How to Channel My Spirit Guides

by Larp Law

How to Channel My Spirit Guides

How to Channel My Spirit Guides

I've been visited by spirit beings but I am unable to communicate with them. They appeared in front me and smiled. One was male and other was female, I guess so. Can you please tell me who were those beings and how to communicate with them?


Let us ask you a question first: Do you feel like these beings are your Spirit Guides? We ask you this question because they came to you and if they did, they certainly have a connection to you. A part of you either consciously or unconsciously has attracted this connection, in some way. Now, that you are becoming more and more aware of their presence, you are ready to take the next step and communicate with them. You have this desire within you, don't you? This desire is telling you that you have a deep connection with them, which is indeed a deep spiritual connection from before you were even born. Does this feel right to you?

It is very interesting to understand that there are many beings of light all around each and every human being. When you incarnated into physical form, you were assigned a specific number of spirit guides that will support and help you during your life tasks and situations. They also help you manifest your spiritual gifts and create your life based on your soul unique desire to express itself.

Your Spirit Guides are here to connect with you in their own unique way.

Now, if you were able to perceive their presence around you, you definitely have the ability to communicate with them on a regular basis.

You can do this if you simply allow the process to unfold.

You can connect to your Spirit Guides every time you need support and inspiration on what actions to take in your life. These guided actions will propel you in your life experience with ease.

Also understand that your Spirit Guides are here to facilitate your life journey, but you need to have a clear intent on what kind of communication you want to have with them.

Be open to receive information from the spirit world by asking!

An opening prayer is often the best way to start.

In your mind you can say something like this:

"I call all my spirit guides, angels and teachers to surround me now and to support and protect me in such a way that only a high level, lovely spirit guide will communicate with me for the purpose of learning and understanding.
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!"

Center your heart to your intention to communicate with the most loving and caring spirit guide that can help you with your issues.

When you feel a tingling or a warm loving sensation in your body, you know you have established the connection. Each person experiences this differently, so it is important to find the way that works for you.

Form here, you are ready to begin asking questions. Once you ask a question in your mind, simply listen to the answers given to you telepathically. Stay focussed and keep your intent on receiving valuable, loving and useful information based on what you need to know now.

Remember, the more focussed your intention is, the easier it will be for you to receive information.

The more specific your questions are, the more detailed the information, that you receive, will be.

If you ask very general questions, you will receive very general answers.

Practice makes perfect. Not everyone is able to do this right away. Be, patient and keep trying. You can do this easily. Once you do it once, you will feel more at easy and do it again.

May you be blessed with the light and the love of your true source essence in your spiritual communications!

The Beings of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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