Love Your Soul
Channelled Message

Dearest Beloved,

Is it possible to know True Love?

There is no other person in the world that you will learn to Know and Love better than yourself.

You often say that you want to know and understand others, but it is actually through others that you get to know yourself.

Meditate on this ...

Everything starts from within.

Your feelings are your guide.

Feelings of love, peace and joy indicate that you are in perfect harmony with your Soul.

Feelings of lack, doubt and fear indicate that you are not in tune with your soul.

If you believe that your feelings are about circumstances and people you meet in life, you have the wrong point of view.

If you say:

"My job makes me unhappy," and you think your job is the cause of your unhappiness, you are making a mistake.

Instead, remember that the unhappiness your job causes you to experience is the tool that shows you that you are not in tune with your soul.

Or if you think that your job is wonderful and therefore you are afraid of losing it because you think that without your job you cannot be happy, remember that it is not your job that determines your happiness but it is only the tool that allows you to align to your soul.

If you think that the person you love is the source of your happiness, you have the wrong point of view.

The love that a person sparks in you is simply the tool that allows you to enter into communion with your soul.

If you think you had a difficult childhood and that it is the cause of your unhappiness, remember that there is no person or circumstance in control of your feelings.

You Are ...

You are the only true support you can give yourself.

The others are just wonderful tools that life has put on your path:

So, Love them for that!

Love experienced in its highest state is the way back to Soul Union.

This love becomes free from all conditions and attachments.

So that in the person you love you can recognize your Soul Counterpart.

That's True Love.

The job of your true love is to lead you back to your Soul.

Many Blessing!


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