How to End the Round of Rebirths

by Alex
(Atlanta, GA)

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

As I understand it, we have agreed to be born here until we learn certain lessons. How exactly do we learn those lessons, and at what point are we free from the push for a new birth?


Our beloved child of love and light, let us ask you this question: What evidence do you have that life is a lesson?

Life is not a necessarily a lesson, it's the experience of an aspect of your divine nature, which may seem to be separate from the whole, but it is not!

You are at will completely and you have chosen to be here not to learn a lesson, but to experience life and to be part of the human experience.

Your soul has chosen one or more specific themes that may seem like lessons to you.

Each theme has a positive and a negative aspect and this is so because you exist within a universe in which the law of polarity is in place.

When you experience the negative polarity, you say you have learned a lesson. When you experience the positive polarity you say you were lucky, but it's neither.

When you experience the negative polarity, you are not in vibrational alignment with your desired outcome. When you experience the positive polarity you are in vibrational alignment with your desired outcome. That's it!

When you are not in alignment, you are creating by default (unconsciously) allowing life to run your experience. When you are in alignment you are creating through conscious choice.

Let's say you are here to experience abundance, or love, or forgiveness.

There are many ways to do so. You may choose to be in plentifulness and/or in lack. You may choose to receive love and/or to give love. You may chose to be the forgiver and/or to be forgiven.

And all the possible vibrational experiences between the two extremes (positive and negative polarity) are possible. You may choose to be in vibrational alignment with the presence of love or with the absence of love. Either way, you are experiencing your chosen aspect of reality.

We feel that you are asking this questions because you are not fully experiencing that you are at will in your life right now. (Being at will signifies to be fully aware how your choices in life create the consequences your have experienced).

But we sense a desire to put yourself in the driver seat of your life at this time. Indeed, this is your time to do so.

You feel that the circumstances of your life are not the result of your choices, but they are. If it feels like they are not, it is simply because you are creating your life by default or unconsciously.

Life is and life will always be. You are life and you will always exist. Right now you have awareness of your existence on a three dimensional reality, right here, right now.

You are much more than what you know yourself to be. You have awareness of a deeper, larger more expanded version of yourself that goes beyond your personality.

It is your personality that exists within a mental contract that is asking your questions, isn't it?

We want to encourage you to break free from the idea that you are here to learn lessons.

You are here to make choices and experience life.

When you make choices that are in alignment with your divine gifts you experience happiness, health, loving relationships and abundance.

When you make choices that are based on fear you are not manifesting from the point of you of your soul, but from the point of you of your ego. As a consequence, you are not always in alignment with your desired outcome.

If what you desire is not showing up in your life experience, you are not in alignment with your core essence. Dig deeper and ask more questions!

Asking questions and finding answers is how life unfolds.

This is life, the only life you will ever know inside of your body and from the point of you of your mental construct, which you call personality.

We strongly invite you to let go this mental conditioning that you have chosen to believe in that life is a journey where your soul learns.

Life is a journey where the soul experiences itself.

Your soul is all, it has all, and needs nothing to exist. It is in fullness all the time. Your spiritual self is in fullness all the time.

Remember, you do not have to come back, you chose to come back. It is always your choice and you are always at will.

Allow this feeling of freedom to help you create a joyful, healthy, happy and prosperous life starting right now.

Do not concern yourself with the need to break free from the need to be rebirthed, but concern yourself with the desire to live and manifest your full potential. You are a master of life and can live your life according to your divine nature.

Rebirth is a choice that gives value to the soul's journey. Value your life, this is a gift and we truly tell you that very powerful souls are granted to opportunity to experience life.

You are a powerful soul. Value yourself and your life and rejoice in the opportunity to be here to align yourself with your divine gifts.

May you be blessed with the knowledge of your true potential and may you experience the joy of manifesting it in this three dimensional reality according to your soul's desires.

The Beings of Light

Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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What Are My Divine Gifts?
by: Anonymous

How can I discover and align to my spiritual gifts?


As a soul you have specific spiritual gifts. Your personality may not be necessarily aware of these gifts, but they are part of you. Most people see their gifts as a problem, a weakness or even a limitation. Your gifts are those characteristics that make you uniquely You.

Human beings are not taught to discover their gifts and they are not always encouraged to use them for the benefit of all. Your friends and family do recognize your abilities and your unique aptitudes as part of who you are and often admire you for those. Other times you may be ridiculed for your gifts if they do not necessarily fit socially.

Often times people may take advantage of your spiritual gifts and as a consequence you may choose to supress them. It is not uncommon for people to feel hurt as a consequence of using their spiritual abilities.

How can you discover your spiritual gifts?

The best way is to find time to meditate on your spiritual gifts.

Take three deep slow breaths in and out and relax. Tell yourself that you are safe and protected (call in your Guardian Angel) and allow your heart to open and as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation, connect to that part of you, your Soul or Higher Self, that has all the answers to your questions.

Ask your Soul to show you in the form of images and memories your spiritual gifts. You will see images of yourself using your gifts.

Your Soul may also choose to take you back in time and recollect those moments in your life when you were fully connected to your gifts. Often time you will be going back to your childhood. Some of these memories will be happy, others may bring sadness to your heart.

Do not judge this experience, simply observe and allow the information to come to you.

This exercise may make you emotional. It is not uncommon to feel angry, or sad when you realize how your spiritual ability was misunderstood and exploited by close friends and family.

Most spiritual gifts include empathy, intuition, creativity, loving, caring, giving, strength, faith, harmony, honesty, been supportive, inventiveness, devotion, forgiveness, piety, resourcefulness, spontaneity, wisdom, courage, truth, sharing, teaching, compassion, etc.

Once you become more and more aware of your spiritual gifts, you can begin to use them consciously producing positive life experiences. When this happens you know you are in alignment.

Many Blessings!

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