Healing From Inherited Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Issues 

Epigenetic Explains Inherited Trapped emotions

Inherited anxiety is a real thing! If you have worked with me in releasing trapped emotions you might be familiar with the concept of inherited trapped emotions. For those of you who don’t know, let me explain what they are.

A trapped emotion is an energy charge that stays stuck in the body causing interference within the area of the body where it is lodged. While the mind produces the thoughts you think, the body produces the emotions you feel.

According to Chinese Medicine, specific organs in the body produce the energetic frequency of the emotion. For example, the liver generates anger, the lung grief, the kidney fear, etc.

To learn more about which organs and gland produce specific emotions, please take a look at the Emotion Code chart.

What Are Inherited Trapped Emotions?

The emotion becomes a trapped emotion when it stays stuck in the body tissues, organs and glands. Once generated the emotions travels along the meridian or energy pathway and stays stuck somewhere in the body.

Often time it begins to create interference with the organ, gland or body part where it is trapped causing that organ or gland or tissue to under/over function or be subjected to weakness.

According to Dr. Bradly Nelson, who developed the Emotion Code, trapped emotions are responsible for causing inflammation, weakness and pain. They ultimately predisposing the body for more serious conditions, like heart disease, autoimmunity, and tumors, to settle in as time goes by.

Inherited trapped emotions are the same thing as trapped emotions but your body did not generated them, you inherited them from an ancestor, who felt the emotion. These trapped emotions can be passed on from generation to generation and inherited through the genetic material, called DNA.

When I work with clients we uncover inherited trapped emotion that is the root cause of many physical, emotional, and mental imbalances at the energy level. I call them energy blocks because they affect the way the energy flows through the body in and out of the organs. These inherited frequencies do get stuck in the body at the time of conception. This can explain why certain people are born with certain weaknesses.

Scientific Evidence Of Inherited Anxiety

What's fascinated is that science is now catching on to this concept of energy medicine. Studies show how inherited anxiety can be now demonstrated through epigenetic studies. 

Studies have now shown how depression, anxiety, and other form of mental stress can be passed down epigenetically from one generation to the next.

Epigenetic studies the changes that occur in biological organisms caused by modifications of the gene expression rather than alterations of the genetic code itself (mutation).

In epigenetic changes, the gene expression is chemically manipulated to allow the individual to adapt to his environment. So, the genes you inherited from your parent stay the same at the level of the DNA, what changes is the epigenetic portion of the gene, which determines how the gene is expressed.

Think of an epigenetic manipulation of the gene as inserting a tag on the gene sequence that causes the gene to be turned on or off. This is what epigenetic changes are.

In the case of emotions, we can say that your parents or grandparents emotions and actions become epigenetic triggers, inserting chemical tags on their genes based on their personal life events and experiences. So, if your ancestors lived through the potato famine in Ireland, they may have acquired trapped emotions of fear, despair, worry, overwhelm, hopelessness, etc.

If your ancestor lived thought the great depression in North America, you may have inherited trapped emotions of unworthy, grief, resentment, vulnerability, shock, humiliation, etc. If your grandparents survived through World War II, you may have inherited horror, lost, despair, crying, sadness, sorrow, fear, conflict, terror, etc.

Epigenetic Changes Remain Across Generations

The interesting thing that scientists have discovered is that the epigenetic effects do not last for one generation, but are passed on across many generations. Inherited anxiety and depression is passed on the same way.

In one study, scientists trained mice to feel fearful when exposed to the scent cherry blossom. Their offspring also feared the scent even if they were never exposed to the scent. They also noticed how the next generation kept the same trait! The investigators discovered how a specific gene in the sperm of the mice had been chemically (epigenetically) changed by the induced fear, causing the fear to stay in place.

The scientist also discovered how the negative experience produced changes in the brains of the affected mice. The conclusion of this study was: “The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influences both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations.” Epigenetic [special issues]. (2001, August 10). Science, 293, 10-64.

This study suggests with compelling evidence how trapped emotions can be passed on from one generation to the next and how the predisposition to a specific mental or emotional imbalance does have epigenetic origins.

Your emotional state has a powerful epigenetic effect on your body. Simply put, what you feel every day, determines how your body responds internally. Your emotions can change not only the epigenetic expression of your genes, but also the neural pathways in your brain affecting your overall nervous system and the major systems of your body.

