Manifesting Wealth In 10 Easy Steps by Following The Law Of Attraction

Manifesting wealth is not only a process, it's a state of mind or better a state of being. Wealth is the accumulation of financial possession in such a way that you keep prospering over and over again. You manifest wealth every day, the same way that you manifest your reality through your thoughts, weather you are aware of it or not.

By using the spiritual principles of the Law of Attraction, it is possible to develop a manifesting technique that allows you to consistently create your life in an endless flow of giving and receiving. This flow begins with your thoughts!

According to the Law of Attraction you attract into your life what you focus your attention to.

The key to manifesting wealth and financial abundance is to recognize that you are part of the manifesting process. In fact, you are the instrument of creation! The manifesting process works in the direction of spiritual to material, never the other way around.

Basic Manifesting

In basic manifesting there are three simple steps that you need to implement one next to the other. Make sure to read them carefully and understand their order:

1. Your thoughts create your emotions and feelings.
2. Your emotions lead to the actions you take every day in your life.
3. Your actions affect the results you experience in your life.

Here is an example on how this simple 1-2-3 basic manifesting works:

  1. I think positively about my own wealth every day
  2. I feel good about my own wealth every day
  3. I take positive action about creating more wealth a little every day

This is how it does not work:

  1. I take action, work hard every day in whatever job opportunity I can get
  2. I feel burnet out and unsure about what to do next
  3. I think I should do more

Do you see the difference in the flow of energy between the two processes?

So, make sure your thoughts come before your feeling and that your feelings come before your actions. Any action that is not supported by vibrationally positive thoughts and feelings will have you running in circles burning a lot of your vital force energy over and over.  You will manifest a lot full of nothing!

Another important concept that many miss, is that you are constantly supported by the powerful creative forces of the Universe, if you can work in perfect harmony with them. For this reason, it is important to invest your time and money on creating spiritual abundance first.

Invest in true relationships, in love, in care for others and in things that money cannot buy! Invest in positive experiences, in positive emotions and you will always have positive outcomes.

Do not make the mistake of limiting your concept of wealth to only acquiring material possessions. Real wealthy people give more importance to their relationships than the money they make and possess. They know that money is an energy exchange that comes from positive, loving, honest connection with the people they associate within their job environment.

Yes, people make a lot of money by beings manipulative, scheming, ruthless within their field. The risk is that they will bring the same frequency into their personal relationships in their private lives. If you are reading this article, chances are you probably are not interested in this type of techniques.

The process of manifesting wealth is simple vibrational alignment with the state of being wealthy.  Once you become clear on what you want to manifest align to it.

Though-Emotion-Action must be in vibrational alignment.

Clarity Of Mind In Manifesting Wealth

The process of manifesting wealth begins with a clear, simple, positive thought. Begin by writing this thought down (use a prosperity journal). Then take a few minutes to meditate on this thought until the thoughts acquires so much energy for you giving it attention, that a good feeling is now associated with it. Write it down.

Once you have reached this point do not stop, keep going! It's time now to nurture that feeling by giving it positive emotional energy. Once you can feel this feeling of wealth in alignment with your heart , you know you are there!

If you desire to manifest a new home, do not simply focus on how the house looks like, make sure to focus on the feeling that this new home will bring to your life.
Remember, it has to be a feeling or emotion that enriches you. For example, a good feeling for manifesting a new house would be to experience more love to share with your friends and family.

When you become familiar with the process of setting clear intentional thoughts of what you want to experience, you are on your way to achieve any goal, including manifesting wealth. It is very important to focus on your feelings. For example, you can recall the feeling of sharing love around the dinner table in your new dream home with ease. You can easily imagine the faces of your friends and family sitting around laughing and telling jokes. Everyone is happy and sharing love.

This exercise can help you create a positive energy source from which you can draw once you are ready to take action. For example, do this exercise before calling a real estate agent or before going to the back to get financing for your new home.

Please, realize that nobody in a physical reality can manifest things out of thin air. This is the law of physical manifestation we are all subjected to. Things have to come from a physical channel of manifestation. But, as you practice this exercise you make yourself open to more than one channel of manifestation and things will see to appear out of thin air. In fact, something will happen and you will be shown the way to your dream home.

Taking Action When Manifesting Wealth

As I said earlier, manifesting wealth begins as a spiritual process, you need to create spiritual abundance in your life by investing in good feelings not just for yourself but for all those who are in your life. This helps you when you have doubts about your abilities to manifest material possessions.

