Manifesting With The Law Of Specificity

Are You Harnessing The Law of Specificity?

Your life experience is shaped by your wants and needs that activate a creative desire in you. There is no limit to the life you can have, nevertheless you have to work in accordance with the Law of Specificity.

The Law of Specificity is a component of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.
It states that:

“Having a clear vision of what you want to create in your life puts you in vibrational alignment with your desired outcome and attracts it onto you.”

What would you say if f I ask you: “How would you describe the life you love living?”

A description like these will not lead you anywhere:

“A good life”
“A happy life”
“An abundant live”
“A fulfilled life”
“A joyous life”

Be Specific In What You Desire

If you asked a contractor to build you a really happy house, the contractor would look at you and say, “You've got to tell me what you mean by “happy house.” You've got to describe it. You've got to give me a blueprint.”

The builder will ask you how big you want your house to be, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms? Most likely, he will show you a few designs from which you can chose from or you will meet with an architect and design your house from scratch. Either way, the builder will not build you a house unless you have selected the design first.

The same process works for you when you want to change your life. You need to be clear in your mind, in your words, and in your actions about the content of your life experience. What you want your new life to look like?

Your Akashic Record's Energy Of Manifestation

When you give enough energy to your dreams and ideas, they become a possible or probable future in your Akashic Record. The more thought, emotions and action you take in the direction of your dream, the greater the level of probability in your Akashic Records for you to be able to make your dream a reality.

In order to activate your dreams, you must be very clear about what you want your life experience to be. The more energy thought you give to the design, the easier it is for you to take action and actualize your dream.

Just like when you build a house, the clearer the blueprint of the house the easier it will be for the builder to create the house. In a design you will have to specify every detail you want your house to have. If you do not put it into the design, the builder will but build it into the house.

Using Spiritual Tools To Build Your Dream Life

The canvas on which you design the blueprint of your life is your mind and the tools that you use are many. Like a builder uses tools to make a house, you too have to learn how to use specific manifesting tools. These tools are already in you. All you need to do is to learn how to use them.

1. Imagination

You use your mind’s ability to construct, create and build. Your imagination is a great and amazing tool that helps you to come up with the content for your life. When you say that you imagine a house, what you are doing is creating a house in your mind’s eye based on your knowledge of a house.

Your imagination builds upon something you already know from your current life experience. So, when you want to build a house you are going to imagine the land on which the house is built on, the color of the brick, the size of the house, etc.

Imagination gives you a three dimensional reality to go into and try it out before it becomes real. For example, you may see yourself going through the house drinking tea and relaxing in your front porch.

2. Visioning

Visioning is one of the most important resources you have. Most people do not even realize that this tool is available to them. Visioning is not imagination, it’s inspiration. With visioning you use the images from your Higher Self to create your inner reality.

These images are not fabricated by your mind as you do when you are imagining. These images are not yours, they are given to you. They do not arise from your current life experience, but come from untapped unlimited resources.

Visioning helps you transcend time and space and access the land of all possibilities. Here is where the uncreated and the creatable are stored. Originality, innovation, and ingenuity are all contained in your visioning process.

The house that you are going to build for yourself based on this information is not going to be like anything else ever building so far. It is going to be original, ingenious and innovative.

3. Perception

With perception you use the facts you perceive from your present three-dimensional-reality or life experience and transform them into what you want to experience based on your imagination and visioning. Acuity, awareness, and observation are the major components of perception. You know if the product of your visioning is actually reproducible into this reality construct that you are living in.

Sure it would be nice to have houses floating around in space, but we have not been able to defy the law of gravity, just yet!

Using your perception is very useful because it allows you to ground you vision. Your perception will answer to the practicality of your project.

For example, you perceive the importance of having an extra room for your office, since you may want to work from home. Or you may want to make sure your house is safe and plan for an alarm system. Or if you live when tornadoes are common, you may want to build a shelter somewhere in your property.

4. Reminiscence

With reminiscence you use the memory bank of your past experience. You memories can guide you in the process of knowing if what you want is good for you or not, based on what you have already experienced.

For example, your current kitchen is larger than your older one, but your older kitchen had a nicer window. So you now want a kitchen that is at least as spacious as your current one, but with more lighting as your old one.

Reminiscence allows you to recall all your current and past experiences and decide if what you are creating is giving you a better life, the life you really like without compromising.

Recalling the feeling of joy you had when you were a child and used to spend time in the kitchen with your grandma making cookies, may help you decide what is the purpose behind your new choices. It's the why behind all this. Why do you want to experience what you desire?

Without a strong "why" you do not have a strong foundation. The why comes from your past experiences because they teach you why you want what you want.

Creating Your Dream Life

Now, that you have all the tools you need, it’s time to create your dream life.

Answer these simple questions to get started:


1. What do I see myself doing in my new life?
2. How do I imagine myself feeling in my new life?
3. What people do I see myself interacting with?
4. What topics am I talking to them about?
5. What type of food do I eat?
6. What type of restaurants do I go to?
7. What types of activities do I do?
8. What type of workout do I see myself doing?
9. What types of books I am reading?
10. What type of cloths do I wear?


1. How do I see myself living if there were no limitations at all?
2. I do envision my life if all were possible?
3. How do I look like as the best human being I can be?
4. How does my body feel like without any limitation, discomfort and restriction?
5. How does unlimited financial abundance feel like in my new life?
6. How does having access to all available resources feel like to me?
7. How does having access to all available people feel like to me?
8. How does having access to all available knowledge feel like to me?
9. What innovations would I see the world to achieve in the future?
10. What innovations do I see myself bringing to the world?


1. How Do I perceive to be the best way to achieve my new life?
2. What steps can I take now to move in that direction?
3. What things can I do now to achieve my first step?
4. What time frame do I see myself accomplishing my first step?
5. What time frame do I chose to assign to my overall project?
6. What skills to I need to acquire right now to move forward?
7. Who can help me move faster in the accomplishment of my first step?
8. What physical tools do I need to get started?
9. What possible issues do I anticipate that I can prevent from happening if I work on them now?
10. How can I maintain a reasonable schedule everyday as I move forward in the manifestation of my dream life?


1. What happy events from my past do I want to bring into my new life?
2. What activities from my past do I want to reawaken?
3. What behavior from my past do I want to stop perusing in my health, my career, and my relationships?
4. What event from my past that still hurt me do I need to heal and let go?
5. What lessons from my past do I want as guides in my new life?
6. What mistakes do I want to continue to do in my new life?
7. Who from my past or my present inspires me?
8. What part of my life works well now that I want to keep as is?
9. What part of my life does give me most joy?
10. What part of my life does give me most hardship?

As you answer to the above questions you begin to create a clearer and clearer vision of your new life?

Many Blessings!


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