested in me sharing this part of myself with them. They seem to make fun of me and shun developing a spiritual connection. I might also add, that their view is similar to their dads', however, he says he believes in God.


My dear beloved daughter of love and light, we sense that you are finding more and more alignment to your divine soul's gifts and you shall continue to do so. As you attend to your own growth and development so will your kids.

At the spiritual level, they have chosen you to be their mother and they have also chosen their father. They have chosen this to view contrast in their lives and to learn from it.

Do not worry about how you can help them be more open to spirit as they are already open to it (more than they are showing you right now).

They are observing contrast and choosing their father (and main stream society)'s view point, but this does not mean that they are not learning and experiencing the spiritual aspect of the human experience through you. They are.

Give it time. Allow them to learn and grow at their own pace. They will eventually be very grateful for your work and what you do. By being exposed to your work they are learning and collecting this valuable information.

Your job, as their mother, is to just be the best you can be for yourself. By doing so you create a healing space of non-judgment, where your children are able to express their own opinions.

Within this space they will eventually have the opportunity to find their own unique self on a deeper level, knowing that your love will always be there for them.

They do enter this space occasionally already intuitively and unconsciously.
This is a very powerful place to grow up in.
You are doing all you can do right now.

May your life be blessed with love and light and may your relationships be filled with joy and laughter!

The Beings Of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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