Begin by making a list of all the things you have and that give you good feelings. As you make this list feel blessed and thankful for having them. When you appreciate material possessions spiritually, you create more material things to be thankful for.

Here are 10 steps that will show you how to use your conscious creative powers to manifest wealth and abundance in your life.

Ten Spiritual Steps for Manifesting Wealth

Step 1: Become One With Source

Become one with the creative energy source of the Universe. Wealth is the state of being rich and affluent, having a plentiful supply of material goods and money, but also having plenty of love to share.

Realize that wealth is another form of energy. Manifesting wealth is simply a matter of creating this state of thought in your inner world. Create a inner world that is as wealthy as possible in every way by using your creative visualization powers and imagine yourself living this way all the time.

Step 2: Use Conscious Visualization

Create a vivid vision of how you want your wealthy state to look like, make sure you incorporate as many positive feelings as possible. Be as detailed as you can and remember to choose only what you want and not what you do not want. If you get stuck here, simply go back to your feelings because they will guide you. You cannot consciously manifest what does not make you happy! If you do, your are not running the manifesting process from consciousness, you are allowing the default unconscious process to run your life.

This is what many people do. If you are like them, you allow your social environment to think for you and your feelings became a reaction to these external thought patterns, instead of your own inner thoughts. The consequence is manifesting by default allowing your social construct to take over your manifesting abilities. You end up manifesting their beliefs not yours.

The truth is that you are not a victim, you are choosing this result by consciously buying into your external social programming. These external programming about wealth and money are often very disempowering.

You will encounter resistance, because your old belief system is fighting within your mind against the new concept of wealth and prosperity you want to project into your reality now. Taking action from this state of resistance will not bring forth your desired results.

Before taking action your new beliefs need to be fully integrated within you.

Use meditation to help you enter in a state of peace where you can freely express your desires based on your new belief system.  While in this state of peace, consciously create your wealthy life by using your imagination to manifest your most inner desires. Remember, this is your world, anything is possible! Practice creative visualization daily and keep adding details and good feelings as often as you can.

Step Three: The Power Of Free Will

Develop a mindset that tells every cell of your body that you are wealthy and that prosperity is yours now. Do not allow thoughts of lack, limitation to enter your mind.

You can easily observe how this Universe is very prosperous and abundant and how it can support everyone. Look at how the plants grow, how the birds nest and how wild animals thrive within their natural environment. Focus on that daily. Spending time in nature will help you connect to this planet's inner vital force. You can draw positive energy from this nourishing force. The difference between you and the wild animals in the park is that they do not question the abundance of this Universe.  Also, you have free will and the ability to choose. This is what sets you apart from them. You have the gift of choice!

Every day make the effort to look for good things to have, good feelings to experience, and good things to do for yourself and for others. Choose it!

When you observe scarcity in your reality, clearly affirm that, now that you are aware of this lack, you consciously choose to attract wealth and abundance for yourself and for everyone in your world. Utilize your thoughts and feelings of lack to guide you in what needs to be taken care of. Lack is positive when shows you what needs to be done!

If you see lack in your life and in the lives of those in your community, you can do something about it. When you focus on the concept of giving more, not just to yourself but also to those around you, your consciousness of abundance increases and expends. This returns you miracles!

Take action only when supported by the feeling of abundance and prosperity not from the feeling of lack.

Step 4: Gratitude Is Key

Be grateful for what you already have. You are already wealthy! You simple desire more wealth. In order to do this and speed up your manifesting wealth, write a gratitude journal for at least 30 days. Each day choose a minimum of 5 things you are grateful for. This is the best way I know to experience increased prosperity in a very short period of time. If each day seems too much for you, do it once a week, but do not miss out on this amazing technique to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life.

Keeping a gratitude journal helps you expand your feelings of gratitude and keeps you connected to the powerful forces of the Universe like The Law of Attraction.

If you have few things to be grateful for, simply write a list of all the things you desire to be grateful for. As far as the Universe is concerned they are one and the same because you are experiencing gratitude. What counts is the feeling you have in this very moment. Use your imagination as a tool to get to that beautiful feeling of prosperity.

Step 5: Nourish Your Spiritual Gifts

Charge your dreams by focussing your attention on them every day. Give attention to your intentions as often as possible. Nurture your dreams with positive energy, the energy that comes from your source.

Feed your intentions with loving energy using anything that triggers happiness and a sense of accomplishment within you. I like to use light, color, images, movement and sound. They keep me focussed and gives me a sense of expansion, which indicates that I am connecting to the Universe at a deeper energetic level.

