How To Change Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts coming into our mind constantly. It is estimated that the average person has thinks and average of seventy thousand thoughts a day. Are you aware of your thoughts or are they just passing by the screen of your mind unchecked?

Did you know that your thoughts are responsible for the vibrational frequency you put out into the world? 

If the frequencies you are sending out is in alignment with your highest path in life, you will attract positive experiences, opportunities for growth and loving relationships. 

If your overall vibrational frequency is not in alignment with your desires and goals, you will unwillingly attract into your life situations, people and experiences you don’t want.

To know what type of vibration you are putting out into the universe, look at your life and answer the following questions:

1. Do most of my interactions with people feel easy to me?

2. Do I generate the income I desire?

3. Do I feel in tune with the way I generate income?

4. Do I feel healthy and full of vitality most of the time?

5. Do I have time to spend doing leisurely things and relaxing?

6. Do I sense that my life is moving in the right direction?

7. Do I embrace difficulty with a positive spirit?

8. Do people compliment me on my attitude?

9. Do I feel blessed to be alive and make a difference in people?

10. Do I express gratitude often during the day, just because I feel it (not on purpose)? 

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you can rest assure that you are entertaining negative thoughts often enough in the way you think speak or act without even knowing about it. This is a list of statements that you probably hear people say all the time and often throughout the day. As you can see these are all negative statements.

I encourage you to read them and visually imagine in your mind what kind of emotional vibration this would be putting out into the world. You will notice that the main emotions are: judgement, resentment, anger, dread, hopelessness, bitterness, blaming, peeved, overwhelm, worthlessness, defensiveness, nervousness, low self-esteem, etc…

1. This is killing me

1. I can’t take this anymore

2. I need a break 

3. It’s all falling apart

4. I am dying to get away

5. I am sick and tired of doing this

6. This will be the death of me

7. People are stupid

8. He/She is an idiot

9. This is too much for me

10. Not again! I can’t do this anymore

11. What an idiot!

12. I am going to bite my tongue and not say anything

13. I am burning up inside

14. It must be nice to be you

15. Whatever! I give up!

16. I can’t believe he/she just did that to me

17. I can’t believe he/she said that

18. I really want to scream!

19. I ‘ve got to get out of here

20. How much longer is this going to take?

21. Please, let’s go! 

22. This is going to take forever!

23. Get on with it!

24. Just shut up!

25. This is so stupid

26. I really am bored to death right now

27. I don’t know how much of this I can take

28. Nobody cares

29. Why should I care?

30. This is a real mess! What a mess!

31. I am not sure…

32. I don’t know…

33. I hope so…

34. I am not going to like this…

35. I’ve got a bad feeling about this

36. If I could hit you I would!

37. This is a piece of junk

38. I am going to though it put of the window

39. How awful is that?

40. This is driving me crazy

41. This is a lost cause

42. It’s your fault

43. There is nothing I can do

44. I better get on with it

45. Nobody tells me anything anyway

46. This stinks!

47. We are broke

48. There is not enough…

49. We’ve hit rock bottom

Now, do you see how many people all around you are harboring negative thoughts and emotions and putting these out into the world? There is nothing you can do to stop them. All you can do is start to be aware of your own thinking and make sure it is in alignment with your highest path in life. If you do this, you can change your life and shift the energy of the environment you are in, even if negative.

If you can do that, you can literally re-program your brain over time and create a brand new reality for yourself. Your life will dramatically change in a positive and radian away. 

The trick is to keep this up long enough to re-program your subconscious mind. Do not allow the world around you to influence you and drag you down. Look at the world you are in not like it is, but how it could be if all negativity was diluted with positive thoughts and emotions. Here are some sentences that you can say and that can literally change your internal dialogue:

1. I can do this

2. This is within my grasp

3. This is can be fun. How can I turn this into fun?

4. I will look at it one more time and find the answer

5. Let's take a little time to relax and recharge

6. I will do this differently next time

7. Thanks for showing me how not to do this next time

8. There has to be a better way

9. I feel grateful for this teaching experience

10. I am sure it will work itself out

11. I am positive things will turn around soon for me

12. I trust in myself no matter what things look like now

13. I am going to rethink my strategies

14. I am going to thing about news ways to accomplish this

15. I will start over with new eyes

16. Things have a way to shift for the better

17. I have trust and hope someone will show me the solution to this problem

18. People say things they don't really mean when upset. I will stay neutral to their comments

19. I am going to let this go as it is not in alignment with my highest purpose

20. Let’s look at this differently

21. What would it be like if this will all workout?

22. I feel the need to take same fresh air, excuse me

23. Let's hit the pause button and re-start

24. I do understand your point of view

25. Even if I am not in agreement, I do see what you are saying

26. I need time to think, let me get back to you

27. What would it take for me to feel happy right now no matter what is going on around me?

28. I am grateful for your comment

29. I bless you! Thank you for your honesty!

30. I am ok with making changes

People unconsciously sense and feel this vibration and respond to you accordingly. Humans have this incredible ability to respond to what’s in their environment. Your environment has a very strong effect on how you feel and think and how you feel and think is your response to the environment you are in. 


Your outcome in life is determined by how you react to the environment you are in. So, if you want to change your outcome, you need to change the way you respond to the environment.  

The challenge for all of us is to keep up a positive inner dialogue inside of ourselves and to expresses it always when we communicate to others. Can you do it? I wholeheartedly encourage you to implement this into your life. Start today! Teach it to your kids. It’s very important to do this for 30 days or longer until it becomes a new habit for you. Then and only then, you will notice real life changes experiences.

Many Blessings!


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