How To Be Grateful

It is so important to feel thankful in our life every day. Not just once in a while but all the time. I have done this experiment and I am now inviting to do the same: For one day try practicing constant thankfulness. Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation as often as possible without interruption.

Just for one day, no matter what happen, decide to be thankful. If something causes you to be sad, angry, upset, consciously chose not to experience those emotions and feelings, but simply be grateful and say thank you, knowing that there is a meaning or a teaching for you, even if it is caused by somebody else.

Do not allow any external factor to disrupt your inner state of gratitude.

Keep a journal and write down how you are feeling and how many time you had to use additional effort and energy to shift to a state of gratitude even when external circumstance did not give you reason to.

Here is what I have learnt:

1. My mind automatically goes into worry and despair. I had to consciously shift to a state of gratitude many times during the day.

2. I react to external situations before I react to how I feel inside.

3. Feeling grateful stimulates my imagination and strengthened my connection with my inner intuition.

4. Once I mastered this process, I felt really great no matter what was happening around me.

Your turn, now!

Be Full of Thanks for one day!


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