How To Improve Financial Abundance

by Marie

How To Improve Financial Abundance

How To Improve Financial Abundance

Dear Angels I continually feel stressed about the lack of financial abundance in my families life and the stress it brings to me and my family. I try with all my being to remain positive and reflective each and every day on all the wonderful people and both spiritual and material things in my life.

I just feel a little lost with my purpose and whilst I know that I do so many good things for so many and am incredibly grateful for my loving, caring and giving nature, I just find it hard to understand why it is taking so long to have the financial freedom I so desire to come into my life so that it can truly have the financial freedom to pay my bills, to SHARE and to spare.

I ask for your guidance with this so that I can experience the freedom I so desire and feel the burden literally lift and melt away.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my desire and THANK YOU for helping me along with so many others.

Thank you, thank you thank you

Love and light always

Marie xx


Hi Marie,

We see your light and we feel your love for all that is around you. You are a bright light and your light shines high and wide.

Please, do understand that there is nothing wrong that you are doing right now. Your positivity and hopefulness is your ally, do not stop.

You are so close to get there, so close.

Let us ask you a question: what have you been doing to create more abundance within your life on the physical plane?

We ask this because we sense that you have been doing a great deal of personal-spiritual work that has brought you to a greater consciousness and a higher level of connecting to the universe, but we do not sense that you have been doing a lot of new consistent action towards that which you desire to do.

There is an imbalance between doing too much meditation and not enough guided action.

Have you been taking guided action?

If not, what is blocking you from doing so? And when you answer to this question, do not come up with excuses. In the privacy of your own heart tell yourself what you truly desire to do in life.

That is your life purpose.

Please, understand that a life purpose can be the simplest thing in the world. Do not believe those who want to tell you that you need to change the world as part of your life purpose. This is never true for most souls.

Human minds do complicate life and life purposes.

Souls, when they come into the physical realm of existence, have very simple objectives and very simple illuminated purposes to experiment on.

Please, also understand that a life purpose is not a mission. You do not have a mission to accomplish. You are the mission!

Your life purpose is not a mission or a mandate given to you by a higher powerful source.

If you go in this direction you will lose yourself in the search.

All the power of the universe is already within you and you are here to manifest this power through guided action.

A life purpose is something that your soul wants to experience, to do, to have, and to share.

Your life purpose is to be yourself!

Just BE! This is all that you need and all that's required to be happy.

So, ask yourself: Who do I want to be, right now? What would I love? Look for the simplest answer that comes from your heart.

Allow your conscious mind to step aside for a few moments as this part of your mind may cause interference by carrying forward beliefs you have about yourself. That's not what we are asking.

Listen to the deepest voice within your heart. This is the voice of your Higher Self that knows all that there is to know about you as Marie in this incantation.

Spend a few moments to listen to the answer. In this place you will find unconditional love and peace.

When you are there, ask: What do I need to do now with what I have to move in the direction of my desires?

Listen to the answer...

Write down what you have received from your Higher Self.

Do this each day for 3 days and each time ask: "What action should I take now?"

Do not judge what you receive, just let it come to you.

After doing this exercise for three days in a row, you will get clearer and clearer.

If three days are not sufficient, keep doing this for three more days until you get the answers you need.

Then, go out into your reality (real life) and do what you have been guided to do.

Please, understand that in the beginning, you will feel stuck and very few options will be available to you (especially if you have been witnessing lack of abundance for a long time).

After taking a few simple guided actions, doors will start to open for you and possibilities will manifest and more and more options will appear.

Opportunity also will manifest for those in your life. This will all be signs that your soul is in expansion.

Transformation often gives opportunities for change and if you resist change, lack can be the consequence.

Understand that in transformation there is always something that goes away for something new to come in. Change is part of this process.

The process of self-discovery never ends, it continues on and on. This is the nature of the universe you are currently experiencing yourself in.

Be joyful of this process, because this is the process of life. Go with the flow of change and self-transformation.

If you experience lack, you are indeed experiencing the symptom of resistance. Resistance is often created by the conscious mind because the Ego does not like change. Look into this further.

Also, we see that you are focussing too much on the lack of abundance and not on the creative process your soul has to offer to you.

All souls have special soul energies that when fully expressed manifest abundance into this physical experience.

Because the soul is here to manifest itself. If your soul is abundant of certain energies and those energies are not manifested physically, financial abundance will not manifest easily. It feels like a struggle. Do you see this?

Also understand that physical interaction is necessary to create abundance. Abundance that is experienced in the physical realm has to be manifested by interacting with the physical matrix of reality.

Humans do not manifest money and riches out of thin air. They, don't! They take guided action!

You can manifest occasionally out of think air, prayer and meditation, but to manifest financial abundance consistently, consistent guided action is necessary.

What is guided action? The action inspired by your heart. Your heart carries the voice of your spirit guides and Higher Self.

Follow that voice and specifically ask it to show you what actions you need to take right now to manifest more financial abundance.

All you need to do is to allow the abundance of your soul energies to come into the physical experience of your life.

Many Blessing!

The Beings Of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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