7 Life Energy Strategies For Empaths

Empaths and highly sensitive people have very special needs when it comes to mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Empaths often feel emotional, mental and physical stress that comes from the environment around them. They can also absorb a great deal of emotions from other people because they have a very loose sense of self and their energetic boundaries. This is not a weakness, but a strength if used with awareness. Before awareness is reached, the empath may feel very vulnerable.

The empath has the ability to read and sense the energies in the world. If you are an empath you do this through your emotions. This spiritual gift is called clairsentiance. You may tend to get confused about what emotions belong to you and which you have absorbed from others or your environment.  

If this behavior is left unchecked, it can lead to disease, emotional, mental and physical burn out.

Let's talk about what you can do to manage your energy in a healthy way.

1. Avoid Serving Others Before Yourself

If you are an empath you always serve or care for those around you before you care for yourself. You are so good at putting your needs to the side in order to make everybody happy, that you are not even aware of you doing it.

There is nothing wrong in the desire to serve others. In fact, this is a sign of a highly evolved soul and it is a positive indication that you are on your right path in life. BUT for you as an ampath, the learning is not to be more loving and caring to humanity, but to YOURSELF. 

To the empath, self care and self-nurturing feels selfish. In reality this is something they are here to learn and acquire as a new skill. While the rest of humanity is taught to be less selfish, the empath needs to learn how to take care of the Self. 

This can be very confusing for empath children, as they tend to make themselves smaller in order to be at service to others. 

The best skill you can develop is the awareness of how much you can realistically give to others and how much you need to give to yourself.

"If you feel tired, say so and do not agree to help somebody else. If your friends or family will complain or criticize you, say: I am sorry but I can`t." 

If you feel guilty (and you will), tune into this emotion and released it before it becomes a problem.

2. Avoid Overcaring

You do seem to attract needy people, or people who seem to need your help, care and support all the time. The truth is, you attract them because you feel good when you can be helpful. Often time you do get carried away and tend to over do it. Careful though, because you may be crossing boundaries.

Empaths complain that people do not respect their boundaries but they also do it without awareness. If you over-care for somebody, you are stepping over their boundaries, as well. make sure to keep a balance. 

If you complain that people are not respecting your boundaries, check yourself and look for places where you do it in the other direction.

Over-caring may bring you karmic consequences and if you are a friend, parent, spouse or sibling, you are putting yourself in a very tight situation. You are dis-empowering the person you care for. You are teaching them to depend on you and not on themselves.

3. Set Clear Rules And Follow Them

As an empath you need to have rules on how you relate to people, especially if you feel that people are taking advantage of your kindness. You may in fact experience the following:

  • Because others take so much from you, you often feel drained of energy and extremely tired. When you feel tired you need to rest and do what you need to do to tend to your needs.
  • People unload all of their pain and problems on you. Because you are an empath, you feel compelled to help, even to your own detriment. Avoid doing activities with people that do not support your well-being and excuse yourself from these types of conversations.
  • If someone close to you is sick or depressed, you may even develop the same condition. Learn how to shield yourself from negative emotions of others. Know that you have your own life path and they have theirs. You have your learning and they have theirs.
  • You know when people are lying: all you need to do is look at their faces or listen to their tone of voice, and you know instantly whether or not they are telling the truth. This may make you feel responsible. You feel as if you are the one doing it. Know that you are not responsible for other people choices. If they are lying, it`s their choice to do so. Do not feel responsible for them. And most importantly do not judge them. 
  • Violence on TV upsets you. When you watch tragic images of world events, you feel emotionally compromised. I would be tempted to tell you to avoid looking at these images at all costs, but I also know that this will not help you. When you are avoiding something that is potentially around you constantly, you use too much energy. The best road is to train yourself in not being affected by that. Avoidance is a sign of weakness. Choose to be strong and aware. You can be at choice of what you allow into your energy.

4. Stop Complaining

Complaining is a typical trait in people who are highly sensitive and empathic. I do it all the time! I always have to catch myself from this behavior.

Complaining for an empath is a broadcast message to the world for help! Unfortunately, nobody listens! When you complain you are actually asking for support, understanding and care in the wrong way.

When you complain you tend to create a very dense energy around you that vibrates in your energy field causing you to attract more things to complain about. There is also the risk of falling into the victim role and that is energetically not advisable. 

5. Avoid Isolation

Ampaths tend to isolate themselves because the world out there is too emotionally loud. You probably pick up on all the distress. If this is the case, know that you can choose to turn on and off your empathic gift. 

If you isolate yourself from the world you cut yourself off the life force energy that is needed by your body to create your life and thrive in this world. If you are here, it is because you can be part of the world. 

The world needs you and your gift. If you isolate yourself you do a dis-service to your soul and those who will be happy to be around you.

Find ways to be in environments that make you feel happy and support you growth and personality.

6. Take Action

Taking action is so hard for empath because they fear being successful. The number one fear of an empath is fear of being great and been praised and loved by others. This is because they fear that the spot light will drain their energies and that everybody will want to take advantage of them.

So, taking action for an empath has to be carefully calculated in such a way that they can get the amount of attention they can handle. Over time, this will no longer be an issue. 

Take baby steps every day in the direction of your dream. If taking big steps is too much for you, break them down into smaller ones, but continue to move forward and persist. 

7. Be Happy

Empath are the saddest people I know! They are sad and they do not know it! So, you may be asking yourself if this is you. Let me ask you a question: When is the last time you did something to make yourself happy?

I get a feeling that it was a while back.

Look around you and find ways to be happy today and do this everyday! 

I really want you to do this experiment and work hard to creating happiness around you. Ask yourself: What makes me truly happy?

Make sure that your happiness is not dependent upon the happiness of others. This is only for you. Can you do it? 

If you can bring more joy into your life by doing little simple things everyday, your life will transform and your empathic gifts will soar.

Many Blessings!

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