Healing From Inherited Anxiety and Depression

If your parents or grandparents were anxious and depressed, you might have acquired the same behavior without even knowing. How can you restore emotional balance once you have experienced heightened states of stress, fear, sorrow or prolonged states of anxiety and depression? Science does have an answer to this question! What scientific studies have found is that it is possible to reverse the negative effects of stress through the following activities:

  •  Meditation
  • Spiritualit
  • Positive thinking
  • Self-nourishment
  • Spiritual Support
  • Positive intentions
  • Prayer
  • Happy social environment
  • Energy medicine
  • Yoga

Studies has shown that no matter what consciousness-based method you choose (meditation, chanting, yoga, guided visualization, energy medicine), you can affect the stress response and affect gene expression. All of these methods can be very effective, but they may take a considerable amount of time.

Healing Using The Emotion Code

The emotion code is the only energy medicine system I know that detects and releases trapped emotions from your body helping you to restore emotional balance in a simple, pain-free in a short amount of time. When I work with clients I can detect and released a trapped emotion in as little as 60 seconds. On average, during a 20 min session you can release 4-6 trapped emotions, including inherited one.

The reason why I am so passionate about The Emotion Code system is that once you find an inherited trapped emotion it is released from you, your ancestors and your children or potential children. 

How Are Trapped Emotions Released?

Trapped emotions are released by rolling a magnet down the governing meridian. Appropriate training is required in order to learn this methodology.

People ask me how would I know if I have released a negative trapped emotion? The answer to this question is simple: you will no longer feel the charge of the emotion when you think of the event.

In the case of an inherited trapped emotion, like inherited anxiety, you will no longer attract into your life situations that make you feel anxious without you knowing where it's coming from. Inherited trapped emotion put a very heavy load on people’s mental and emotional balance. You will still feel the emotions that you create as a result of your own choices.

When you are born carrying the energetic frequency of anxiety, you are born anxious. Everything makes you anxious. You don’t know why, you just are.

My Personal Experience With Releasing An Inherited Trapped Emotion

My mother used to tell me that as a baby I used to cry for very long hours for no particular reason. As a child I use to cry all the time, again for no reason. And as a teenager I was tearing all the time and felt overwhelmed by my feelings. I felt worried and sad all the time. Ask anybody that knew me at that time and they will tell you!

My sister was always so positive and upbeat and my Mom used to say to me: “why can’t you be happy? Look at your sister!” Nothing made me happy. Getting a good grade in school didn’t do it, a new dress didn’t do it, new friends didn’t do it, vacations didn’t do it, etc. Nothing made me happy.

When I was working on my eight-year old son, I discover he had a “crying” inherited trapped emotion, which came from me. I inherited it from my paternal grand grandmother and passed it on to my son, who just like me tends to cry for no reason. Once I released this trapped emotion from him I also released it from myself.

I felt as if the world had shifted and I entered a new reality. It felt as if an invisible force field had been removed and I began to feel like I could appreciate myself and my life on a new different level. I noticed how in the past I really had to work hard to stay positive and happy. Now, it feels more like a normal state for me to look at the positive side of things. Obviously I have released many other trapped emotions since then, but that was the very first time I really experience a major shift in my life.

My son has now greater confidence in his own abilities and higher self-esteem. When he feels out of sorts, he asks me to check for any trapped emotions. He is aware of how he feels and how the negative emotions affect his body. I am so very grateful for this experience and for this method of emotional healing.

What The Emotion Code Can Do For People?

You too can have negative trapped emotions stuck somewhere in your body that you inherited form your mother or father and if you have children, they can also have inherited them. Imagine how family dynamics can change simply my releasing these types of inherited energy blocks.

I have had a client who had heart problems and she couldn't get along with her kids and relatives in the family. We detected and released two inherited trapped emotions of conflict that she inherited from both parents and passed onto all of her children. In this case, she inherited conflict from her mother and her father.

Once these inherited trapped emotions were released, her family issues became more manageable and the children behaved with more love towards her. Over time she also learned how to feel less stressed about these issues and her heart problems became less intense.

Every time I work with a client using the Emotion Code, I find and release inherited trapped emotions. This always helps my clients understand why they feel the way they do and where their emotional blocks are actually coming from.

If this information resonated with you, I strongly invite you to learn more about The Emotion Code.

Many Blessings!


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