The Manifesting Process 

The manifesting process you use to manifest your life and to make your dreams come true is not different from your everyday thinking process.

It is how you use the power of your thoughts to create your desires to take form into your reality that makes you successful and happy about your life.

Your thoughts truly affect how you experience your reality and by changing your thoughts you can literally change your life. What you think and what you feel everyday shapes how you reality looks like.

How To Use The Manifesting Process To Change Your Life In 10 Easy Steps

According to the law of attraction you attract into your life what you focus your attention to either positive or negative. The content of your thoughts defines your manifesting power.

The power of manifesting is a process of your mind that is always working for you, even when you are not aware of it. Most people are known to manifest by default because they are completely unaware of this power.

When you deliberately chose to focus on certain thoughts that make you feel well, the manifesting process in your life becomes more and more effective and powerful.

Your Mind Has Higher Abilities You Do Not Even Use!

You have the power of manifestation; this is why you come into form. This is why your soul chooses to incarnate unto a physical life form. You are here in order to manifest your spiritual self into reality and experience life the way that you want to.

Most people are not consciously aware of their creative abilities; they use the manifesting process by default because it is innate in each human being since birth. But, they do not know how to use it with intention.

If you, like many on this planet, allow external influences to affect your thoughts and beliefs, you are not able to use your full potential and will never be able to fully express it!

If you believe that life events only occur randomly and that you are powerless and cannot change your life according to your desires, guess what? That's just what will happen!

You can only change your life and set the manifesting process in motion when you consciously decide that you are in charge. This also includes taking responsibility for what you have been experiencing so far: the good and the not so good!

By allowing your spiritual gifts to guide you, you will manifest abundance and prosperity for you to enjoy and experience in your life right now and for years to come.

When you respond to life events from your true self rather than from your conditioned self, you are allowing the manifesting process to activate within your mind, body and soul. Expect miracles!

Do not misuse this power, use it wisely!

There are a number of things you need to know and be able to apply in order to be successful at manifesting your life the way you desire. Here is a list of 10 important easy steps that when followed faithfully, will produce amazing results and will fast track your manifesting process.

1. Use Your Imagination with Trust

Using your imagination is the first step in the manifesting process. The imagination is the door to your higher awareness, what I like to call your Higher Self.

In your mind, see what you desire as if you already have acquired it.
Hold this thought and the image that is associated with it in your mind without interruption for as long as possible (at least for 2 minutes straight).

Trust that what you want is in the process of manifesting. Trust in your higher abilities and trust your spiritual self to help you visualize through your imagination everything you need for your highest good.

Close your eyes and sit quietly where you will not be disturbed. Make sure to turn off your cell phone and really allow yourself to be isolated from your current reality.

You are now connected to your higher powers that lie in a realm of pure energy. When you use your imagination you are literally awakening a part you your brain that you rarely use consciously. This is the link to your higher awareness of the universe.

Here is where all manifesting occurs and where you need to go to impress upon your subconscious mind what your true and deep desire is.

Make sure to be clear and detailed and make sure to feel happy about it. If you it feels like a chore, you are doing it wrong. It's supposed to be fun!

As you practice this technique every day, you will become more aware on how your beliefs shape your reality.

2. Believe That It Will Work for You

If your do not believe in the manifesting process, your negativity will create an energy block that will slow down or even halt your manifestation efforts. People often think that when something seems too easy, it probably will not work.

If you think this way too, it's because your beliefs system tells you that good things only happen after hard work.

This is just a conditioned belief (a limiting belief) that you may choose to release and let go. Change it to a new one that tells you that it is easy to manifest what you want.

If you believe that it is possible, it will be. You need to believe, you need to feel that what you desire is coming to you. Feel it deep inside and believe that it will work for you and that YOU deserve it!

3. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully accessing our higher mental powers. These beliefs are deep rooted and need to be removed with daily practice.

These limiting beliefs are the programs that run our behavior and are stored in our unconscious mind.

If you believe that in order to obtain something you want, you have to work hard, or try hard, it will be that way for you.

Shift your beliefs and begin to tell yourself that something you want should come easy to you because you are in tune with your desire.

Have you ever noticed how for some people everything seems to come so easily? It is that way because they believe that it will. They consciously or unconsciously are already using a manifesting technique and it is working!

When I meditate and visualize my dreams, I sometimes trust that the universe will bring me more than what I have asked for and amazing unexpected things always happen. Things I would have never imagined myself! I allow the power of the universe to bring me its infinite abundance and it always delivers in wonderful ways.

You see, as you experience limitation in your life, you tend to apply this limitation to your dreams and manifesting process by thinking "I will be content to have this or that." Don't! Don't limit your potential of manifesting more! You need to expand it instead.

Allow the universe to bring you more. Eliminate your self-imposed limits! Ask for more, dream more, share more, give more and receive more. Your thoughts are supposed to expend your reality, your experience. That's what your imagination is for. That's what you are meant to do.

I say "if you can think it, you can achieve it!" Think big! Say to yourself that not only you can think big, you should! This is what the universe wants. Unfortunately you have not been allowed to think this way until now and you might find it silly and think that it is nonsense.

