Manifest Your Potential: Tap Into Your Genius, Live Your Life Purpose, Be Happy!

You are brilliant; you are a majestic human being with genius capacity. You may not be aware of your capacity and probably you even think that you are not smart enough. This can be further away from the truth.

Did you know that 99% of babies operate at genius capacity during the first 18 months of their life? Unfortunately by the time they are five years old, only 22% of children operate at genius capacity and by the time they turn twenty, only 2% of young adults operate at genius capacity.

What happens to their mental faculties? Do they lose them because they are not encouraged to use them?

You cannot lose your mental faculties, they will always be there. You can always use them when you chose to do so. But if you are not encouraged to use them since childhood, you do not even know they are in you. It's a latent power stored within you that remains undiscovered.

Use Your Inner Powers

If you do use your inner power, you may do so sporadically only in extraordinary situations without even thinking about it and then you go back to your low level capacity, which is where you have been taught to operate from. You go back to the comfort zone of your ego.

I believe that there is a correlation between losing your genius capacity and developing your ego. Children by the age of 5 are pretty much egoless or their little egos are just learning how to navigate in the reality they are in.

By the time you are six, all your subconscious programming is done and you are now a perfectly limited being ready to tackle a limited life into a limited world.

What are you not using your inner power?

You are like a Ferrari that can go over 300 kilometer per hour reaching zero to 100 km/h in  only 3 seconds, but if you drive along at regular highway speed limit, you only drive it at 110 kilometers per hour. What a waste! All that power cannot be really used. In order to drive at the proper speed you have to take it to a race track and test its true potential.

You have genius power inside of you that will remain unused for your entire life unless you decide to take it to the race track and test it. You have to be the one to turn on your engine and let the power roar.

Know Your Greatness

Children when they are about five years old and ready to start going to school, where they are told how to learn and what to learn. It seems to me that learning and studying takes the genius out of us! I may be exaggerating, but do not be quick to dismiss this hypothesis.

You have many mental faculties that allow you to compile information from the external world. These faculties are sensory based because they facilitate your ability to communicate with the external reality. They are: auditorial, kinesthetic, visual, tactile, perceptive, etc.

You also have mental faculties that allow you to perceive and gather information from the internal world. Theses faculties allow you to communicate with your inner reality and draw knowledge from Source. They are: intuition, imagination, willpower, memory, purpose, awareness, insight, etc.

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
— Albert Einstein

Let Go Of Self-Limiting Images Of Yourself

When you are preoccupied with achieving excellence in your life you forget that you are a genius already and shut down your capacities to function at the genius level. You distance yourself from your true essence as a human being. You are much greater than you think and you are more mentally powerful than you believe to be.

You spend all your school years trying to become what you already are, instead of just being it! Your mental faculties are ready to be used right from the start. You are perfect right out of the box!

Babies know that, but we carve their genius right out of them when we send them to school. We tell them that they are imperfect and we tell them in order to gain a small percentage of what they already have in unlimited quantities they have to study hard, work hard, and spend lots of time doing that!

Why do you think the rate of learning disabilities is increasing over the years at exponential rate? Can you teach a genius to be less of a genius? It’s insane to say the least.

Re-Connect To Your Soul Potenital

I believe that the new souls coming into this planet are the teachers. They are advanced souls coming to teach as a new way of life. Coming to bring innovation!

In our society we believe that as children we are students and as we grow we become the teachers. Spiritually speaking, it's the other way around. When we come into this reality, we are the new energy, the new spirits, the new teachers and as we grow we become the students.

Why do you suppose it's so hard for people to find their life purpose and to find happiness? Spiritual gurus say that when we come into this incarnation, we forget our plan and that’s the way it is supposed to be, because we are imperfect beings and we need to redeem our past mistakes.

Pleases, believe me when I say: “That’s not how it works!”

We don’t forget the plan; we always know what the plan is. Ask any child under the age of 5?

We simply get scared of fulfilling it because in order to do so we have to operate at the genius capacity. That’s why we are here and that’s what we are meant to be.

Find Your Genius & Live Your Purpose 

If you are in search of your life purpose, get in touch with your genius and operate from that level. You will not only find your life purpose you will manifest your brilliance!

Your soul makes an inventory of what it needs in order to navigate in your society and finds that the genius level not only is not necessary, but also not recommended if you want to fit in. People are not encouraged to be their best, they are encouraged to fit in the best they can.

The external voice of judgment and criticism coming from parents and social environments creates limitation and limiting beliefs are established as a form of self-definition.

What happen is very simple; you denature your spiritual side in order to fit into your human side. When you begin to doubt yourself, there is no room for inspiration, imagination, insight and brilliance.

You begin to question yourself and your faculties. You choose to look into other peoples' eyes for who you are. You no longer know what’s best for you. You look for approval to be yourself and you look for permission to be who you want to be outside of yourself.

You give your external abilities that are there only to give you feedback all the power to tell who you are. You define yourself from what others think and adjust your inner feelings to that.

You use your willpower not to manifest your dreams and your greatness but to conform and comply with the external reality.

The external reality is there only to give you feedback. It’s a learning tool!

You have genius capacities in you! It is through those faculties that you power your dreams in life.

Be the genius you were meant to be. Find the diamond inside of you; polish this diamond and make it shine!

Many Blessings!


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