Manifesting Money Quickly In 10 Easy Steps

Manifesting money with The Law Of Attraction can only be accomplished if you learn how to control your thoughts so that you are focusing your attention on abundance, rather than scarcity and lack.

The Law Of Attraction is a universal spiritual law that is always active, even if you are not aware of it or decide not to learn how it works. There is a spiritual aspect of many manifesting money that is often ignored. What value do you give to money at a soul level? What value does having more money give you as a spiritual being? 

I like to put this into a spiritual perspective because it really changes the energy feeling that the concept of manifesting money brings you. You know by know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience in a physical reality.

This is your choice. You have chosen to come here and incarnate into a physical being and experience you life. This is your life purpose, there is nothing more than this!

Money is a spiritual tool that fuels your soul's ability to have a full experience within this physical plane. Money is nothing more than a form of energy exchange that exists in this plane of reality. You chose to engage in this energy exchange every time you go to the grocery store to buy the things you need to survive.

Now, that you are consciously aware that it is your choice to use money as a form of energy exchange within your life experience, you are can decide consciously what money really means to you.

Formulate you Money Statement. Everybody has a money stamen embedded deep inside their mind. Which one is yours and does it serve you well?

Manifesting Money

Now that you know what money energetically means to you, you are ready to use The Law Of  Attraction:

1. Ask For Steady Increasing Amounts Of Money

Manifesting money can be very easy if you begin by trying to manifest small amounts of money. The system that works for me is to ask for small, but recurrent and increasing amounts of money.

The result will be a steady flow of income that keeps growing and growing overtime.
This makes me feel in control. It also works well because I can handle small setback easily. I also feel more relaxed with no pressure what so ever because it is easier to conceive smaller, but increasing amount of money that large ones all of a sudden! This helps bypass all your doubts and insecurities.

Do not limit yourself to receive money one time, make it a long lasting event! In fact, the process of manifesting money continues to grow and grow each and every day once you begin focussing on it.

Truly, the amount you chose does not make a difference to the universe, but you may feel more comfortable in believing that you can manifest a small amount with smaller increments over time. Each sentence you affirm about money has a vibrational signature. Make sure it is in tune with your highest good and the highest good of all.

Money is energy and to the universe one thousand and one million is the same, but you can break down one million dollars in such a way that your energy and vibration at this point in time is in tune with it. This allows you to bypass any resistance your belief system may bring to the table.

Pick a sum of money that you feel comfortable receiving and make it grow!

2. Formulate Your Intention Clearly

You need to formulate a sentence that describes your intention of manifesting money in a very clear way. Make sure you feel energetically in tune with this sentence. If you don't, it will be hard to manifest.

I like to use words at the end  of my sentence that go like this: more and more, or each and every day. I also use the sentence: for the highest good of all, or in its own perfect time, or in a very relaxed manner.

Here are some examples on how to formulate a manifesting money intention:

1. I receive increasingly amounts of monetary intake each and every day from known and unknown sources.

2. I now willingly allow financial wealth to grow by _ _% every and each month.

3. A steady income of money is coming my way from many sources.

4. I can feel my abundance growing daily.

5. I earn $$$$$$ dollars a month by 20_ _ .

6. Money is energy that increases steadily as I attract into my life.

3. Eliminate Blocks When Manifesting Money

If you have never used your intention to manifest money, you may have some conflicting beliefs as to whether this is even possible. Having conflicting beliefs will potentially block or considerably slow down your outcome.

The following are examples of negative beliefs that may prevent you from manifesting money:

1. It's difficult to make money.
2. I have to work hard for money.
3. Money is in short supply.
4. I should save money for a rainy day.
5. Money doesn't make you happy.
6. Money is the root of all evil.
7. I never win anything.
8. Monifesting money is only for spiritual gurus.

You may have these type of believes that have programmed your mind from past experiences and come from your cultural and family background.

Getting rid of these negative beliefs on money is vital to open your consciousness to obtaining abundance and be able to actually manifest money.

You need to re-program your brain to substitute your old believes to new ones that serve you better.

If this is your problem, Dream Manifesto can help you.

