The Heart-Wall Report

Here are some questions clients ask me about their Heart-Wall report.

What's The Heart-Wall?

The Heart-Wall is made of the energy of trapped emotions created previously during your life that got stuck somewhere in your body due to trauma or stress. When the subconscious mind decides that you need extra protection, it puts up the Heart-Wall taking the negative energy already present in your body in the form of trapped emotions.

Over time, the subconscious adds more and more trapped emotions to your Heart-Wall. The thickness of the Heath-Wall helps you understand how much negative energy you have in your Hearth-Wall. As we remove trapped emotions from the Heart-Wall, the thickness decreases. The ultimate goal is to completely remove it and the thickness will be zero.

What's a Psychic Trauma Energy?

A psychic trauma energy is the energy that gets trapped in the body or energy field as a result of a very intense emotional episode, often accompanied with intense physical or emotional trauma. It is formed when two or more trapped emotions get trapped together at the same time and in the same location. These trapped emotions create a blend of trapped energy that is made of their energetic vibration creating a brand new vibration of emotional energy.

In the majority of cases we have two trapped emotions. It is also possible to have more than two, but this is a rare occurrence. These trapped emotions are identified one at the time and released together as they contain a specific blended vibrational frequency.

For example, at age 5 your parents divorced and you felt the emotion of guilt and fear that got trapped in your left kidney at the same time. 

What Are Inherited Trapped Emotions?

Inherited Trapped Emotions are energies carried by either the egg or the sperm and passed on to you during conception. As the embryo develops the trapped energy remains trapped in the body, usually at the level of the physical body, like an organ, gland, muscle, bone, etc. They can also get trapped at the level of the energy field like along the pathway of a meridian or in a chakra. These trapped emotions seem to carry a lot of emotional trauma from the past.

To calculate the approximate time period of when your ancestor experienced the emotional trauma, we can detect through muscle testing the number of generations, then multiply this mumber by 22 years (approximation for a generation time) and subtract the current year. This gives you the approximate time period during which your ancestors created the trapped emotions.

For example you can heave an inherited trapped emotion of grief in your left lung, which you inherited from your mother going back 10 generations. This means that, in the 1700s  one of your ancestors in your mother lineage, experienced an intense emotion of grief land passed it on to his progeny all the way to you.

Children born from the same parent may not all inherit the same type of trapped energy. This may explain why you carry a certain emotional drama and you siblings don't. 

What Are Pre-natal Trapped Emotions? 

Pre-natal Trapped Emotions are very common and are absorbed during gestation. When you are in your mother's womb you feel everything that she is feeling. If she had any emotional trauma or difficult situation that might create an emotion that gets lodged in you since you are part of her body. Pregnant women are emotional, very sensitive and more prone to create trapped emotions.

It is very common to find pre-natal trapped emotions of unsupported, dread, overwhelm, insecurity as prenatal trapped emotions. These can be overwhelming for certain babies, especially if the mother had a difficult pregnancy. Doctor Lipton talks how the emotions of the parents affect the way epigenetic expression of genes is determined during the gestation period.

"We used to think that only nutrition was provided by the mother to a developing child... We now know, of course, that there’s more than just nutrition in blood. Blood contains information about emotions and regulatory hormones and the growth factors that control the mother’s life in the world in which she’s living. All this information passes into the placenta along with nutrition. If the mother is happy, the fetus is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affect the mother’s system are crossing into the fetus. If the mother is scared or stressed, the same stress hormones cross and adjust the fetus. What we’re recognizing is that, through a concept called epigenetics, the environmental information is used to select and modify the genetic program of the fetus so it will conform to the environment in which it’s going to grow, thus enhancing the survival of the child. If parents are totally unaware, this creates a great problem—they don’t know that their attitudes and responses to their experiences are being passed on to their child."

What's The Processing Time?

About 20% of people may experience approximately 3-4 days of processing time. During this time they may feel more emotional than usual. If this happens to you, make sure to drink plenty of water to facilitate the emotional detox. If you are very sensitive to the emotional release, you may experience physical symptoms which are transient and will pass. 

How Accurate is The Age on The Report?

Consider about one year before or after the age indicated. If you do not find a correlation between your age and the trapped emotion that comes up during the session, you may have forgotten the event, suppressed it or your conscious mind has re-phrased it for you in a way that it does not seem as important.

You really don’t need to be concerned. In some cases the connection comes up later on. All you need to know is that whatever the event was, your subconscious mind is now ready to let it go because the vibration of the trapped emotion is affecting you in a negative way preventing your from moving forward in life and achieve your goals. 

What's The Heart-Wall Clearing Package?

3 sessions are usually necessary to clear the Heart-Wall. After the Heart-Wall is released, an energetic shield will be placed around your heart, so that it will no longer necessary for your subconscious mind to create a Heart-Wall. This shield is like an energetic program which you will be able to use to activate the protection level you feel your need.

It is very important for people to release their Heart-Wall

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