Light Energy Clearing eCourse

Learn How To Release Your Mental and Emotional Blocks

Do you want to learn how to clear and release your own mental and emotional blocks and master your energy? You are in the right place!

The Light Energy Clearing eCourse is designed to help you improve the way you handle your thoughts and emotions, through a process of 12 self-clearing sessions.

Most of your mental and emotional blocks come from the internal energy you create on a daily basis. Everything you thought or did about your sense of self gets stored in you and played out in your current reality.

In order to grow personally and achieve your life goals, you have to change your internal thoughts, feelings and ideas about yourself and your life’s journey.

I have taught thousands of people to use these tools and people report back astonishing results.

Consider this… if you don’t change your reality about yourself now…then when?

If you keep doing the same actions, no benefit comes to you in the form of new abundance, new relationships and better health!

Join me…I want to help you get over your limiting blocks!

Session 1: Clearing Inner Resistance

Session 2: Clearing Inner Doubt

Session 3: Clearing  Indecision

Session 4: Clearing Inner Fears

Session 5: Clear Self-Blame

Session 6: Clearing Self-Sabotage

Session 7: Clearing Past Failures

Session 8: Clearing Family Programming 

Session 9: Clearing Low Self-Esteem

Session 10: Clearing Humiliation

Session 11: Clearing Inner Conflict

Clearing 12: Clearing Self-Abuse

Bonus 1: Clearing Unhealthy Cords

Bonus 2: Clearing Past Pacts, Vows & Curses

Buns 3: Clearing You Blocks To Self-Healing

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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