When manifesting money, use powerful affirmations such as these:

  1. I willingly allow money to easily flow into my life.
  2. I attract situations and events which help me make more money.
  3. I love money and the good it can do.
  4. I am prosperous and money flows into my life easily.
  5. Money is energy and energy moves freely in the universe.
  6. This universe has plenty for everyone.
  7. I am doing what I love and money comes to me easily.
  8. I share money with those in need.
  9. I use money as a source of good for myself and others.
  10. I am grateful for all the money I have.
  11. The power of manifesting money is within me.
  12. I express my soul's divine gifts in abundant ways

4. Practice 10 Minutes Of
Meditation Daily

Manifesting money comes easily as you practice meditation and relaxation while saying the above affirmations.

Spend time each day thinking about your intention to manifest more money into your life. You need to achieve a state of deep relaxation in order to fully tap into the manifesting power of your subconscious mind.

Find a quite time and for 10 minutes practice a money manifesting meditation:

Manifesting Money Meditation

1. Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight or lie on your bed if you prefer.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. In your mind's eye see a soft golden light gently approaching you. This golden light represent your inner guidance. This is the guidance that comes from your Higher Self and knows everything about you.

4. Pay attention to your breathing and make sure it is slow and steady.

5. Breathe with your abdominal muscles. Use relaxation breathing here to reach a deep state of peace. Let all the tension in your body go away.

6. As you breathe in this soft golden light, allow it to enter the top of your head through your crown chakra area. Now, using your breath, move the golden light through all of the energy centers of your body: crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus, base chakra and root chakra.

7. Allow the light to completely envelop you as if you were inside a cocoon of loving golden light.

8. Feel loved, secure, guided and protected and most of all feel relaxed.

9. Breathe gently the soft golden light and allow it to permeate every cell and every organ of your body as this light brings you love, healing and a peaceful sense of soothing relaxation.

10. Ask the light to help you manifest your financial abundance and manifest money energies into your reality and life experience.

11. Imagine the light bringing prosperity and money to you. Ask the light how you can manifest money for your highest good in such a way that your soul's divine gifts can be utilized.

12. In your mind's eye see yourself holding a certain amount of money, notice how this increases steadily as you hold a feeling of gratitude in your heart. Ask the Golden Light to give you a message. Listen to this message. Thank the light for showing you infinite possibilities of how you can make more money.

13. Thank the light for bringing you hope, love and abundance, knowing that you will be guided to achieve your goals in manifesting money soon.

14. As the soft golden light leaves your body, feel the renewed hope for financial success and abundant energy that it has brought to your consciousness and consciously choose to manifest this energy into your life.

15. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready to end this meditation.

Write down any idea, vision or message that you receive during this meditation.

Repeat this meditation daily for 21 days straight. If you miss one day, start over. After your meditation, write down any ideas or visions that you were able to receive from your inner divine guidance.

This meditation will help you if you feel like you need additional help and energy to take an important decision or if you get stuck on a project and need hep in figuring out how to improve your situation. Use this meditation with any type of manifesting.

5. Give it Emotional Positive Energy

Like everything in this universe money is energy and energy flows freely. This principle is the reason why you can manifest money at will simply by putting out an intention and following your inner guidance. 

Your intention is like a little seed, it needs to be nurtured so that it can sprout and grow. Therefore, you need to give it energy.

The more you focus on your intention, the more energized it becomes. Use creative ways to help you hold your intention to manifest money for as long as possible by writing it down, posting it on a wall, reciting it aloud, memorizing it.

Visualizing it happening and feel grateful for your creative abilities.

The best way I know to energize your intentions is to put them into action every day!

6. Allow It To Come To You

Allow the universe to handle the details, and don't be concerned with how the money will manifest. Just focus on the intention by taking guided action. When you receive small amounts of money, do not try to justify it rationally, just be thankful and believe that your intention of manifesting money is finally happening. Slowing in time, you will manifest larger and larger amounts.

To make this process faster,  say the following affirmations:

  • I allow myself to receive financial abundance on constant and continues bases.
  • I align myself to receiving money now.
  • Money flows easily to me as I allow myself to be prosperous.
  • I receive and I give in perfect balance.
  • My awareness of becoming abundant increases steadily each day as does the money I receive.
  • I am thankful for the abundant life I am living.
  • I welcome abundance and riches into my life.
  • Money brings me the joy to share with those I love.
  • Monifesting money is easy to me.

