Manifesting Children And Love

by Sher

Manifesting Children and Love

Manifesting Children and Love

Will I be with the man Kyon who truly loves me ?and be married and have a family?


Dear Sher,

We cannot tell you what you do not know already in your heart. It is not a matter of knowing in advance if you will marry Kyon and have children with him. What matters is what your heart is telling you.

You see, our job is not to predict your future because we believe that you are powerful and you can create the life experience that you love and want. You decide your future and you make your destiny through choice. Our job is to empower you to make decisions based on your life purpose and in alignment with your soul.

When it comes to relationships you need to understand that when two souls come together, both have to take decisions together. You create your future together and your soul's plan become one.

You and Kyon have to be sure about what you both want for each other. Setting clear intentions is how you will achieve your dreams.

Enter in a state of deep meditation and ask yourself the same question you are asking us and listen and wait for the answer.

The answer will come from your Higher Self.

We sense a deep feeling of insecurity and need for confirmation for something you already know deep inside of you.

To help you meditate and find your answer we give you the word "peace."

As you go deeper and deeper into you heart center you will find the knowledge you are seeking and you will find peace.

Use intention. You are not using intentions with purpose. Connect to your Higher Self to gain wisdom on what your next step in life should be.

You may be at cross roads in your life right now, that's why you are asking this question. You are actually very close to making a breakthrough.

Keep moving forward, you are so close. If you resist, you will prolong your ability to collect the benefits of the work you have been doing so far.

All you have to do to manifest what you truly desire in your heart is to: Make a request to your Higher Self and Ask for what you want.

Your asking is the catalyst for the universe to clear the way for your manifestation. Visualize what you desire for your life and take guided action in the direction of your heart.

In the next couple of days listen to your inner guidance, ideas, inner words, visions, and dreams. Now that you have open yourself up to receiving spiritual guidance, you will be receiving more and more support as you need it.

We send healing energy to your heart chakra to dispel any feeling of doubt, insecurity or need for confirmation.

Many Blessings!

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