Please, release this old way of looking at your reality and adopt this new conscious way of manifesting. If you do, manifesting miracles becomes normal. Also, make sure to apply this new concept to every area of your life: health, wealth, job/career, relationships, love, friendship, service to others, etc.

More to all and less to none!

4. Pay Attention to How You Feel

When you are focussing on something you want to manifest you need to feel good. You have to be able to create a very positive feeling associated with your thought of attracting what you want. These positive feelings create the vibrational match for your desire to manifest.

The manifesting process works in such a way that if the thought of something you want evokes a positive emotion, you will be able to attract it into your life much faster.

If you experience negative feelings, you need to change your thoughts and search for those that create a great sense of happiness, otherwise you will not be able to manifest with ease.

If you want to learn how your body responds to your though and feeling, I would recommend using Biofeedback Technology. This is a great way to achieve deeper relaxation and learn how to manage your thought and emotional patterns.

5. Be Grateful

My life experiences have taught me that gratitude is the most important key ingredient in manifesting our dreams, especially in manifesting wealth.

By feeling grateful for what you already have you attract more things to be grateful for. It is that simple and it works miracles.

What you need to do is to sit down, relax and find things in your life you are grateful for.

Try it for 30 days. Write a gratitude journal or a gratitude list.

Do not miss one day and then let me know what happens.

6. Be Consistent

If you do not do it all the time, you will fail. The manifesting process you set into place works as long as you focus on it. It is not an external process, it is part of you. It is a part of your mental and emotional state. If your attention shifts to something else, then something else will be manifested.

Each time you want to manifest something fast, focus on it for as long as possible. Avoid intruding negative emotions or doubt for at least a couple of hours and you will start to see signs that your manifestation process has been set into motion.

New ideas and new opportunity will simply manifest right away, within the same day.

I use Dream Manifesto software to help me stay focussed. This program is simply a tool where you select your images, your own-recorded voice with your intentions. You program your dream manifesto to come up on your computer while you are working to remind you about your goal.

This is the best way I know that helps me stay motivated and empowered while I consciously manifest my goals.

7. Make a Conscious Choice

In every moment, you have a choice about what you want and what you do not want.

If you don't exercise this power nothing that you desire will manifest in your life. The science of getting rich by Mr. Wattles explains this concept really well.

Do not worry about how you are going to achieve your goal. Simply believe that it will happen soon. Use this power intentionally and selectively.

8. Vibrational Match

Your thoughts are created in your brain, which has the ability to send out nerve impulses throughout your body.

When you think of something beautiful you will send out a positive vibration often associated with an emotion.

This positive emotional state is measurable in your physical body from a physiological point of view such as: lowered blood pressure, increased immune response and lowered cortisol levels.

A negative thought will trigger a negative emotion that can cause negative physiological body changes like high blood, pressure, high levels of stress hormone cortisol, and lowered immune response.

As your physical body responds to your thoughts with negative or positive emotions so does the universe.

The universe and you are not separated: you and the universe around you are connected. As you send out a positive vibration you will receive a positive outcome that matches your vibration.

Never visualize from a state of lack because you will attract more lack. When you think of achieving your dream, you should be able to feel a positive emotion that is the vibrational match to your desire.

9. Keep It Simple

Many people get into complicated ways to activate the process of manifesting their dreams. Keep it simple, keep it as natural as possible.

Remember, you are born with this power, it is in you already. Use it with simplicity, just like a child uses it to play pretend. That's it!

If you feel inspired to take action do so, do not ask yourself questions, simply do it! Just go onto the next step and then the next and continue until you reach your goal.

10. Allow It

I have seen this happening to me and to others many times. Wonderful things happen but they go away or do not last. This is when you say: "I can't believe it happened to ME!"

If you say so, you are not ready to receive your desire; you are creating doubt and negativity. Don't do it! Be grateful that you have it. Say: "Thank you!"

I find that most people have difficulty manifesting money because they think that they do not deserve it and cannot allow it to come.

Follow The Process Of Manifesting

You might think that the manifesting process is difficult and that takes time because you have experienced that every time you did something you cared about, you had to work hard and you had to wait.

The truth is, you have set out those expectations yourself, which you then have experienced.

If you see a mature apple on an apple tree, you are going to pick it and eat it. Right?

Some people may say, it is too high for me to go, it will take hard work to climb the tree.Others will say, I have to wait until the apple is more mature, this will take time.

These are all excuses, you need to go and get the apple, the apple is there for you, that's what you are expected to do.

Once you have set the manifesting process into motion, you need to follow it, you need to keep moving forward, you will be shown the way one step at the time. Trust it without judgement.

Look for things in life that you can achieve and that are right in front of you. Ask yourself: "What can I do today to move forward in manifesting my dream?" Follow your inner guidance. Staying in the creative plane is key to being successful.

Keep moving forward as you stay focused on your dream. At the end of the journey you will find yourself at the top of the tree eating your apple without even realizing how you got there.

This is the way the manifesting process works!

Many Blessings!

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