Clearing Your Heart Wall

The Heart-Wall is an accumulation of negative energy that creates stagnation around your physical heart and makes your positive heart vibrations of love, appreciation and joy unavailable to you from the outside world. 

When you have a Heart-Wall it's hard to stay balanced. Maintaining mental and emotional well-being is a constant struggle.

A Heart-Wall is a barrier made of emotional energy, created by your subconscious mind to protect your heart against heartache and pain.

While it is a protective mechanism, it causes painful problems such as: 

  • Feeling stuck unable to move forward
  • Feeling depressed and anxious for unknown reasons 
  • Unable to experience true joy and laughter
  • Relationship sabotage 
  • Difficulty manifesting your heart desire
  • Cannot find your passion in life
  • Feeling like you don`t know your purpose 
  • Lack of financial freedom

Heart-Wall Clearing Package
3 Sessions via eMail

Remove the negative emotions from the Heart-Wall and work on creating better health, abundance, career, relationships. Free your heart from stress, pain and suffering and release the emotional blocks that are holding you back from feeling happier. Dispel anxiety, sadness and discouragement. Stop your mental chatter in its tracks and tune into love and light at any time.

Regular Price: $399 (for 3 sessions)

Please, read disclaimer before booking.

What People Have To Say...

"I can finally feel connected to life and people in my life, my kids, my husband and my friends." - Louise, Canada

"I wake up in the morning with joy in my heart for the first time in years." - Mark H.

"I feel so much lighter. I know that all will be okay from now on. The fear and the anxiety are gone." - Jinny, US

"My self-esteem has improved so much that people compliment me on how I look."- Anna, Australia  

"Fantastic experience! I am looking forward to my sessions and each time I am so amazed about comes up for me. The connections Maria is able to find about my mind and body are really valuable. Finally I feel that things a shifting for me. Also, I am more loving to myself and more understanding of my body." - Laura, BC

"After years of struggling with anxiety I decided to look into energy clearing. I am so happy about doing this process. I love Maria's explanations and detailed information about what was cleared each time. She is so nice and her advice has helped me greatly." - Martha, US 

"I have been doing this work with Maria for over six months and I love it! I used to hate myself and had very low self-esteem. I feel like a brand new person. I am more confident and more loving to myself and others. And I just got engaged!" - Pamela, UK

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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