Manifesting Miracles Is a
Conscious Act of Creation

Manifesting miracles in a conscious way to make things happen. This is only possible when you connect with your divine nature in accordance to the spiritual laws of the Universe. Your results in the physical world are an exact image of your inner world: your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. Take a look around: "what you see is a mirror image of what your inner self looks like!"

If you don't like what you see, you need to change the way you are inside.
Many people I know are unhappy with their life, their physical body, their financial possessions, their relationships, but never bother to look inside.

How are you inside? How do you feel? What do you think? Are you in tune with your inner world? If not, the Law of Attraction can show you how to manifesting miracles in your life simply by focussing on your inner powers.

Limiting Beliefs

To be successful in manifesting miracles, you also need to release your current limiting belief system, your current materialistic cultural influences, and your negative family conditioning from your past. We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from truly believe that a miracle is possible for us.

We live in a world that creates false illusions, we are lead to believe that in order to be happy we need to have material possessions, that we need to be successful, that we need to be popular.

These things are fine, but do they really make you happy? What truly makes you happy is something that you feel deeply inside and that gives you passion, energy and never makes you afraid.

If you had negative experiences in your past that lead you to form a certain negative belief about having health, wealth, and happiness, make sure that this belief is not hindering your manifesting attempts right now.

Limiting believes come in all shapes and sizes and are so prevalent that you may not be aware that you have them. They were formed when you were just a baby or a child, or even come from a past life as imprint.

Unfortunately they are buried in your subconscious mind, you may not be fully aware of having them, but still unconsciously act as if they were true for you. These are the software programs that run your behaviours in this life.

Here are some examples:

  • If you believe that in order to earn more money you have to work harder, guess  what? It will be that for you!
  • If you believe that when you are sick, only a medical professional can help you, guess what? It will be that for you!
  • If you believe that in order to have a happy relationship you have to be goodlooking, guess what? It will be that for you!
  • If you believe that only rich people can be successful, guess what? It will be that for you!

You get the idea...

You chose to believe in your own limits, even if you did not choose them in the first place. You still accepted them and chose to believe them as your truth.  You also have the choice to make new statements about your career, health, abundance and relationships. Choose new statements that re-write your beliefs, making sure they are more empowering and that are in alignment with who you are at soul level.

The Source of Manifesting Miracles

A perfect spiritual copy of the entire Universe is present within you. You hold the perfect holographic copy of the Universe within your hearth chakra, the energy centre located in your chest area.

The universe is neither outside or inside of you, it's both. Manifesting miracles is possible when you realize that what you create inside comes forth in your outer reality.

The source of manifesting miracle is within your spirit. You are a spiritual being that is manifesting each and every single moment.

In order to survive in this world you have been given many biological traits that allow you to experience a physical existence.  This is just one aspect of who you truly are. This is just one part of you, there is a lot more about yourself than just your body!

You can continue to survive by default, like most people on this planet do or you can chose to life a conscious spiritual experience in your body. Your body is the vehicle of your soul, your energy source. It is from this point of energy that manifesting miracles becomes possible.

Thought Power in Manifesting Miracles

Your thoughts are energy form that can transmute into physical form. Your intentions shape the reality you experience. Your body is the instrument that allows your spiritual self to interact with a physical world.

You are a free agent in the universe and are given the divine power to manifest a life of your likings, a life that serves your spiritual purpose of grow and development.

Your job is to come forth into form and experience a fully harmonious life. It is your birth right!

Everything in the universe is in perfect harmony, when you are in tune with the harmony of the universe, you tap into a creative force that is all-giving and pure manifesting power.

Become one with the creative powers of the universe! The universe always supports your desires and dreams. Based on the law of conscious manifestation it always feeds your thoughts and needs.

You will never go hungry, the universe is aware of everything, you are not separated from the universe, you are part of it.

Nothing on this universe works in isolation, we are all connected, we are One from an energy point of you.

When you meditate and reach a deep sate of self-awareness you become one with the universe of which you are already part of and its creative powers, which you already possess. When you unleash this power you can make anything happen.

Manifesting Miracles Is An Act Self-Awakening

Meditation is necessary in order to go into a state where your mind releases the limits of the human condition. The limitations of your body are necessary, so that you can see the uniqueness of your reality, so that you can identify yourself with yourself and separate yourself from the others.

But as far as creating, manifesting and thought is concern, you need to go directly to your source energy being, your soul. You can only create and manifest from a point of pure energy, not from a point of matter.

This is what the universal law says: You create from heaven toward hearth, from spirit to matter, from unseen to seen.

Manifesting Miracles Is Only Possible If You Believe That It Is Possible

A miracle is often defined as a highly improbably event. An event is considered to be miraculous when it is unexpected, when all the laws known to human science cannot explain it.  Another way to define a miracle is by calling it a synchronicity!

When something happens and you did not expected, when you meet the right person that can help you, when you find yourself at the right place at the right time, when you have the courage to do something and succeed.

All these events are often considered "miraculous," but are they? As far as the universe is concerned, they are simple events that result from matching the energy vibration of your thoughts.

What You Call A Miracle Is Simply The Law Of Attraction At Work

The Law of Attraction works this way: "You attract into your life what you are a vibrational match to". This law is often referred to as the attractive or magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.

Miracles happen when you are in harmony with the universe and capable of tapping into its powerful guiding source. You are in tune with it in such a way that you follow its guidance without doubt or limitation. People are manifesting miracles everyday.

Miracles often happen when people say: "I had nothing to lose, so I tried it and a miracle happened!"

This is when you finally surrender to your destiny, you allow the creative forces within you to manifest through you. You become an instrument to the universal law of attraction.

That Is What Many Call Faith

Having faith is the most powerful gift anyone can have when manigesting miracles.

When you ask for a miracle with faith, you let go and surrender to God or your higher consciousness.

Your ego gets out of the way and your inner power is free to rise. You do not control how the miracle will happen, you simply make yourself available to receive it.

Remember that manifesting miracles always happens easily and effortlessly, you only need to work with the universal law of attraction and not against it. Follow you inner guidance even if it tells you to do something unconventional.

Trust and have faith and be grateful for your inner abilities to listen to your source and your deep connection with the universe and its laws. They never fail!

Manifesting Miracles The Easy Way

1. Set your intention, make sure that it is in tune with your inner essence or life purpose. This is not so difficult to do. Simply state how you truly want to experience your reality.

2. Trust that your intention has been recorded by the universe and it is coming your way.

3. Accept with humility and gratitude the guidance and opportunities that the universe will put in front of you.

4. Allow the power within you to connect to the creative powers of the universe, accept your unlimited potential, allow the miracle to manifest into form.

5. Do not rash things, just enjoy the journey, you have nothing to lose! Detach yourself from the outcome, know that you will be supported and guided all the way.

6. If you feel stuck, do not give up. Keep trying.

Find ways to increase your spiritual powers through menditation, affirmations, and Biofeedback.

Having the right tools, the right people around you often makes manifesting miracles so much easier. Your mind is a powerful manifesting instrument, your body has incredible healing abilities, and your emotions are you guiding system.

When something feels right, you know you have manifested change, you know you are moving in the right direction. Keep working toward your vision and manifesting miracles will become a natural process of life.

Happy Manifesting!

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