Do not skip this step. Find some way to express your inner power of manifesting wealth by feeling connected to your source. The best way to take action in this area is to invest in yourself. You can do this by reading books, taking professional development classes, anything that helps you discover and develop your spiritual gifts.

Prosperity comes when you do what you love in accordance with your spiritual gifts and get paid for it!

Step 6: Leave Room For More

Expect to receive more than you dream possible, keep expending the possibilities of your reality. Remember, the Universe is constantly expending and creating room for more.

You need to feel in tune with this flow of constant manifestation and creation. It is not static, it will never be!

Dream and ask for more not just to enrich your life, but the life of others. The best way for you to help those in need is to become rich and wealthy yourself, serve as example, guide them and share your wealth.

Remember, this is a free will Universe where you create by choice. Make choices that are in alignment with your soul's path.

Step 7: For Your Highest Good

Realize that manifesting wealth is possible for your highest good and the highest good of all. Be open to enrich every area of your life. Financial wealth cannot be truly enjoyed if you do not have a healthy body and happy relationships with the people you love. Find your wholeness!

What is your highest good? I have had people asking me this question many times and the answer is within you, you have access to this information. Your highest good is simply becoming conscious of your inner spiritual gifts. When you align your life with your soul's gifts, you have achieved your highest good.

When you share your gifts with others, you are in alignment with their Highest Good. We are all manifesting our own divinity into this physical reality. When we all do that, we are in The Highest Good Of All.

Step 8: Don't Forget To Say Thank You!

Say thanks for every little thing you are able to obtain. When the Universe shows you abundance make sure to acknowledge it! If you see someone's driving the car you like, say: "that's exactly the car I want to drive, thank you for showing me my favourite car!" Never, ever be jealous of someone else having what you want. Jealousy is the most destructive energy force there is when it comes to manifesting wealth.

We do not say thank you often enough! Try to say thank with the vibration of your heart. Can you do that?

I like to do this simple thing that I call 'My Like List'. You can try it, too. Simple begin listing all the things that you like and love. The longer you can sustain a positive loving thought and feeling, the higher your vibration. The goal is to align your vibrational state to the things you want to attract or create.

Remember, according to The Law of Attraction, like attracts like! The more often you find ways to say thank you, the more thankful you become. Prosperity is built through sequences of small messages of thank you!

Step 9: Give Back To Yourself & Others

Give, give, give! The more you give, the more you will receive. Give with your heart and give to feel connected to the creative powers of the Universe.

Give a simple smile to an elderly person at the mall, give your time to volunteer for a worthy cause, make a donation to a charity that you like, say words of encouragement to your co-workers, give hugs and kisses to your family and friends. Find ways to share your positive energy with others each and every day.

Remember, you have plenty of spiritual energy to share! We all do, if we are in alignment with our own source!

Make sure not to give more to those in your life than you give to yourself. If you are already a giver, this may be your problem! If you are draining your energy stores by compassionately supporting others more than you love and support yourself, you need to consider a different approach.

Find time to pamper yourself and to treat yourself nicely to whatever small little luxury you feel drawn to. Create balance in the process of giving and receiving.

Step 10: Know When
To Take Action

Live in the moment: "Carpe Diem!" Live each day as if it were the most important day of your life. Today is full of manifesting potential. Wake up excited each and every day of your life, enthusiastic to manifest wonderful things for yourself and for others.

It is very important to release the past and let go of the negative feelings that it brings to your present because these feeling can create energy blocks that prevent you from fully manifest your desires. You need to realize that as the creative forces of the Universe keep expending, you also need to go with this constant flowing energy.

Manifesting wealth comes from a point of energy and spiritual power. Make a commitment each day to manifest wealth and abundance. Live your life with joy and surround yourself with wealthy things, healthy food, beautiful clothes, positive energetic people and live a life that matches your desires.

If you do this, you will be able to achieve anything you truly desire!

Ways To Get Help And Support

I realize that at times negative thoughts and self-doubt may come to you and that you may feel discouraged.

Please realize that everybody goes through this, even those who are experts! Do not despair, find ways to create a healthy environment in your mind that helps you focus and supports your manifesting potential.

Manifesting wealth in your life becomes sucessful when you turn it into a process that you implement every day. You need to work at it each and every day! Getting help and working with a professional spiritual teacher may be able to fast track your efforts.

For self-helpers, I recommend using Dream Manifesto. This software program keeps me focussed and inspired on what I do in my life, my career, my health and my relationships with others. It is easy, very affordable and fun to use, you will love it, too!

Many Blessings!

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