How To Remove Negative Thoughts And Align To Your Goal 

Let’s talk about how to remove negative thoughts…

If you want to achieve a goal, it’s very important that you clear all the negative thoughts that can hold you back in your ability to achieve your goal.

When you think a negative thought many times, before you know it, it becomes a negative limiting belief that is now part of your subconscious program.

Limiting beliefs make you feel in a negative way about yourself.

They mislead your decision-making abilities, so that your choices and actions create self-sabotage and limit you. 

The mind, with its thoughts, is also driven by feelings. It’s through your feelings, the invisible union of beliefs and emotions, that you choose the situations that affect your life.

How can you create your goal if the feelings that feed it are vibrationally out of alignment? 

1. Positive feelings are made of positive uplifting beliefs and positive emotions, for example feeling enthusiastic is created by thinking “I am powerful” and the positive emotion of joy.

2. Negative feelings are made of limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions, for example feeling down is created by thinking “I am not worthy of my goal” and the trapped emotion of unworthy. 

How To Remove Negative Thoughts And Emotions To Overcome Self-Sabotage

The combination between beliefs and negative emotions is endless and all degrees of negative feelings can be established within your mind.

The more you think and feel in a negative way, the more your subconscious mind takes this in as the truth and makes you act in a certain way to fulfill this truth.

This is how self-sabotaging behaviours come about.

Furthermore, you are also burdened by the effects of negative trapped emotions that as a result of past trauma or hardship.

These negative trapped emotions become energetically entangled with your negative thoughts causing real mental and emotional blocks.

On an energetic level, negative trapped emotions are emotional energies that are stuck in you causing the subconscious mind to live in that emotional state all the time.

They are in fact a major cause of anxiety, stress, insecurity, and chronic negative thinking.

One negative trapped emotion can create thousands of negative thoughts. 

Most people want to know how to remove negative thoughts to feel better, but fail to realize that negative thoughts are related to trapped emotions.

If you have the trapped emotion of insecurity, you will generate many insecure thoughts in many different ways and many occations.

Your thinking patterns are tainted by this negative trapped emotion.

for example, you will find yourself thinking something positive and then feeling insecure about what you just thought.

Or you decide to take a specific action in the direction of you goal and right after, you change course and take a different action based on your sense of insecurity.

The reason why you cannot create what you want is because you have a subconscious limiting belief that goes against what you want on a conscious level. 

How To Remove Negative Thoughts And Feel Free

Knowing how to remove negative thoughts is a simple process.

If you think a negative thought once, it will not cause you any harm. But if you consistently keep thinking that thought over and over, it will become a limiting belief. 

A limiting belief is a real mini-program installed in your subconscious mind that works just like a software program in your computer. Once it’s in place, it makes you to see yourself and your life based on that program.

Consequently, you behave based on that program and you make decisions based on that program.

Ultimately, that program controls your life without you even noticing.

If you want to know how to remove negative thoughts think about uninstalling a program from your your subconscious.

Your Emotional Responses To Your Thoughts 

Once your subconscious limiting belief has been running as a program long enough, you have now created emotional responses to that program.

That’s why before you can completely release a limiting belief; you need to pay attention to your emotions. It is always the case that a limiting belief is kept in place by a negative trapped emotion.

Negative trapped emotions not only are responsible for creating negative thoughts; they also maintain them.

Negative trapped emotions are created when you experience a traumatic, stressful or disheartening event in life.

When the emotions of fear, sadness or worry are not properly processed by the body, they stay stuck.

When you are carrying the emotional charge of a negative trapped emotions, you resonate with the frequency of that trapped emotions and attract things, people and situations that are in alignment with that frequency, making you feel fearful, sad, and worried all the time.

Under the spell of this negative trapped emotion you are urged to think negative thoughts. 

How To Remove Negative Thoughts That Create Limitation In Your Life

Negative trapped emotions keep limiting beliefs in place by blocking the flow of positive energies in the form of abundance, health and happiness.

If you have many limiting beliefs, you need to let go of trapped emotions first. 

Releasing Negative Trapped Emotions

By releasing negative trapped emotions, you are ready to release the associated negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. This is how to remove negative thoughts works because you can free yourself from the inner conflicts that burden you heart and soul.

Your manifesting abilities can now craft your life without opposition.

By releasing negative trapped emotions, you make room for positive feelings and can now attract into your life situations, people and things that are in alignment with positive and uplifting feelings.

This process may take some time, but I ensure you that it will be very rewarding in the end. 

The Heart-Wall

Most people who have negative thoughts kept in place by negative trapped emotions may not know but it is as if they were walking around with a wall around their heart.

This invisible wall is made of negative energy and it is there as a sort of a shield or armour for protecting against being emotionally hurt.

The subconscious mind puts up this wall as a self-protective mechanism.

They problem of having a Heart-Wall is that you keep with you all the negative trapped emotions that create and support negative thoughts. 

In order to know how to remove negative thoughts you need to know how to release the negative energy of trapped emotions. The first place to start is by releasing the Heart-Wall.

When you release the trapped emotions from your Heart-Wall that were contributing to keeping your mental/emotional energy blocks in place, you also create the right conditions to let go of your negative thoughts.

This work is very important because if your Heart-Wall is in place, it will always create blockages that affect your ability to achieve your goal in any area of your life.

If you feel stuck in life, this could be the reason for it.

How To Remove Negative Thoughts Using Muscle Testing

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs can be detected by muscle testing when you ask specific questions to your subconscious mind.

Once you know that you have a specific limiting belief you can then proceed to release the underlying energy imbalances caused by negative trapped emotion that kept the negative belief in place.

Once the underlying trapped emotion is cleared, the limiting belief is also cleared.

To clear trapped emotions we use muscle testing to determine the emotion, the age you created it and the type.

There are different types of trapped emotions: those you inherited from your parents at the time of conception, those you absorbed form your parents while still in the womb or growing up and those you create as a result of challenging life situations and stresses.

Releasing trapped emotions creates the energetic conditions that allow your body to heal itself and your mind to think clearly and take positive actions.

This is very important because when you take positive action; changes begin to occur in alignment with your goal. 

When you experience life without the interference of negative charged emotions that clutter your mind/body connection you can manifest your highest potential and achieve your goal in an easy, harmonious way without struggle and drama.

If you want to feel energetically free from negative thoughts and self-sabotage, it’s vital that you release your Heart-Wall as soon as possible. This is the first step in re-gaining control of your emotional health. 

Many of my clients describe a deep sense of freedom upon the release of the Heart-Wall.

This can be for many a life-changing experience. Think about how your life experience can be with more energy, more inner harmony, more peace and additional positive energy to create what you love to really have in life.

Many Blessings!


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