7. Be Open To Possibilities

Pay attention to the shift. If you have successfully bypassed all the negative believes concerning manifesting money, and have taken guided action, you will feel the shift inside of you.

You will feel like this is working. You also will start to receive guidance from unexpected sources telling you to do something or go somewhere. Stay on the lookout for unusual coincidences and new opportunities that may come into your life. Be open to new possibilities.

When feel guided to take action, do not miss the opportunity!

Manifesting money is, as far as I am concerned, a spiritual process in the beginning, but then it becomes a material one, where you have to set up ways from which your money will come to you. It's from spirit that you draw your inspiration to begin and to continue manifesting money, but it's in the material world that things manifest.

If you get the idea or have a feeling about starting a new business, do that! Please, do not think that this is impossible; in fact, many people have done it before you. Everybody has to start somewhere. It is not where you begin your journey that counts, it is the journey itself that enriches you.

As you become expert in manifesting small amounts of money, it is time to go beyond your comfort zone. The only way you can create more for yourself is by the willingness to go beyond the limits of your mind.

If you stay within your frame of reference, you cannot create more. Look at your life. What you see is what you can create within the frame of reference you are using right now. Be open to more possibilities by expanding your frame of reference, be willing to change and go in the direction  you need to in order to manifest what you want.

8. Believe You Deserve it

When manifesting money, ask yourself: "Do I deserve this money?" If you feel that you deserve it and feel no resistance when you answer, "Yes" to that question, then you'll be able to attract money easily. If not, you have a problem! If deep inside of you do not believe that you deserve financial abundance, you will fail no matter how much work you do.

You need to work on the issue of deserving money and abundance. Before setting the intention to receive money, you need to set the intention of deserving abundance in your life.

You need to heal this aspect of your life as soon as possible. When you feel undeserving to money you need to dig deeper inside and try to figure out why you have this belief about yourself.

If this is hard to to, begin by feeling grateful for what you already have.
Use Wild Divine biofeedback game technology to train your mind and emotions to feel completely at ease with yourself and resolve any internal conflicts you may have.

9. Play Pretend

I have used this exercise many times and it works so well. I discovered this trick with my kids. Every time we go grocery shopping we play the "by what you want game".
I give an imaginary amount of money to each one to spend in whatever they want.
This game is fun for the kids because they get to check out the toys and talk about why they like them so much and it is great for me because I do not have to spend money unecesserily and I do not have to put up with screaming children, when I say "no you can't have it today."

After playing this game for a number of months, one day while cleaning up the toys I realized that the very same toys they had bought with their pretend money actually manifested into their lives as present by friends and family. They got all the toys they wanted!

This showed me how the law of attraction works so well for those, like kids, who know how to play make believe.

They never questioned, not even once, the entire process; they simply trusted me, enjoyed themselves and had fun doing it!

Try to apply the same principle by allowing yourself to go pretend shopping. Enjoy yourself and trust that it will soon be manifesting money and anything you need.

10. Create A Wealthy Mindset

When manifesting money make sure to think as if you were already rich.
If you do not have a wealthy mindset you need to create one by changing your vocabulary and using only words of prosperity, wealth, abundance and gratitude.
When you catch yourself saying something like "I do not have enough money", change your mind set and say : "There is plenty of money for everyone."

When you focus on lack more of that will come your way, when you focus of gratitude more to which be grateful of will come your way. If you want to be rich, think like a rich person!

Always Be Grateful!

If you find a penny, pick it up and say thank you then give it so someone else. Give money regularly to a charity or a cause that you feel close to. Find a way to donate something on a regular bases, even if it is a few dollars. Show the universe that your life is abundant and then say to yourself: "I have enough money to share with those who need it more than I do."

Let go of your fear and anxiety about lack of money by feeling grateful all the time. Remember that these feelings are complete opposites of the feelings that allow abundance into your life.

The more stressed and fearful you feel, the less money you will allow! Why? Because in a stressful or fearful state you are not aligned vibrationally with the essence of your soul, which is always abundant.

By relaxing into the flow of limitless abundance, you become part of its energy!

Happy Manifesting!

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